‘IT’S LIKE LEAVING THE CULT’ – Former employee suing Dave Ramsey speaks out for the first time, by J. Finley

‘IT’S LIKE LEAVING THE CULT’ – Former employee suing Dave Ramsey speaks out for the first time, by J. Finley

This is an update to my previous post about this situation.

(Link): ‘IT’S LIKE LEAVING THE CULT’ – Former employee suing Dave Ramsey speaks out for the first time


In her first interview since filing a federal lawsuit against the company of financial guru Dave Ramsey, Caitlin O’Conner described the company as a cult and said employees fear to make missteps in their personal lives for fear it will be reported to their work superiors.

O’Connor filed the federal lawsuit after she said she was fired for having premarital sex and becoming pregnant.

…That story featured audio of Ramsey speaking to staff, mocking employees who engage in premarital sex.

“’I didn’t agree with the righteous living core value.’ Well, why did you come, stupid?” Ramsey said in the recording.

“He’s going to go on stage in front of 900 of my team members and call me stupid. That’s grossly inappropriate,” O’Connor said. “That was really the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.”

O’Connor, a four-year employee of the company who worked as an administrative assistant for the company’s technology leaders, said she remembers the day a male colleague received a warning from a superior.

…But O’Connor said it was never stipulated that premarital sex was cause for termination.

…“Were you afraid when you found out that you were pregnant that you were going to lose your job?” News4 Investigates asked.

“Yeah, I was terrified,” O’Connor replied.

The federal lawsuit states that as soon as she emailed human resources to alert them to her pregnancy, a high-ranking superior in the company responded to that email in a way that astonished her.

“His exact words were classless,” she said.

…In the lawsuit, O’Connor claims the company almost immediately terminated her insurance.

“It’s like leaving the cult,” O’Connor said.

…O’Connor is suing, claiming federal law forbids discrimination based on pregnancy.

“I knew that I would be taking on these bullies,” O’Connor said. “That was terrifying, I mean, it’s terrifying right now.”

Our repeated attempts to reach Ramsey or anyone from his company have been unsuccessful.

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