NYC Singles Ready for “Slutty Summer” of Casual Sex as COVID Vaccinations Rise

NYC Singles Ready for “Slutty Summer”of Casual Sex as COVID Vaccinations Rise

Why must so many people sexualize everything?

(Link): NYC Singles Re

ady for “Slutty Summer” of Casual Sex as COVID Vaccinations Rise

…Some have dubbed it “slutty summer” or “the whoring ’20s.” Others have proclaimed that we’re in for a “Shot Girl Summer,” inspired by the viral Megan Thee Stallion song “Hot Girl Summer.”

No matter what you call it, 1967’s Summer of Love isn’t going to have anything on 2021.

With all New Yorkers over 16 eligible to be vaccinated and bars and restaurants opening, city dwellers have one thing planned for this summer: getting it on.

“This summer is about having lots of sex,” Serena Kerrigan, who runs the Instagram dating show “Let’s F – – king Date,” told The Post. “Everyone’s getting vaccinated, everyone’s horny, everyone’s sick of virtual [dating].”

After more than a year of crafting carefully worded messages on Hinge and Tinder, old-fashioned, in-person “spontaneous” meets will be preferred, the 27-year-old said.

The ability to meet someone at a bar or on the subway had “been virtually extinguished, and that’s going to be coming back,” she said. “Everyone has something in common now. ‘How excited are you that the pandemic’s over?’ can literally be your opening line.”

Sexual releases are historically the norm after pandemics, said Nicholas Christakis, a sociologist, physician and Yale professor.

“Typically, if you look at centuries of plagues, there’s a party at the end,” he told The Post. “When the epidemics of the bubonic plague ended, there was dancing in the streets.”

The whole article (I skimmed a lot of it) is so barf.


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