The Mark Gungor and Sheila Gregoire Dust Up, vis a vis SSB Blog – I’ve blogged about Gungor for Years

The Mark Gungor and Sheila Gregoire Dust Up, vis a vis SSB Blog – I’ve blogged about Gungor for Years

Back when I was still on Twitter, I had to un-Follow Gregorie, because she sometimes “likes” anti-Republican type comments, which I got tired of seeing after months – her anti-conservative etc tweets that she “liked” would appear in my feed. I got tired of seeing them (I’m a conservative). 

I’ve blogged about Gungor before, going back years, on this blog. Here are some of my posts about the guy:

(Link): Kind of Bad Analogy by Christian Marriage Guru Mark Gungor

(Link): The Right One – Do Unmarried Christians Only Need Jesus in Common to Marry ?

(Link): Mark Gungor on Sexuality and Singles on Jan. 2013 TBN Guest Appearance

Gungor, as I’ve noted before on older posts at this blog (going back years) is a Christian marital advice person. He used to host marriage advice television shows on Christian network TBN.

And most of what I saw of his work had Gungor trading in secular, sexist stereotypes about women, and also promoting gendered stereotypes about men.

It passes as a part of his comedy routine in his shows or guest appearances on TBN over the years. This is nothing new to me.

Mark Gungor, according to Julie Anne at the Spiritual Sounding Board blog (link to that post), got into a Twitter spat with Sheila Gregoire.

While I’m not a supporter of Gregoire’s political views, I do think much of what she blogs or tweets about marriage, sex, and dating is good. 

If you’d like to read more about the Gungor-Gregoire spat, please visit the SSB link here:

(Link): To Mark Gungor: There is Nothing Inspiring about using “Humor” to Publicly Degrade Women; and Please Do Better on Sex Abuse Cases

Here are a few excerpts from that blog post to give you an idea:

 …Mark Gungor doesn’t get to hide behind his comedy act anymore because his social media interactions are displaying his true colors. He is behaving like a bully, and a bully has no place behind a pulpit, PERIOD.

….There should be no place in Christian evangelicalism for Mark Gungor’s behavior which devalues, disrespects, and demoralizes women. 

Julie Anne then goes on to detail how sexual abuse allegations by a young lady at Gungor’s church were terribly mis-handled by Gungor.

Gungor, in typical, male evangelical fashion, acted very dismissive of the young woman’s story.

You can (Link): click here to read the entirety of the post at Spiritual Sounding Board blog.

I have known for years that Gungor gives eye-rolling, sexist stereotyped marital and dating advice, but new to me was that he is insensitive and incompetent at dealing with sexual abuse among his church members.

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One thought on “The Mark Gungor and Sheila Gregoire Dust Up, vis a vis SSB Blog – I’ve blogged about Gungor for Years”

  1. My wife of 23 years was coached by Mark Gungor to divorce me although I was in the middle of a manic episode. He flew her to Wisconsin from our home in Maine several times while I was getting prescribed new medication and introduced her to a very powerful and wealthy older man that ironically lost his wife of over 40 years just months earlier. I am now doing very good on new meds and I am willing to work on my marriage, if I was physically sick would my wife not be counseled that she could not break our marriage vows? Is a mental illness any different?

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