Hot Romance: A Woman Burns Down a Man’s Home for Only Bringing $5 to Their Date

Hot Romance: A Woman Burns Down a Man’s Home for Only Bringing $5 to Their Date

(Link): Hot Romance: A Woman Burns Down a Man’s Home for Only Bringing $5 to Their Date  by Alex Parker

Such seems the case, at least, where a woman in Las Vegas is concerned.

But first, the Word of the Day: Allegedly.

Apply it to everything below.

On October 11th, Kimberly Marika Johnson went on a date.

As she and her suitor broke bread, a significant chunk of food for thought was served: He admitted he’d only brought five bucks.

Call it a choke point.

Sitting there at Jerry’s Nugget, the lady doubtlessly deduced she hadn’t struck gold.

Per one investigator’s affidavit, “An argument ensued.”

Subsequently, “Ms. Johnson made (the friend) walk home.”

But the duo was destined for more.

As it turned out, despite a cold-fish sort of start, their romance was about to get hot.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes what happened next:

The man subsequently walked 2.5 miles back to the apartment. About 20 minutes later, Johnson arrived at the home and the man “heard a splashing sound on the window and front door,” the investigator said.

It wasn’t aqueous amore.

Apparently, the fluid was flammable. From the filing:

He opened the front door just as Kimberly ignited the gas vapors. The front door and mat are fully engulfed in flames.

….There at his “two-story, multi-family apartment complex,” the man attests, she “threw her purse, which was on fire” through one of the windows.

The derelict Don Juan also claims Kimberly was “high on crystal meth” as “she tried to burn [him] down.”

According to an arson expert, the fire was set with “willful and malicious intent.”


(Link): Tips For Defensive Dating, Including Warning Signs that You Could Be The Target Of An Online Romance Scam – From the WSJ (excerpted on this blog)

(Link): Is Your Online Date Deadly? Here’s How To Spot The Red Flags -from InfoMania

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