Covid Singles Are Supposedly Lonely and Miserable. But Some Of Us Are Thriving Instead, by B. DePaulo

Covid Singles Are Supposedly Lonely and Miserable. But Some Of Us Are Thriving Instead, by B. DePaulo

(Link): Covid Singles Are Supposedly Lonely and Miserable. But Some Of us Are Thriving Instead, by B. DePaulo


I’m single. I always have been. I also live alone. Because of the pandemic, I have not stepped foot in a restaurant or even a grocery store for nearly a year.

Apparently, I am supposed to be suffering. At the (Link): Washington Post, a story about the consequences of being “cooped up with our families for nearly a year” paraphrased an economist reassuring families that “the steepest consequences … will fall on the folks who are stuck at home alone.”

…I fully acknowledge that for some single people, the pandemic has been a miserable experience (as it also has for many couples and families).

But I am not one of them.

Sure, I miss meeting my friends at restaurants and movie theaters and meandering through crowded farmers markets, and I would love to go get my own damned groceries. I have also lost a substantial chunk of income.

But in other ways, I am doing fine, and nothing about the pandemic, not even after all this time, has made me yearn to be coupled or to even live with other humans.

This story isn’t just about me. I’m part of a category of single people I call “single at heart.” We didn’t end up single by default; we choose to be. Single life is our most authentic, meaningful and fulfilling life.

…Our comfort with our single lives helps explain why we are surviving and even thriving during the pandemic.

…Perhaps because we greatly value our solitude, some of us who are single at heart have attended lovingly to our homes. We don’t feel “stuck at home alone.” Our homes are our sanctuaries, not prisons.

…But being single at heart means not feeling troubled by the difficulties of finding a date or a mate; we are simply not interested in putting a romantic partner at the center of our lives. We don’t buy into the typical valuing of romantic relationships above all others.

You can read the entire article (Link): here 


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