Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman

Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman

My “sololoner” Twitter account was suspended days ago.

(I am on (Link): Gab now  – edit: I don’t agree with all views on Gab; some of the users on there may be into “Q Anon,” of which I am not – I am also NOT an “anti vaxxer,” as some of the other participants are, etc).

I’m not quite sure why I was temporarily suspended by Twitter – but it may have something to do with Richard “Rachel” Levine (more on that below).

I’ve not tried logging in to Twitter for days, on that “soloLoner” account, since the words “this account engaged in suspicious behavior and will be suspended for X hours” appeared on the screen there.

When I checked my e-mail account later that day, Twitter sent some kind of additional commentary saying  that after the temporary suspension is lifted, I can once more visit my account,
they may ask me to do some additional work to make the account fully operational,
(such as possibly delete a tweet someone found objectionable, or something of that nature).

I sat there and thought, well, goodness, just about anything these days will set off the left of center, Critical Race Theory, Democrats, Identity Theory, perpetual victim, Grievance Culture lunatics… so just about anything on my account is ripe for being targeted.

But off the top of my head, the only thing I can think of in particular may have been a comment I did above someone else’s tweet about “Rachel Levine” (that is, Richard Levine).

I made some kind of remark  about some new site’s report about Levine that Rachel Levine is a biological man who is very ugly (all true, Levine is a biological man who is not the least bit pretty as a woman – and probably didn’t look much better as a man).

I would imagine that is the tweet that got me in trouble, though I am not sure.

Well, it’s true – “Rachel” Levine is a “transwoman,” meaning he is a man who pretends to be a woman, and not a very attractive one at that.

(Link): Rachel Levine Wiki page

I have no idea how anyone can graduate from medical school, upon having taken human anatomy and physiology, and yet still live in a delusion that someone born with one X, Y chromosome, a penis, testicles, and has never experienced menstruation (and never will), is a woman and insists upon being called “she” and “her.”

Briefly, my position on this is, I don’t really care what an adult chooses to do, so long as
– it does not hurt me or other women or increase our chances of being hurt (which means I am opposed to things like biological men who merely say they “identify” as women gaining cultural or legal rights to enter into women’s restrooms, locker rooms, or domestic violence shelters for women),
– I will also not be bullied into saying, agreeing with, or thinking things I know are not true (i.e., “girls have dicks,” “men menstruate,” “men can get pregnant,” etc),
– or be forced into accepting or agreeing with the dehumanization of women by leftist, politically correct terms such as “chest feeders” and “uterus havers.”

I am really tired of living in this culture Democrats, leftists, and neo-Liberals have created, where anyone and everyone who does not support the leftist line about Transgenderism, Black Lives Matter, or whatever else, will be censored, bullied, fired, or harassed.

At any rate – should I ever log into the “sololoner” account ever again and be confronted with any kind of demand from Twitter that I delete a comment I made – especially one about Richard Levine (who likes to go by “Rachel”), I will update this post to add more about that, or possibly make a new post about it.

I could be wrong – maybe there is some other tweet about an entirely different topic that set Twitter off, who knows?

For now, I am not on Twitter.

I am kind of glad to not be on there. It’s a time-suck of a cess pit, where Twitter repeatedly bans, blocks, or censors anyone who is not a Liberal, Leftist, Democrat, or supporter of BLM or Transactivists.

(Link): Twitter suspends Christian magazine for saying Biden’s trans nominee is a man, not a woman

(Link): Richard “Rachel” Levine Was a Disaster in Pennsylvania But Is Now Headed to Washington

And reminder: I am on (Link): Gab now 


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