The Growing Tide of Censorship & Suppression of Free Speech vis a vis Cancel Culture by Progressives, Democrats, Leftists, Big Tech

The Growing Tide of Censorship & Suppression of Free Speech vis a vis Cancel Culture by Progressives, Democrats, Leftists, Big Tech

I am now starting a list of all the conservatives, populists, classical liberals, and anyone else, who is being banned, silenced, or censored on big media (eg, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc) by Democrats, Social Justice Warriors, Black Lives Matters agitators, (progressive) Liberals.

The number one target by the left as of late and the last few years has been Trump and any and all things Trump-related, including anyone who has supported him.

Also targeted by the left:
Anyone who is critical of CRT (Critical Race Theory), transgender rights (i.e., allowing biological men who identify as women into the biological-women’s only spaces), anyone who has questioned governmental lock-downs (this extends to the UK, where UK radio stations have been deleted from You Tube over this), etc.

I have been very alarmed over the last few months over this tendency of Big Tech, mainstream media, leftists, to be willing to censor and “cancel” anyone who doesn’t agree with their political and social views.

I did not vote for Trump (or any politician) in 2016 or in 2020, and I do not care if you dislike Trump – it should alarm you and make your skin crawl to see how willing media and social media platforms and leftists are to censor Trump, to censor anyone who voted for the man, or to silence anyone who does not support any or all leftist concerns.

This will be a list I will periodically update in the future, so it will be edited – to include both new news stories, and quite possibly news items from years past, where (progressive) liberals censored others, or harassed them off line.

As I compose this post, I am seeing numerous headlines going through my Twitter feed that Twitter is now suspending many Trump supporters, lawyers, etc ((Link): one example here), from their platform.

This censorship is chilling. This is not to be celebrated or cheered.

In no particular order, here is a list of headlines / links about the growing, very troubling, practice of suppression of free speech by the left of anyone who doesn’t support liberal causes and views:

The List(s) (in non-chronological order):


(Link): Twitter Permanently Suspends Donald Trump from Social Network

(Link): Facebook just deleted anti-Democrat ‘WalkAway’ page from platform, founder Brandon Straka said

(Link): Twitter suspends Christian magazine for saying Biden’s trans nominee is a man, not a woman

(Link): Michelle Obama calls on Facebook and other social media platforms to ban Trump permanently

(Link): Whoa… Apple is allegedly threatening to ban the Parler from the App Store if they don’t start censoring.

(Link): EXCLUSIVE: Parler CEO Responds to Apple’s Reported Threat to Kick It Off App Store

(Link): (Prager U tweet) YouTube currently restricts OVER 200 PragerU videos, labeling them, at times, “dangerous” or “derogatory” content. 

(Link): Power-Drunk Democrats Join CNN In Lobbying To Ban Fox News From The Airwaves

(Link): The blue checkmarks on Twitter are getting their knives out, hoping for Twitter to permanently ban Donald Trump from the platform.

(Link): CNN’s @oliverdarcy  is going after cable companies for carrying Fox News, and other conservative channels, citing it’s “irresponsible and dangerous.” see also: this link

(Link):  BREAKING: Twitter removes the accounts of Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and other high-profile supporters of President Trump that promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory.

(Link): Conservative #WalkAway Facebook page removed along with hundreds of thousands of videos and followers

Conservative activist Brandon Straka announced that Facebook has removed his page with over half a million followers and also banned members of his team.

“FACEBOOK has removed the #WalkAway Campaign and has BANNED ME and EVERY MEMBER of my team!!!” Straka, founder of the #WalkAway movement, tweeted Friday morning.

…Straka also included screenshots of messages from Facebook, including one that said the page was “removed for violating terms of use.” ..

Straka confirmed to the Washington Examiner that his Facebook group, the business page for the nonprofit group, and his personal account were all shut down Friday morning.

He added that people merely associated with the page were also removed from Facebook.

“Every volunteer, every paid employee, banned,” Straka said.

“This is only the beginning of a total conservative shutdown if we don’t get help,” Straka added in a tweet to Sen. Ted Cruz asking for assistance.

…”I have a dozen paid employees,” Straka said. “I have dozens of volunteers. ALL BANNED at the same time today. Absolute mayhem!! Is this the unity and healing of Joe Biden’s America??? This is horrifying.”

…“Massive Twitter purges seem to be happening,” Straka tweeted Thursday. “I’ve lost now 10,000 followers since last night.”

Straka’s movement gained notoriety in 2018 after the now ex-liberal decided he was fed up with the Democratic Party and began urging others to leave the party with him.

(Link – from Rowling’s site): J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues

(Link):  JK Rowling joins 150 public figures warning over free speech

(Link): Fury as Open University censors leading academic just for mentioning JK Rowling during free speech debate following ‘woke’ backlash she faced over trans views

(Link): YouTube temporarily suspends OANN account after spreading coronavirus misinformation

YouTube has suspended the pro-Trump One America News Network from posting new videos for a week, and the outlet has had its old content demonetized after uploading a video containing misinformation about the coronavirus, YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi confirmed to The Hill on Tuesday.

(Link):  Steve Bannon’s show pulled off Twitter and YouTube over calls for violence

(Link): Reddit has banned r/donaldtrump

Following: You Tube temporarily banned Talk Radio channel because they interviewed individuals who were skeptical of Covid 19 virus lock-downs:

(Link): YouTube reverses TalkRadio ban for allegedly breaching content policy

(Link): You Tube Removes Steven Bannon’s “War Room” account

(Link): Mozilla, developers of Firefox: ‘We need more than deplatforming’

(Link): Amazon is Booting Parler Off Its Web Hosting Business

(Link): Left-Wing Reporters Demand Twitter Silence Conservative Reporters That Have Done Nothing Wrong

(Link): Mark Levin: WashPost NEVER Called Me to Confirm Story About Memo from Cumulus Media [to silence Levin and conservative speaker Ben Shapiro]

(Link): The Lincoln Project’s Predator 

“The ‘Trump database’ idea infuriated me enough that I responded by tweeting, ‘Maybe I should start talking about one of the founding members of the Lincoln Project [group of “Never Trump” former Republicans] offering jobs to young men in exchange for sex… his wife is probably interested.'”

(Link): Parler app pulled offline as CEO warns of ‘longer than expected’ outage

(Link): German chancellor believes Twitter banning Trump is ‘problematic’ for the ‘fundamental right to free speech’

(Link):  Ron Paul locked out of managing his Facebook account for violating ‘community standards

(Link): Twitter bans James O’Keefe after major CNN bias exposé (April 2021)


(I may break this category off into a separate post in the future, if it begins to get lengthy):

(Link): Capitol rioters terminated from jobs after social media users identify them

(Link): Pro-Trump Rocker Ariel Pink’s Label Drops Him Following Controversy Over Rally Attendance

(Link): Fascism Strikes in Pro-Trump County as School Superintendent Moves to Fire Teachers and Employees Who Attended Trump Rally

Following link: if such a thing were to be created, liberals would abuse it. Hate and Racism are however they chose to define those terms, and under Critical Race Theory, neo-liberals don’t define terms in the same way the rest of us do.

(Link): BLM activist calls for sex-offender-style ‘race offender register’

(Link): The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has fired coach Chris Malone after posting a tweet about Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams

(Link): PGA pulls major championship from Trump’s New Jersey golf club: ‘Detrimental to the PGA America brand’  

(Link): New York State Bar Association may remove Rudy Giuliani after Capitol riots

(Link): Congressman suggests Cruz, Hawley be placed on no-fly list

Related Commentary (off site):

Joe Biden once said months ago he wants “unity.” But then, he still goes on to give pressers where he insults conservatives and anyone who voted for Trump. Other Democrats and progressives have done the same (I should maybe start a new thread with these examples). Examples below.

I don’t always agree with Matt Walsh, but I do agree with him on this:

(Link): Big Tech’s Purge Of Conservatives Is Being Cheered On By Shameless Hypocrites

(Link): Biden Calls Hawley And Cruz Nazis Who Should Be ‘Flat Beaten The Next Time They Run’

(Link): Kelley Paul Rips Jack Dorsey: Where Were You When Tweeters Encouraged Violence Against My Husband?

(Link): 28 Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists

(Link): Ten Times Times Democrats Urged Violence Against Trump And His Supporters

Ed Morrissey, one of the authors of posts at the Hot Air Blog (which is supposed to be conservative in nature, but many of its supposed conservative authors sound like liberal pundits, the sort of liberal from 20 to 25 years ago, before liberals went bat shit insane with “Critical Race Theory” and “Social Justice” and “Cancel Culture”) (Link): downplayed the canning of Senator Hawley’s book, so I wrote this under Ed’s blog post at Hot Air:

I’m afraid the author of this isn’t taking into account this is not an isolated case.

In the last few years, leftists have been growing increasingly fond of censoring and silencing anyone (even classical liberals such as author J K Rowling), who speaks out in disagreement with progressive liberal beliefs.

Leftists are harassing conservatives (and others) off social media, they are reporting them to their employers to get them fired, some are demanding that airlines not allow Trump voters on to their planes…. I could go on and on. The left is trying to silence any and all opposition to left wing views.

This Hawley guy getting his book canned is yet another example to add to the list of leftist censorship of persons or view points they don’t like or agree with. That should have you way more upset than it does.
— end comment —

(Link): Now Big Tech Appears to Have Taken Down Trump’s Campaign Email, Reddit Group

(Link): Google suspends Parler from app store after deadly Capitol violence

(Link): (on Twitter): Twitter Bans “Team Trump” Account

(Link): CNN analyst: Anyone who does business with Trump in future should be ‘shunned’ from rest of world

(Link): Amazon Employees Call for Company to Cut Ties with Parler After Capitol Riot that Had Nothing to Do with Parler

(Link): CNN’s Oliver Darcy Suggests The Next Step In Leftist Authoritarian Censorship

Apparently, Trump has been banned from Spotify and Pinterest (sites I didn’t even know he was on) – see embedded tweet below with pertinent screen caps.

Video in this Tweet:

I will likely amend this post in the future to add more examples.

Related Posts, this blog:

(Link): Twitter Really Doesn’t Want You Knowing About Those Hunter Biden Laptop Videos – they’re a Democrat Platform

(Link): Twitter Continues To Suspend Any Person or Group Who Mentions Rachel Levine’s Actual Biological Sex (Which is Male) or (His) Original Name (Which is “Richard”)

(Link): Liberal Bill Maher Is Right About Cancel Culture and Wokeness

(Link): I Unfollowed Blogger Shelia Gregoire on Twitter Today – Re: Politics

(Link): Twitter Suspended My Account AGAIN, possibly Re: Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman


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