A Married Florida Man Used A Dating App, Cops Say. They Think He Met His Murderer

A Married Florida Man Used A Dating App, Cops Say. They Think He Met His Murderer

(Link): A Married Florida Man Used A Dating App, Cops Say. They Think He Met His Murderer

Six days after Daytona Beach area man Bobby Scott was last seen, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office arrested DeLand man Michael Harris Saturday night for Scott’s murder.

Harris, 20, remains in Volusia County jail without bond on a charge of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.

VCSO said they still haven’t found the 63-year-old Scott’s body. What they did find on Tuesday, they say, was Scott’s vehicle with Harris in DeLand. Investigators say Harris claimed Scott loaned him the vehicle (VCSO didn’t specify whether it was a car, truck or SUV), but he hadn’t seen Scott since then.

Scott’s husband, who had reported Scott missing after he didn’t come home by Monday, told detectives that Scott didn’t loan his wheels to anyone. Detectives say they found evidence in the vehicle to link Harris to Scott’s murder.

Investigators say they found Scott’s cell phone in DeLand, abandoned. They found no usage after Sunday nor any bank activity. They say Scott had met Harris through a dating app and agreed to meet on Sunday.

“After Scott and Harris met up, Scott was never heard from again,” VCSO said.


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