Transgender Regret Is So Prevalent That Even the Mainstream Media Is Recognizing It Now

Transgender Regret Is So Prevalent That Even the Mainstream Media Is Recognizing It Now

(Link): Transgender Regret Is So Prevalent That Even the Mainstream Media Is Recognizing It Now


By Brandon More
May 24, 2021

One thing that has always haunted the transgender trend is the regret that many feel after they’ve had transitional surgeries or hormone treatments done to them.

Mainstream media sources were more or less terrified of discussing it, and even universities were afraid of looking into it out of fear of backlash from the LGBT community.

All the way back in 2018, (Link): I wrote how Bath Spa University originally approved psychotherapist James Caspian’s request for de-transitioning research after thousands who underwent some form of transition surgery began showing up to surgeons for reversals. Surgeons noticed that those who came in to receive their de-transition surgeries were younger and younger, going from 45 to 21 years of age.

The problem has gotten large enough that there was a (Link):  “#DeTransAwarenessDay” on Twitter that featured stories of regret and warning from those who went through irreversible surgeries and are plagued by decisions they can’t take back.

While the LGBT activist community wasn’t allowing for this talk to even happen, the problem has now grown so large that it’s become unignorable. In fact, it’s become so loud that even 60 Minutes ran a segment on it.

Within the segment, you’re given an interesting look into how quickly transition surgeries happen. Reports that people feeling a sense of gender dysphoria, stemming from depression, aren’t really looked into by doctors or therapists. They’re simply asked to sign a consent form, and then treatment begins.

Read the rest (Link): here

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