Why Are We Cheapening Women, Marriage, and Sex? (via PragerU and Candace Owens)

Why Are We Cheapening Women, Marriage, and Sex? (via PragerU and Candace Owens)

Disclaimer: I don’t agree with all views expressed by the PraguerU site (including on their social media), and I’m not sure I agree with all of the content in the video (with Candace Owens) in the tweet embedded in this page below.  I do agree with much of the sentiments expressed, but perhaps not all.

(The tweet with the video should be embedded below; or click here to view it on Twitter’s site)

What you see in the Tweet is a clip taken from a longer video with Candace Owens on You Tube (Link): here.

Owens spends a lot of time in that video discussing why men today aren’t as manly today as they were 80 years ago, then the topic moves on to climate change
– but then, around the 29 minute mark, the conversation turns to the dangers of pornography, and how so many women dress too skanky on social media to get male attention, how the over sexualization of culture and the widespread availability of porn cheapens marriage, sex, and women.

(Link): on You Tube: The Candace Owens Show: Jacki Deason (relevant portion starts around 29, 30 minute mark)


(Link): We’re Casual About Sex and Serious About Consent. But Is It Working? by J. Zimmerman

(Link):  CDC Report: Virgin Teens Much Healthier Than Their Sexually Active Peers (2016 Report)
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(Link):  Why are young feminists so clueless about sex? by M. Wente

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2 thoughts on “Why Are We Cheapening Women, Marriage, and Sex? (via PragerU and Candace Owens)”

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter here. A few years ago Candace was debating a liberal, feminist woman about marriage and she made a very general and insulting statement about single women and marriage; it was something like if you aren’t married then you are a liberal (sorry, the exact wording escapes me) but It really turned me off of Candace. Just because you are so a single woman doesn’t mean you are one of the following: a feminist, a liberal, a lesbian, anti-marriage or anti-family. I wish Candace would shut up.

    1. Hello, Klaura.
      I wasn’t aware of Candace Owen’s derogatory statements about adult singles. I am a conservative, as she is, but from the little I hear from her occasionally over the years, I’ve not always agreed with her on every issue.

      Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to take a knee-jerk reaction to the political opposition.
      So, for example, if conservatives generally support “X,” (whatever X may be), many liberals will automatically stand opposed to X… conversely, if liberals support “Z,” most conservatives will instantly rail against “Z.”

      I do think that a lot of conservatives base their views on marriage, the nuclear family, and singleness in reaction to what they think liberals believe or teach about those things.

      Other conservatives unfortunately go to the other extreme at times, or, they adopt caricatures of singles – and for some very annoying reason I’ve never fully grasped, a lot of conservatives love to opine and wonder why any woman is still single past the age of 30.

      And most often, sadly and infuriatingly, they tend to spout off all sorts of falsehoods and stereotypes about single women, such as, we all hate men, we all vote Democrat, we all hate babies, or we were too obsessed with career to go man-hunting, etc.

      I think women such as myself (I’m a conservative and a former devout Christian) get caught in the cultural war cross-fire.

      I am really sick and tired of secular or Christian conservatives who frequently pontificate about single women, who assume all of us are single for the same set of reasons, or that we wanted to be single into our 40s or older.

      So… Candace Owens is one of those conservatives who I have agreed with a time or two in the past, but she occasionally says something I disagree with.
      If Owens conveyed on some show that she thinks all to most single women are single because they are marriage-hating liberals, yes, I do find that insulting. It’s also false.

      I’m a conservative woman who had wanted to marry, but I never ran into a compatible partner.
      And I am not going to marry just any old guy who comes along for the sake of being married, either…
      so no, I’m not too picky,
      but if a marriage is going to last, you have to marry for the right reasons (not because of societal or family pressure or expectations or due to cultural demands by other conservatives)

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      This is actually the first day I’ve been logged in to this blog or the web generally in a couple of weeks, since I’ve been having computer problems lately.

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