Is There a Stigma to Being Single? by Wendy L. Patrick

Is There a Stigma to Being Single? by Wendy L. Patrick

(Link): Is There a Stigma to Being Single? by Wendy L. Patrick


March 4, 2021

Even in modern times, singles are plagued by discrimination.

    • In many countries, there are now more singles than couples, but people continue to view marriage as a symbol of status and success.
    • Singles face discrimination, prejudice and financial challenges as they often earn less and pay more for social benefits, healthcare and income taxes, according to research. 
    • Many people enjoy being single, which has advantages, such as freeing up time for meaningful pursuits. 

….The Rise of Singleness

Alexandra N. Fisher and John K. Sakaluk (2020) note that within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many Scandinavian countries, there are more singles than couples (married or common-law). 

They view this as a trend attributable to the fact that people tend to date longer, marry later in life, divorce more frequently, and often value career over relationships. 

….Unfortunately for the unmarried, Fisher and Sakaluk recognize that societal adulation of marriage devalues singlehood. Perhaps not surprisingly, they note that research indicates that even in modern times, singles may be a demographic still plagued by discrimination. Singles Face

Prejudice and Discrimination

In their research, aptly entitled “Are Single People a Stigmatized ‘Group’?” (2020), Fisher and Sakaluk note that similar to members of other stigmatized groups, singles face prejudice and discrimination, stemming from negative beliefs, attitudes, and stereotypes.

They point out that singles also face economic challenges because they earn less and often pay more for social benefits, healthcare, and income taxes as compared to their married counterparts. 

They even note that some people admit engaging in overt discrimination against singles, giving the example of some people voicing their preference to rent an apartment to a married couple rather than a single. 

…Regarding prejudice, Fisher and Sakaluk found that prejudice towards singles was “more acceptable than prejudice towards national and sexual orientation groups.” They note that the acceptability of such prejudice was predicted in part by the perceived responsibility for being single. 

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