Married Father, Who Works As Church Worship Director, Solicited Nude Photos from Teen Boy

Married Father, Who Works As Church Worship Director, Solicited Nude Photos from Teen Boy

The article mentions that this guy is a “married father.”

My obligatory reminder, to rebut the oft-repeated pro-marriage, pro-Nuclear Family propaganda spread by secular and Christian conservatives: marriage, parenthood, and the nuclear family are not “fix alls” for culture, nor does being a parent, a spouse, or being in a nuclear family bestow character, ethics, compassion, or maturity in a person.

I have so (Link): many examples on this blog; this is yet another one.

(Link):  Menlo Church reveals fired worship director solicited nude photos from teenager


by Leonardo Blair, April 26, 2021

One month after announcing the firing of Mountain View campus worship director Michael Bryce Jr. for “inappropriate behavior online” years ago, Menlo Church in California has confirmed that behavior was the solicitation of nude photos from a teenager.

In a recent update to the congregation on Bryce’s March 19 firing, the church’s transitional Pastor John Crosby and elder board chair David Kim said they could share further details on the circumstances surrounding Bryce’s firing because the police investigation has been completed. No criminal charges were filed.

The church leaders explained that they were contacted by a young adult male in mid-March who “alleged that Michael Bryce, Jr. repeatedly solicited nude photos from him online.”

….While Bryce, a married father, will not rejoin the church on staff, the leaders further explained that it has been difficult for some of their congregants to process the claims made against him.

…Even though no claims have come from Menlo Church members about Bryce, Crosby and Kim said a forensic specialist will examine his work computer.

…Last July, John Ortberg, Menlo Church’s then-lead pastor, resigned over how he managed his son’s access to children in the church even after learning of his son’s sexual attraction to minors [(Link): Pastor John Ortberg resigns from Menlo Church for allowing son attracted to minors to work with kids].

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