Christian Singles Aren’t Waiting for Marriage to Become Parents by Kara Bettis

Christian Singles Aren’t Waiting for Marriage to Become Parent

The following was published by Christianity Today in March 2021, but it’s actually kind of old news; if one reads “Quitting Church” by Julia Duin, she already noted in that book that a lot of single Christian women who wanted to be mothers were turning to sperm banks and so on, because the Christian husband promised to them by Christians never appeared.

So these unmarried women decided to go ahead with motherhood alone. And that information was published in that “Quitting Church” book, which I believe was published around 2008?

Many Christian churches and denominations have a real problem with adult singles, in that they are not doing squat to help singles who’d like to marry to actually get married – all most Christians and churches do in this regard is offer platitudes, shaming, or patronizing advice that doesn’t work…

Or, many Christians love to COMPLAIN about singles being single – rather than, you know, actually DOING SOMETHING to fix the situation (for those that would like to be married, not all singles do).

(Link): Christian Singles Aren’t Waiting for Marriage to Become Parents

As more unmarried women and men foster and adopt, how can the church provide what some nontraditional families cannot?

by Kara Bettis
March 2021

eather Creed grew up in suburban Indiana and attended Taylor University, expecting her life trajectory to be similar to that of many of her friends. “I always thought I would marry and have seven kids and be a stay-at-home, homeschool mom,” Creed said. “That’s clearly not what happened.”

Creed, 45, is now an attorney who settled in Columbus, Ohio, after stints in Waco, Texas, and New York City. Her family isn’t the traditional midwestern one of her childhood. She never married. But that didn’t stop her from adopting two boys and recently becoming licensed, for the second time, to foster children in her home.

….More recently, she’s had multiple conversations with single women around her who are considering adoption.

Read more of that article (Link): here (you must have a subscription to read the entire thing. No, I don’t have one.)


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