Why Are Young Men So Afraid of Sex? by Zoe Stimpel

Why Are Young Men So Afraid of Sex? by Zoe Stimpel

(Link): Why Are Young Men So Afraid of Sex? by Zoe Stimpel – American Spectator site – partial copy here


… [After having been single again for two years (unclear if due to divorce or breakup with a boyfriend), the author of this piece decided to try various dating sites and apps and to date men ages 20 – 25; she was 38 at the time. She discusses how her conversations with these younger men start out and then end.]

…In these conversations [with younger men on dating apps], messages veer from requests for info on what you did on the weekend to requests for your life story.

Without the prospect of a drink, the conversation then dies. Or they hang forever in the ether.

On Christmas Day, no fewer than eight twentysomething men got in touch, most of them men I had met on dating apps. I’d only met three.

The rest had been kicking around in my DMs, as they say, for up to a year and seemed suddenly keen for a chat.

The third path is sexting. This is the most depressing, and fast becoming the most uncontrollable and ubiquitous, aspect of dating young men.

In the last few months, six promising connections with men under 30 — all of them well-educated and seemingly polite — degenerated quickly (before meetings that never took place), first into references to sex, then to requests for information on what I ‘like’, and then to an unstoppable slew of messages about what they’d like to do to me, what they’d like me to do to them, the current status of their body parts, and then incessant voicenotes, body-part pictures and requests for pictures of me.

It is inane, tiring and completely pointless.

Sexting has taken the place of sex. This may be because sex itself has become such a vexed operation, even for 24-year-olds.

They have hang-ups to do with ‘boundaries’, dolefully explained but hard to understand.

They make confessions about their porn-induced dysfunction, and why they crumble when condoms come into the equation.

…The reality is that what young men really want these days is not action, but talk; not sex, but smut.

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