The Newly Declared ‘Super Straight’ Sexual Orientation is Being Hypocritically Decried as ‘Transphobic’ by Leftists, the Transcommunity, and Neo Liberals

 The Newly Declared ‘Super Straight’ Sexual Orientation is Being Hypocritically Decried as ‘Transphobic’ by Leftists, the Transcommunity, and Neo Liberals

Leftists and neo Liberals are very inconsistent, hypocritical, and arbitrary on some stances – they will defend Transgender Women (ie, biological men posing as women) having the choice to define their identity and to declare that “transgenderism” is a sexual identity – and a legitimate one at that – but at the same time, they refuse to allow others to define themselves, or to declare their own sexual identity, or declare whom they want to date.

superStraightLogo And, as neo-liberals, leftists, and all who defend identity politics do, they immediately seize upon things like this to claim that movements or views they don’t like, are associated with the Nazis, or were started by “the alt right.”

The left, and a lot of liberals, really loves to support the Genetic Fallacy and Guilt by Association.

Apparently, according to leftists, some feminists and neo-liberals, Non-Trans persons, (especially Non-Trans who do not want to date Trans persons), are the only people not “allowed” to make choices for themselves regarding their own identities, sexuality, or who they want to date or not date.

If you disagree with the Trans movement on any point what so ever, the narrow-minded loons who do support it, will declare you “transphobic” (a term which is not even accurate, but that is a topic for another post).

Here are a few examples of leftist persons or leftist rags decrying anyone, any cis-hetero or any homosexual person, who chooses to not date trans persons, as being Nazis or as being “transphobic” (there are many examples of this online, I’m only going to share a few examples):

(Link): A social-media trend has people identifying as ‘super straight.’ The transphobic campaign was meant to divide LGBTQ people.

(Link): New trolling trend has some people claiming ‘super straight’ as their sexual identity by Tod Perry

That piece above, by a Tod Perry, started out well enough, but then moves on to discredit the “super straight” movement, and any cis person’s dating or sexual preferences as being “transphobic” and therefore wrong:

However, what we’re dealing with isn’t simply someone creating a new banner for a sexual preference. It appears to be an identity created to sow chaos and give people the ability to voice their transphobia while hiding under the guise of having a preference.
— end quote—

One problem of several with those statements is that, before I was banned from Twitter, I repeatedly saw TRAs (Trans Rights Activists) define hetero persons or lesbian persons who had no interest in dating Trans persons, as being “transphobic.”

Non-Trans persons, under the Leftist, bizarre sexual and group identity politics, are no longer allowed to have their own preferences – when and if those preferences don’t align with the opinions and desires of the far left.

Here is another example of an author who is either living in denial or living under a rock:

(Link): The Super Straights Are Definitely Not Okay


by Michelle Santiago Cortes

Every identity is “valid” as long as it is true to the person claiming it. But, if your identity is based on stigmatizing trans people, then your identity is genuinely transphobic.
Stating this doesn’t invalidate your identity, it’s just being honest. Nobody is required to date or have sex with trans people, but it’s eerily violent to organize an identity and a movement around excluding them.
For Super Straights to do just that, while claiming that they’re persecuted is the ultimate irony.
—- end excerpt—

But straights are in fact “being persecuted,” hounded, bullied (cis women are receiving death threats online from transwomen (biological men) and/or from “trans allies,” merely for not supporting biological men being allowed into women’s bathrooms due to safety concerns), and run off social media platforms merely for saying they are cis hetero.

And the term itself – cis hetero – aligns with what the term “super straight” means:
that by definition, cis persons are not attracted to Trans persons, and only wish to date other cis people.
And for that, yes, cis persons have been told by the TRAs that they are “transphobic” and bigoted (I’ve done several posts on this blog in months past on this very topic, such as, but not limited to, (Link): this one).

See this headline below as but one example; merely for stating their sexual identity as being ‘not attracted to trans persons,’ those behind this site choose to frame that as being “transphobic” right from the start, in the article headline itself!

There is nothing inherently “transphobic” about a cis hetero saying or being cis hetero, or a cis homosexual being cis homosexual  or saying as such publicly – and yet, the left and the wacko Trans groups keep saying that it is.

The author also inaccurately dubs the “super straight” movement as “insidious,” and “derogatory,” among other things:

(Link): Transphobic TikTok users are labelling their sexuality ‘super straight’

Excerpt from that article:

by Scarlett Baker
March 10, 2021

For those of you who have the misfortune of being on Straight TikTok, you may be familiar with Kyle Royce. In a video filmed inside his car on February 21, the TikToker asked:
“Who else is super straight?” The since-deleted clip – which has been re-uploaded across YouTube and TikTok – sees Royce tell the camera: ‘Yo guys, I made a new sexuality, it’s called super straight.”

“Since straight men like myself get called transphobic because I wouldn’t date a trans woman. They’re like, ‘Why? That’s a female’. ‘No, that’s not a real woman to me.’ So now I only date the opposite gender, women, that are born women,” he continued, “so you can’t say I’m transphobic now because that’s my sexuality.”
— end quotes—

Here is an LGBT site (“Pride Source”) which falsely proclaims that it is “transphobic” for (cis) heterosexuals – straight people – to declare themselves (cis) heterosexual:

(Link): Yes, It Is Transphobic to Declare Yourself Super Straight


by D’Anne Witkowski

Only, I didn’t pretend to invent a sexual orientation to shield myself from getting called out for my very clear bigotry.

…And, to be clear, this kid’s problem isn’t that he won’t date trans women. He doesn’t have to date anyone he doesn’t want to date. If he doesn’t find someone attractive, that’s his biz. His problem is that he’s really, really proud of his anti-trans bias and doesn’t care about offending or hurting an already marginalized group of people who do not benefit from his straight/male/cisgender privilege.
— end quote—

So, my take away from this is that the left and other assorted liberal loons who support transgenderism (which is mostly a man’s right movement which discriminates against biological women) is that non-trans-attracted persons can be non-trans-attracted, BUT, however, they cannot state so publicly.

Apparently, one has to keep his or her non-trans dating preferences private.

It’s a double standard how the left allows Trans persons to run about online or real life screaming very openly how they are so proud to be Trans – but these same people love to shame cis hetero-sexuals (or cis homosexuals) for being open about THEIR preferences or life choices. So much hypocrisy.

If you’re a cis hetero or cis homosexual, the left wants you to stay in the closet- you know, just like a lot of culture expected of gays for decades. You see the irony there.

At least this paper had the basic journalistic standard sense to label the following as “opinion” and not fact:

(Link): OPINION: The “super straight” movement and its ties to neo-Nazis

I saw several other op-eds decrying the “super straight” movement as being “neo Nazism,” “alt right,” or “transphobic.”

I myself am not a member of the 4chan group, and I have no affiliations with any Neo Nazi groups.

Not only are Non-Trans persons (whether they be cis heterosexuals or cis homosexuals) not permitted by the hate-filled, vitriolic, extremely judgmental, bonkers TRAs to have preferences and to openly discuss their preferences or dissenting views,  but they will and do get their social media accounts banned by those respective social media platforms and the intolerant TRA lunatics.

Here are a few examples of the mass purging and banning of the “super straight” view, the hash tag, or persons identifying as such, being blocked online, or having their content deleted:

(Link):  TikTok bans the super straight movement and its creator

(Link):  Inside the ‘Super Straight’ Movement That Got Banned on TikTok and Reddit

Royce later clarified to Insider about the video that brutally divided the internet this month, “I created it because I was sick of being labelled with very negative terms for having a preference, something I can’t control, and getting labelled by the community that preaches acceptance with that sort of stuff. It was never meant to be hateful towards anyone.”

The video stayed up for a week despite the backlash it promptly received. Then, TikTok took the video down, banned Royce from the platform, blocked the hashtag #SuperStraight, and came out with a statement saying they “do not tolerate hate speech or hateful ideologies.”.
— end excerpts—

Ah, see, so if you now openly state that you are a non-trans person who is not attracted to trans persons and have no interest in dating trans people, you will be referred to as “hateful” and be blocked on some sites.

The author of this piece is flat out telling cis persons who are not attracted to trans persons (and hence “super straight” or “super gay”) to stop identifying as such:

(Link): People should stop identifying as ‘super-straight’   by Anna Benishek, via “Echo” site

Benishek actually states this without irony in her essay:

Society has to realize that we can’t demand people to be something they’re not and let them express themselves.
—end excerpt—

And yet, you, and those like you, insist that cis hetero people be forced to date or be attracted to trans people, and if not, to keep their mouths shut.

You do the same to homosexual persons who only want to date or who only feel attracted to cis homosexuals – again, making you a huge hypocrite.

You are demanding that cis hetero sexuals either date trans persons, find trans persons attractive, or else, if they do not, never ever state their opinions and preferences openly anywhere. You are demanding that non-trans persons cannot and should not “express themselves.”

The very headline of your piece (“People should stop identifying as ‘super-straight’”) tells straight people to stop identifying as they choose to identify.


Since the far left is all about groups and group identity these days, and since they are insisting we all respect other groups, that means they are beholden to their own rules.

This means, it is perfectly OK for cis persons who aren’t attracted to trans persons to exist and to state these preferences publicly- without being bullied off the internet, and so on.

I am a grown woman. I will identify however I choose to identify.

Leave it to Leftists and Liberals to say they are opposed to sexism, and that they support choice and women having agency, but then they turn around, and infantilize adult women by telling them how they may or may not identify themselves, and who they may or may not date or be attracted to, and who they may or may not disclose their opinions to.

I don’t know who is more oppressive and sexually repressive at this point: the far right / Taliban / Christian gender complementarians, or the far left / Neo liberals / Trans Right Activists.

At this point, I cannot tell any of these groups apart – they all want adult women to sit down, shut up, and tell them how to identify and live their lives.

(And both groups sometimes do this to biological men as well.)

I’ve had enough of both sides – but at least the far right crack pots aren’t insisting that all dissenting opinions be silenced, or that dissenters be “cancelled.”

It’s absolutely hypocritical how leftists pick and choose which groups get protected and others don’t.

Historical discrimination of one group, whether real or perceived, does not give that group any moral grounds or justification to then begin discriminating or censoring against other groups, which is (Link): exactly what is playing out now (which includes the (Link): Left and neo-Liberals scapegoating and demonizing white women, and referring to all white women as “Karen”).

Leftists are seeking to up-turn the pyramid to make the former victims or oppressed the new oppressors, which is sick and warped.

So now we have trans groups and their “allies” trying to bully and silence cis women – and cis women have actually been on the receiving end of sexism by all men of all groups, skin colors, and of many religions, but that doesn’t matter to the identity politics crowd, because Trans are their new favored pet group.

I am hoping that when most of Covid blows over and people are allowed to get out of the house more often, and go back to jobs, that a lot of this current insanity will dissipate.

I have seriously wondered, in the last few months, that since the Coronavirus is keeping so many people in-doors and online for so long, that perhaps that is in part what is driving this new leftist intolerance and blood lust for silencing and killing all dissent.

These leftists may have too much spare time on their hands. Many are probably living their lives mostly online and seldom meet with others face to face.

At any rate, it’s not okay or consistent to simultaneously tell people it’s acceptable for them to take pride in their identity and life choices….
but then turn around and also tell them to shut up about it if they do, which is what pro-Trans groups and allies are now doing towards cis heterosexuals and cis homosexuals.

It’s a huge, gaping double standard that anyone without a pro-Trans agenda to defend and promote can see quite clearly.

Off Site Links:

(Link): Furious LGBT Activists Get Checkmated by TikTok Users With a New Hilarious Sexuality Type

by Brandon Morse

…Anyone from the trans community who says that “Super Straight” can’t be a legitimate sexuality has their own argument thrown back in their face that the Super Straights just want to be accepted for who they are and not be ridiculed for being a sexuality that they can’t help.

It’s a loss by the LGBT activist community and it’s part of the reason they’re so angry about it. For decades, we’ve been told by the LGBT activist community that we’re all homophobic or transphobic because the world hasn’t been accepting of their sexuality, but now the tables have turned and the lack of acceptance now sits with them.

As a member of the Super Straight community, I couldn’t be more proud of my sexuality.

Super Straight pride.
— end excerpts—

(Link): ‘Super Straight’: The Next Great Civil Rights Cause?

by Scott McKay

In 2021, it’s revolutionary — and cancel-worthy — to say you only date people who are biological members of the opposite sex.

Those of you familiar with the “Super Straight” designation might object to the headline of this piece, owing to the fact that the whole thing began more or less as a joke.

And you’re correct, of course. It is a joke. But it’s a joke afloat on a sea of jokes, and one with the special benefit of actually being funny.

For those of you who don’t know what “Super Straight” means, it’s a stroke of brilliance presented by a young man named Kyle Royce who recorded a TikTok video last month announcing a new sexual orientation. Royce proclaimed himself Super Straight — meaning that he’s a straight man interested solely in romantic relationships with biological women.

True, this is not a particularly avant-garde notion. But in the almost comically idiotic cultural reality in which Americans are now forced to reside, it’s nonetheless revolutionary.

And naturally, people shoot revolutionaries. Royce had to take down his TikTok video after a few days and hundreds of thousands of viral views because he was getting literal death threats.

No matter. The video was re-uploaded to YouTube, and it sparked an avalanche of discussion about whether it’s appropriate for people to proclaim themselves as Super Straight.

…Reddit even shut down a forum for the Super Straight, calling it “hate speech.”

 There are trans activists and others among the Left’s cultural gestapo doing everything they can to accuse people calling themselves Super Straight of being transphobic (as though that is a real thing) and bigoted, and even proclaiming a desire to murder anyone who identifies as Super Straight.

It would be hilarious — no, it is hilarious for all kinds of reasons — if it weren’t so utterly bizarre.

…It’s the Left’s cultural gestapo that created the Big Bang of gender theory, carving out sexual identities for every manner of kink and erstwhile perversion, giving them names, and demanding the rest of the world afford civil rights protections and other forms of respect to them.

And yet when those upon whom all of civilization depends for the propagation of the species latch on to Kyle Royce’s perfectly understandable notion that normal sexuality is also a sexual orientation, what happens?

“No. You can’t have it. It’s exclusionary.”

Even if we were born this way?

Not to dwell upon the obvious, but these are not very logical or fair-minded people.

…This coalition acknowledges that before the Left’s cultural gestapo routed traditional Christians out of the bedroom and took over as the arbiters of sex and romance, it was commonly understood that a man thinking he is a woman suffers from the same kind of delusion as a man thinking he is Napoleon, and what that man needs is psychiatric help rather than the entire world indulging his fantasy.
—- end excerpts —-

Read the rest of that editorial (Link): here

(Link): People are starting to use Lefties’ nonsensical language against them and it’s absolutely beautiful: Meet #SuperStraight and #BlueAnon

…But with their destruction of meaning, the Left’s ideology that language (and reality) can be molded in whatever form you fancy is starting to backfire on them.

It turns out, when you say nothing is true, even your own statement becomes false.

And so, after years of waiting, the Right has begun to parody the Left by playing their own stupid game. This led to the creation of two terms this week that began trending: “Superstraight” and “Blue Anon.”
The term “Superstraight” developed out of the increasing insistence that men must date trans women – which is a way of saying that biological men must date biological men who identify as a women – or else they are transphobic (I’m dead serious).

As a man, I am apparently hateful if I don’t want to date, marry, and be intimate with another biological male. The argument is that men should want to date both biological women and biological-men-identifying-as-women because the two are one and the same!

In response, a bunch of people started identifying as “superstraight,” or a person who is only attracted to those biologically born and still identifying as the opposite sex from their own biological sex, period. They even invented their own “LGBT” flag and colors [see graphic above in this post]

….The Wokies were immediately infuriated.

“You can’t just make up your own sexual and gender ideology!” they cried.

And of course, that lasted all of five milliseconds before their worldview imploded on itself. [See series of embedded tweets and graphics on their page to see what they mean.]

….The great thing is that you can add “super” to anything.

Don’t like the hierarchies of Marxist oppression in intersectionality?

-Try super-intersectionality, where you respect everyone at the smallest identity group: the individual!
-Are people telling you to be antiracist? Then say you identify as super-antiracist, where you believe all ethnic groups are equally capable of racism, and it’s all bad!

The other term that broke through the cultural barrier was “Blue Anon,” playing on the Left’s habit of classifying anything they think is a conspiracy under the banner of “QAnon.”
—-end excerpts—

(Link): Super Straight Gang on IG

(Link):  The Super Straight Movement Has The Trans Community FURIOUS (hosted by a Transwoman (biological man who identifies as a woman). (video on you tube; 12 minutes long)  -this transwoman makes a lot of sense

(Link): Rage Inducing Super Straight HILARIOUSLY Outs Woke Hypocrites & Causes SJW Rage! Twitter Meltdown! (you tube video)

(Link): Super Straight Movement Exposes The Hypocrisy of LGBTQ+ (you tube video)

This trans person also makes a lot of sense:

(Link): “Super Straight” is not transphobic- a Transgender’s response to Jammidodger (you tube video; about 15 minutes long)

(Link): Super Straight Woman Vanessa sings “Pronouns Are Rohypnol” song! (video on you tube)

(Link): The Super Straight Movement BREAKS the Internet, #SuperStraight​ Causes EPIC Butthurt on the Left (video on you tube) 

Matt Walsh can be a tool at times on some issues, but he’s correct on this one…

(Link): Matt Walsh on “Super Straights” (you tube video)

this post has been edited several times to clarify comments or add more links

I am not necessarily in agreement with all views on all topics expressed at sites or You Tube channels I link to in my posts

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