Hillsong Church Rife with ‘Inappropriate’ Sex, Members Claimed

Hillsong Church Rife with ‘Inappropriate’ Sex, Members Claimed

As someone who is not totally opposed to the idea of churches setting up social functions so that single adults may meet other single people (in the quest to get married), I’ve never promoted, nor do I defend, any church that actually devolves into a seedy sex racket, where members are going about willy nilly sleeping with each other, and I sure do not approve of sexual harassment.

But I don’t want to see Christians or churches out there pointing to garbage like this news story at Hillsong (Link): to excuse NOT LIFTING A FINGER  to help single adults get married – at least the ones who’d like and appreciate the help.

But what is reported here is not acceptable – and it makes you really question that “be equally yoked” rule so many Christians cram down the throats of singles: if so many of the (usually MARRIED) Christian men at these churches are sexual predators, why do some Christians tell single Christian women that the best, safest place to “husband hunt” is at their local church?

(Link): Hillsong church was a ‘breeding ground’ for inappropriate sex and leaders ‘sent nudes to female volunteers while sleeping around’, claim whistleblowers after disgraced leader’s multiple affairs were exposed

(Link): Hillsong Church Rife with ‘Inappropriate’ Sex, Members Claimed

by Mara Siegler and O. Coleman
December 17, 2020

Hillsong staffers used the church like a seedy dating service, “sleeping around” with volunteers and asking them to send nude pictures — according to a group of volunteers who allegedly complained about the situation.

The whistleblowers also claimed the organization — which has been rocked by recent revelations that its former leader, Carl Lentz, had (Link): multiple tawdry affairs — was “a breeding ground for unchecked abuse.”

…We’re told that one person employed by the church was asked to step down after it was revealed that, as the letter put it, he had “multiple inappropriate sexual relationships with several female leaders and volunteers and was verbally, emotionally, and according to one woman, physically abusive in his relationships with these women.”

The group claimed that another church member even caught the same employee “having sex” with a church leader.

…Meanwhile, the letter accused another male staffer of “not respecting physical and sexual boundaries within dating relationships with female church volunteers,” including having “sex with a 19-20-year-old female team member.”

…The letter also claimed that the church’s volunteers feared verbal abuse and “harsh words, belittlement, name-calling from certain pastors and staff.”

From “OK” magazine:

(Link): Hillsong Church Was ‘A Breeding Ground for Unchecked Abuse,” Ex-Volunteers Claim

May 2021 update:

(Link): Laura Lentz makes first public statement following husband’s infidelity, Hillsong firing


(Link): Oh, Dear, Another (Male) Mega-Church Pastor In Trouble, Possibly for Adultery – Brian Houston of Hillsong Church – So Much for Equally Yoked and Male Headship Teachings!

(Link):  Hillsong’s Carl Lentz, Megachurch Pastor Who Ministered Justin Bieber, Fired and Admits Cheating on Wife

(Link): Tithe Money Funded Hillsong Pastors’ Luxury Lifestyles: Former Members by H. Frishberg

(Link):  Sex Abuse Allegations by Carl Lentz’s Former Nanny Put Spotlight on Hillsong  Culture 

(Link): Women in Perry Stone’s Ministry Allege Sexual Misconduct, Say FBI is Investigating Televangelist

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