Evangelical CEO Dave Ramsey’s Company Fired Employees Who Had Premarital Sex by Leonardo Blair

Evangelical CEO Dave Ramsey’s Company Fired Employees Who Had Premarital Sex by Leonardo Blair

I wonder if, knowing this employer’s policy, if an unmarried woman gets pregnant while working at Ramsey’s place, if she feels trapped – doesn’t want to get fired – would she run out and get an abortion?

If a woman working for Dave Ramsey’s Solutions feels desperate enough, afraid she can’t pay her bills if she were to get fired, she may be tempted to get an abortion – thus hiding a pregnancy, and Ramsey’s company would never know, assuming she’s paying for it out of pocket and takes a personal day off. She would therefore avoid being fired.

Is that really what Ramsey and other, similar Christian employers want (assuming they’re pro-life)?

(Link): Dave Ramsey’s company fires employees over premarital sex, court documents say – NBC News

Ramsey Solutions said it did not fire an employee for being pregnant, but for having premarital sex. She disagrees. 

(Link): Evangelical CEO Dave Ramsey’s Company Fired Employees Who Had Premarital Sex  

by Leonardo Blair

Months after a former employee alleged in a lawsuit that she was fired by evangelical CEO Dave Ramsey’s Ramsey Solutions after becoming pregnant, the company’s lawyers responded in a recent court filing that she was fired for having premarital sex and so were multiple others.

The company also expects its employees to live by Judeo-Christian principles and submit to its “righteous living” policy.

In a recent motion to dismiss the case, cited Monday by (Link): The Tennessean, the company’s lawyers say former administrative assistant Caitlin O’Connor was terminated last June because she isn’t legally married to the father of her child.

They argue that at least 12 other employees have been disciplined for having sex before marriage in recent years. The others were either terminated or resigned before they could be fired, court documents show.

….The company said at least two employees were fired for having extramarital sex. Additionally, every employee who engaged in premarital sex was also terminated.

…The company’s code of conduct also incorporates a “righteous living” policy, which prohibits premarital sex.

…Jennifer Bennett Shinall, a Vanderbilt University law school professor who focuses on discrimination, including the areas of gender and pregnancy, raised concern with the Tennessean about how Ramsey Solutions manages to investigate the sex lives employees in a way that isn’t biased against women. She argues that since women have the ability to get pregnant, they can’t hide their sex lives as easily as men. 

(Link): Evangelical radio star Dave Ramsey’s company says it fires employees if they have premarital sex

(Link): Financial guru Dave Ramsey fires people for premarital sex, and pregnancy

And this is how this news story is being viewed by atheists at the “Friendly Atheist” site (well, the headline alone probably gives it away!):

(Link): Christian Boss-from-Hell Dave Ramsey Will Fire You for Having Pre-Marital Sex


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