Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

I’ve seen many liberals in the last few years complain about something they call “cultural appropriation.”

They get perturbed any time someone from one culture or group) wears, eats, cooks, or uses anything from another culture (or group).

One of the dumber examples I’ve seen of this was an instance from a couple of years back where a Latina lady wrote an  editorial where (Link): she slammed black pop singer Rihanna for using “chola” eye make-up and eyebrows – eyebrows which are plucked very thin.

Now, I found this to be a very strange complaint, because, first of all, who cares?, if Rihanna wants to wear thin eyebrows, that’s her choice – but, I do recall that American film actresses back in the 1920s to 1940s used to wear really thin eyebrows, such as Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich.

Even more bizarre, as I read along, the Latina who wrote the editorial admitted that Latinas were not among the first to pluck their eyebrows really thin. She acknowledged that models and actresses of the 1930s were known to pluck their eyebrows beyond belief. Yet, she went on to criticize Rihanna over this in the year 2017 or 2018.

I’ve seen liberal “people of color” ladies who are into ranting about Cultural Appropriation getting steamed at non-black ladies, especially white ones, for wearing corn rows or spit curls or baby curls.

(Side note here: early versions of Superman had him in a spit curl, and it apparently was a fashion among all sorts of people back in the 1920s and 30s, among white and black ladies. But I digress.)

Years ago, a white college or high school aged girl was criticized all up and down social media for wearing a dress with a mandarin collar. She was going to wear this dress to her prom, if I remember correctly, and she posted a photo of herself in said dress to her Instagram account or Facebook.

What makes this even more bewildering and funny is that when a journalist reached out and asked Asians living in Asian nations if they found this offensive, they said NO, they found it FLATTERING that an American of any skin color would like their traditional fashion styles enough to wear them!

As I learned as a kid, one of the unique and wonderful things about the United States is that our nation was known as a “melting pot,” where legal immigrants would bring with them the music, fashions, foods, make- up, dances, and hair styles, and other customs of their nations of origin – and other Americans were usually glad to adopt some of these styles or practices themselves.

Of course, it is (and should be) taboo for white Americans to wear “black face,” since that is a practice that started with white performers using black (or dark) make-up, to mock black people during their stage shows.

Further, we do have a history in this nation of black people once having been bought and sold and objects in slavery.

But as to the rest of it – such as, white people wearing spit curls, black women wearing thin eye brows, and all the rest of it – most criticisms of “cultural appropriation” have grown beyond ridiculous.

Transwomen = “Woman Face”

I’ve noticed that the Liberals who are obsessed with finding Cultural Appropriation behind every rock and tree, are not consistent about it.

Often times when I see photos, tweets, or videos about, or by, people who are biological males who say they are trans-women, these men are wearing their hair long, they are often wearing lipstick, mascara, skirts, and their idea of what they think women look like or should look like.

And wouldn’t you know it – nine times out of ten, these men who claim to be women, who are play acting at being women, merely mimic what Hollywood, Madison Ave., Playboy magazine, and Cover Girl make-up TV commercials have been feeding American culture for decades, what the liberal feminists used to call appealing to the hetero male gaze.

Generally, that image projected to us all for decades now in advertisements and movies consists of a woman with long, straight hair, who is very thin, and who has a large bosom, and she’s wearing full make up – mascara, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and probably some foundation, powder, and contour – and she’s probably in some stiletto heels and a short skirt.

The reality is, not all women look like that, or dress like that, or not all the time. But most “transwomen” (men who pretend to be women) I’ve seen, almost always grow their hair shoulder length (or longer), and they were super feminine or trashy, slutty clothing, and a shit ton of make-up.

One gets the impression that their idea of what a woman is and looks like comes from the porn industry or from air-brushed and photoshopped magazine covers.

To me, all this reads as “Woman Face,” that is, the biological male equivalent of white people who used to paint their faces dark to ridicule black Americans.

Liberals are fine with biological men using Transgenderism as an excuse to sexually harass and bully actual women, case in point:

(Link): Trans woman (he calls himself Jessica Yaniv) tried to sue beauticians for refusing to wax her testicles

(The “her” there is a misnomer; women do not have testicles. That should go without saying.)

But aside from Gender Critical (usually liberal) feminists, all this is fine and dandy with a lot of liberals who otherwise scream, pout, and complain about one group copying another group, or one group harassing another.

It’s a double standard.

(Link): Move Over Blackface: There’s a Whole New Kind of Cultural Appropriation to Condemn

Yes, many liberals will complain about “gay face,” about white girls wearing corn rows, white girls wearing dresses with Mandarin collars, or black pop singers wearing chola eyebrows, but they will defend to the death biological men, who claim to be women, wearing lipstick, skirts, mascara, and who often demand access to the spaces of cis-women, such as domestic violence shelters, women’s locker rooms, and women’s bathrooms.


(Link): ‘Cultural Appropriation Is Wrong,’ Says Dude In A Dress

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