Democrats, Never Trump Republicans, Progressive and Apolitical Christians – A Double Standard – “You Can’t Vote For X And Be A ‘Real’ Christian and be in the ‘Cult of X'” – The Left Have Turned Politics Into a Religious Cult

Democrats, Never Trump Republicans, Progressive and Apolitical Christians – A Double Standard – “You Can’t Vote For X And Be A ‘Real’ Christian and be in the ‘Cult of X'” – The Left Have Turned Politics Into a Religious Cult

I did not vote for Trump in either election (nor did I vote for Hillary or for Joe Biden), but I am baffled at the avalanche of on-going animosity not just of the man (i.e., Trump) but of anyone who did vote for him.

Even now that Biden is the President Elect and will be taking office in about a month’s time (meaning Trump will be on his way out shortly, so there is no point in salivating in fury over the man any longer), Trump’s up-coming exit to a Democrat entering the office, has not done much to put a dent into the non-stop Trump hate I see on my social media time lines.

The sanctimonious warnings and index- finger- waving, scolding, tut-tuttings, usually by liberals, (but sometimes by “Never Trump” conservative or apolitical or milque-toast Christians), who write pieces saying that other Christians should not turn Trump into an idol, are particularly grating.

I am not a Democrat.

I never enjoy it when a Democrat wins any office, but especially not when we have a Democrat President.

I sat through Jimmy Carter’s time, Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s. But I recognized that each guy, due to term limits, will get only four to eight years in office at a time, and so I grit my teeth and put up with it until, mercifully, another Republican got into office. Why Democrats and Progressives cannot cope this way, I have never understood. 

The thing I find perhaps the most grating, other than the constant vilification and bullying of anyone who voted for a particular politician (in this case, Trump), are these condescending editorials shaming Christians about their vote, who say “Trumpism has become a cult, beware.”

Sometimes, these annoying pieces are written by conservative Never Trump Christians or, at other times, by progressive Christians.

These pieces strike me as being terribly smugly pious, and I am very tired of them. 

But there is a double standard or two going on here.

Trump haters, whether conservative or liberal, have turned politics into an Idol. It’s not the right only doing this.

Leftists see the government, politics, and forcing liberal views on to school children, office workers and everyone else, (views such as “Critical Race Theory,” “white fragility,” and more), as being the solutions for American society.

Anti-Trump conservatives and liberals have turned concepts such as “white privilege” and so forth into religious-like dogma which they defend and promote, well, religiously.

They will burn anyone at the stake as heretic who doesn’t agree with their liberal views or who doesn’t agree with unvarnished Trump hate.

Scenes, in the news or on social media, of groups of American whites literally bowing down en masse to groups of blacks this summer and apologizing for “white privilege” and so on came across like acts of religious practice.

Talk about conflating politics with religion – that is the left doing that, not the right.

As one writer put it (via (Link): Kneeling in the Church of Social Justice”),

Over the past several years, a social justice philosophy has arisen that is less a political program than a religion in all but name. Where Christianity calls for people to display their moral worth through faith in Jesus, modern Third-Wave Antiracism (henceforth TWA) calls for people to display their moral worth through opposition to racism.

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, this vision has increasingly been expressed through procedures, routines, and phraseology directly patterned on Abrahamic religion.

… Many conventional religious institutions are now rejecting actual Christianity where it conflicts with TWA teachings. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a chaplain was forced to resign after writing a note exploring the contradiction between roasting the police as racist and the Christian call for love of all souls. 
— end excerpts—

I have sat and watched these past four years as our mainstream media have not even bothered to hide their liberal bias – they don’t just report the news on news programs but have taken every opportunity to demonize any and all conservatives, Republicans, and any Trump voters or Trump himself.

News broadcasters have been brazenly open with their hostility against Trump or against conservatives or Republicans generally. Journalists today behave like activists, not like journalists, and their coverage is always tilted in favor of progressives and progressive ideals.

The year 2020 things turned to a fevered pitch, with anti-American, leftist groups, some of whom support Marxism, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, starting class and racial wars in the United States; these leftists have rioted, burned buildings down to the ground, and they have attacked, harassed, or shot dead either civilians or police officers.

And Democrats – even ones in the House and Senate – have refused to condemn these movements or their toxic teachings.

The Trump haters, the “concerned about Trumpism” Christians (of whatever political stripe), and Democrats only kept pointing their finger at Trump or anyone who voted for Trump, but it was not Trump or Trump voters burning down black-owned businesses and spraying painting “ACAB” (“All Cops Are Bastards”) or “BLM” on their walls;  that would be anti-Trumpers or anti-conservatives doing that.

Some progressives have gone so far as to defend these actions to say that (Link): rioting, the looting, and (Link): violent protesting is “necessary” for the disenfranchised to get their voices out; one progressive-sympathizer even stated the odd-ball view that anyone wanting to call the police if their home is being broken into at night (Link): is a sign of ‘white privilege.’

I’ve seen BLM and Antifa members tackle, shove, and (Link): spit on elderly Trump supporters who were peacefully walking back to their hotel rooms after attending peaceful Trump rallies.

I’ve seen many videos over the summer of white (occasionally black, but often, it’s white) 20 something kids get up into the faces of black police officers to scream racial based insults at those police officers. And they’re doing this during BLM rallies, marches, and parades, on some occasions.

If a white woman did that to a black person, the left on the media would derisively call her a “Karen.” But the left is fine with black police officers being harassed and assaulted by whites.

For over four or five months in 2020, I’ve seen Antifa and BLM members pull motorists from their vehicles or off the streets and (Link): kick them in their heads.

Leftists have (Link): shot Trump supporters dead for being Trump supporters. 

Leftists are not the party or group of tolerance, love, anti-racism, and peace – they are the opposite of all those things.

Leftists can and do mingle religion fervor with politics, and the Christian ones regularly mingle Christianity with liberal politics.

And the left did nothing to condemn any of this violent, nasty behavior I just described above.

Many progressives, Democrats, and anti-Trump conservatives find that terrible (and sometimes illegal) behavior acceptable all because it’s in support of their side and of their political world view and their political goals:  but they laughingly expect me to view Trump or any of his voters as a threat.

You Can’t Be a REAL Christian and Vote for ‘X’

In the past few years, especially when Trump got into office, I began seeing more and more Christians
– usually progressive ones, but the occasional conservative ones who were not comfortable with Trump
– come out and say on social media comments such as, “How can any ‘real’ Christian vote for Trump,”
which devolved into statements such as, “A person cannot BE a ‘real’ Christian and vote for Trump!,”
and, “If you voted for Trump, you are not a ‘real’ Christian.’

Prior to Trump, the old refrain from many these same people (usually progressive) was,
“You cannot be a feminist and be pro-life on abortion,”
“You cannot be a ‘real’ Christian and be pro-life,”
“You cannot be a ‘real’ Christian and support the death penalty for serial killers,”
“You cannot be a ‘real’ Christian and support capitalism, you MUST support socialism, as we all know Jesus would have,”
“you cannot support strong borders and immigration laws, because that is un-Christian, because Jesus likes open borders and was himself an immigrant.” 

I could go on and on with other examples, but what it comes down to is that any time a liberal or wishy-washy conservative Christian speaks out, it’s to frame any position a conservative takes as being un-biblical, not “Christ like,” and hence, a “real” Christian would never believe in or agree with X…

Whether “X” is the general right-of-center positions of being pro-life, having limited government, supporting a free market economy, a small or limited government, not allowing any and every biological man who “identifies” as a woman into a woman’s bathroom or locker room, and so on.

Many progressives, whether Christian or no, and many Never Trump Christians, like to say that conservative Christians have too often conflated being a Christian with being a Republican, and that may be true. -But the left, the progressives, also do that very same thing.

I often see liberals (both secular and Christian) and Never Trump Republicans define what it means to be a “real” Christian, and they like to define who Jesus of Nazareth really was, and wouldn’t you know it, the progressive (and Never Trump) version of the Bible and Jesus always neatly lines up with  progressive political views, or anything that is anti-populism.

Progressives, Never Trump Christians, and “peace-nikky, milque toast” moderates also sit around defining who is and is not a Christian based on whatever political views a Christian espouses.

The left (and the apolitical types) do this all the time.

I have seen it often in years past, even before Trump got into office, but Trump brought out this hypocritical tendency of non-conservatives much more strongly.

You progressives and Never Trump Christians, or you Christians who write editorials or tweet about the supposed “dangers of a Trump cult” are guilty of the very things you’re condemning the Christian Trump voters of. You are declaring who is and is not a “true” Christian based on how that person votes, or whatever political views he or she has.

But you feel righteous in doing so, because you are absolutely certain, like a religious zealot (you know, rather like the very evangelicals you mock for expressing certainty about some of their religious or political views), that you have truth on your side.

Many of you honestly and strongly believe that Jesus of Nazareth is a socialist transactivist who would totally support a ninth month abortion, and that he hates all Republicans or Trump voters, and wants them all to burn in Hell.

Concern Trolling over Christian Trump Support – But No Concern with Progressive Ideals and Actions

So please, I beg, stop it with the Concern  Trolling about the state of Christianity in the age of Trump.

Especially those of you who have not spent equal time correcting the progressives over the violence and harassment that they’ve been carrying out under the banners of Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Cancel Culture (where anyone who disagrees with progressive positions gets harassed or fired from their jobs or physically assaulted on the streets).

Jesus was not a Republican or a Trump voter, but Jesus was also not a Democrat, a socialist, nor was Jesus a Biden-Harris voter, or a staffer on Planned Parenthood, or a Transactivist, nor a member of the Black Lives Matter group, either.

Stop complaining about the right, about the conservatives, the Trump base, conflating politics with Christianity, when many of YOU non-Trump voters and non-conservatives also have your OWN litmus test of what constitutes a “real” Christian, and YOUR litmus test often aligns with progressive and American Democratic party ideals and opinions.

I left the GOP (Republican Party) years ago, before Trump took office, and I’ve written the occasional post on this very blog pointing out some issues I have with the GOP, but I am by no means a supporter of the Democrats, either, and I’ve sometimes written blog posts critical of them as well.

The Democrats (and liberals) have their own set of problems.

And please, stop ranting about sexual harassment allegations against Trump if you never spent equal time calling them out regarding Biden (and other Democrats)….

Most of you Trump haters didn’t utter a peep about (Link): Tara Reade’s allegations against Biden, and yes, her allegations were credible .

Biden’s son Hunter is a freaking (Link): pervert who may have been involved in pedophilia, and the mainstream media didn’t cover that story.

And you’re the party of “Believe all women” and “Me Too,” and you’re the guys who went after Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh on much less,  but do you care about Reade or other women who’ve spoken out against Democrat men?

No, no you don’t.

Some of you blithely, easily dismiss reports of sexual assault by Democrat men against women as nothing but “What About-ism.”

Tell me again how OFFENDED you are when a Republican man, evangelical, Southern Baptist preacher, or Christian church engages in sexual abuse of children or women, or covers it up. What hypocrisy.

Edit. New link, editorial on Christian Post:

(Link): Beth Moore, it’s about honest elections not idolizing Trump

I’ve been driven to write this post for months now, but as of late, headlines and tweets like the following have made it more urgent:

(Link): Christian author Beth Moore calls Trumpism both ‘seductive’ and ‘dangerous to the saints of God’

(Link): This Christian Nationalism Is Not Of God


(Link): The Growing Tide of Censorship & Suppression of Free Speech vis a vis Cancel Culture by Progressives, Democrats, Leftists, Big Tech

(Link): Former Democrat Mayor Dennis Doyle Arrested for Possession of Child Porn During Term in Office

The sanctimony and the never-relenting, condescending concern trolling about Christianity vis a vis Trump for four years (and now) is more than barfy (even going so far as referring to his base as a “cult,” etc) it’s played out, old, worn, and it’s exposed a lot of double standards by those who hate Trump, Trump voters, conservatives, or Republicans.

Maybe spend a little less time hand-wringing (especially publicly, nobody needs to see yet another tweet) about Christianity in the age of Trump, where upon anyone who voted for the guy has his or her faith questioned…

And perhaps spend more energy and hand wringing over the detrimental impact far left politics and political persons and movements have had on American culture and religion, everything ranging from Critical Race Theory to Cancel Culture, and the rioting, looting, and the intolerance of opposing views, under “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) and “Antifa.”

This far left lunacy and intolerance for dissenting views are also having a (Link):  chilling effect on free speech, not just in the United States, but in the world abroad. -Where’s the uprising or concern over that from the Trump haters?

Maybe spend a little less time trying to remove the speck from your brother’s eye and maybe a little more removing the plank from your own and from that of your political allies.

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