Marriage Won’t Keep You From Contracting Covid and Dying (this may come as a shock to Al Mohler and Brad Wilcox and those like them)

Marriage Won’t Keep You From Contracting Covid and Dying (this may come as a shock to Al Mohler and Brad Wilcox and those like them)

News story about this couple who is engaged, and they were told to marry very fast, because one of them was diagnosed with Covid and may die soon.

This sure doesn’t fit the fairy-tale like, fantasy picture of marriage so many Christians and social conservatives paint of marriage (such as but not limited to Focus on the Family, most Complementarian books, and most Roman Catholic persons on Twitter, Al Mohler (Southern Baptist), and Brad Wilcox (of the National Marriage Project).

(Link): Critical COVID patients rush to wed: ‘This might be your only chance’

by H. Sparks

….Emergency room patients Elizabeth Kerr and fiancé Simon O’Brien didn’t plan on a short engagement. But when COVID-19 nurses told them, “this might be your only chance,” the fatally sick pair decided it was now — or possibly never.

“Those are words I never, ever want hear again,” Kerr, 31, told Reuters, from a COVID-19 ward at the University Hospital in Milton Keynes, a borough about 50 miles northwest of London.

The lovers were wed in the intensive care unit, a few days after they arrived at the ER in the same ambulance. Kerr, a nurse, and paramedic O’Brien, 36, had tested positive for COVID-19 just days before — and months before their June wedding date.

Kerr recalled that her husband, critically low on blood oxygen, barely held on while nurses scrambled to find a spare marriage license.

Kerr and O’Brien were married at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 15, accompanied by nurse Hannah Cannon, witness to the ceremony on behalf of family and friends who were not allowed to be in the quarantined unit.

…The honeymoon period was short lived as O’Brien’s vitals fell rapidly after saying “I do,” immediately forcing him into the care of mechanical ventilation and chemical sedation overnight.


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Article mentions the increase of domestic violence during Covid 19:
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