Parents Want To “Collect” Off Of Their Child’s Wedding – She Says No And Family Drama Ensues

Parents Want To “Collect” Off Of Their Child’s Wedding – She Says No And Family Drama Ensues

(Link): Parents Want To “Collect” Off Of Their Child’s Wedding – She Says No And Family Drama Ensues


by Jonas Grinevičius and Austėja Akavickaitė

…A redditor shared how their parents were planning to use their wedding as a way to make bank.

See, they were planning to force their child to invite all of their distant relations and acquaintances so that everybody brings money as a gift.

That, in their parents’ opinion, is their way of getting back all the cash that they gave out at other people’s weddings, graduation parties, and other important events.

Naturally, the redditor confronted their parents when they realized that they have zero control over their own wedding.

Scroll down and have a read through the whole story below. But be warned, you might just want to gasp and say, “They did not just say that” a few times.

Anna and Sarah from The Wedding Society gave Bored Panda some insights into how couples can diplomatically restrict guest lists and how nobody should be focusing on turning weddings into tacky business transactions. “Please remember that you don’t have to ever explain yourself to anyone. It’s your day and your choice,” they said that the happy couple should feel empowered instead of feeling that they have no control.

A bride-to-be confronted her parents who wanted to take control of the guest list and were hoping for lots and lots of cash gifts

[From the Bride to Be’s post on Reddit]

AITA for telling my parents they’re not going to be collecting off my wedding?

By collecting I mean… every wedding, communion, confirmation, and graduation party where they had to give a gift they’ve been tallying over the years. They think that everyone “owes” them for the money they’ve shelled out and that they’ll get their return when I have my own wedding.
— end Bride to Be’s post —

“There are a hundred reasons why you might have to restrict numbers and none of them are anyone else’s business,” Anna and Sarah from The Wedding Society told Bored Panda.

“Simply saying, ‘As much as we’d love to have all our loved ones be with us on the day, our numbers are restricted so we hope to celebrate with those who can’t be there at another time,’” they shared how to nip the problem of growing guests lists in the bud with finesse.

According to Anna and Sarah, cash gifts are turning wedding days into business transactions. Naturally, this shouldn’t be the case! “We really need to change the focus and intention around wedding celebrations in our culture. Your wedding is about you and the person you are marrying, nothing else. Don’t base your guest list on what you’ll get from them—it’s just tacky and wrong,” they said.

You can read more of that page (Link): here, should you choose

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