Men, This Woke Lady Wants You to know You’re “Fatphobic” If You Refuse To Go Out With Her – by NTB Staff

 Men, This Woke Lady Wants You to know You’re “Fatphobic” If You Refuse To Go Out With Her – by NTB Staff

I’m a thin lady who doesn’t want to date overweight men. So I don’t blame thin men who don’t want to date overweight ladies.

But god knows that secular culture and gender complementarians keep brainwashing women that we ladies should not look at a man’s earning potential, they assume we ladies have no libido (but many of us do), and they also assume we don’t notice what men look like – so they tell us to judge a man by his inner, spiritual qualities (see this post for more of what I mean about that). Oh barf! 

Contrary to what the liberal lady in the video below says, “Preference” can also include physical appearance.

I’m a thin person who is not attracted to large (i.e., obese) men, bald men, or blond men. (I also don’t like arrogant, stupid, selfish, or crass men – those being non-physical traits, of course.)

So… when I’m looking for a guy to date, I lean towards guys who are not overweight, bald, blonde, arrogant, etc.

And that is my right as an adult. I don’t allow other people to shame me, pressure me, or guilt trip me out of my boundaries and choices.

(Christians tried that on me for years! They shamed and guilt tripped me out of my choices or from having boundaries, but used the Christian faith, Christian gender complementarianism, or the Bible as rationales.)

Slapping labels on this won’t deter me, either. For example, if you want to call me a -phobe or -ist because I don’t want to date fat guys (fatphobic) or won’t date arrogant guys (arrogantist), I don’t care. That is not going to shame me into changing my dating preferences.

I work to keep my weight down. I run five times a week, and I also go on a lot of walks, bike rides, and I keep my caloric intake to 1200 calories per day, six days a week.

I don’t let my weight get out of control… and then get angry when most men would not be attracted to me.

(My one caveat here, in regards to this topic: the hypocrites.
I frequently see young and dumpy, or old and dumpy, men who have a case of the Uglies (or some are too skinny, some are too fat or just way ugly),
and yet, they always feel entitled to thin, tiny waisted, very pretty women who look like they fell out of a “Victoria’s Secret” catalog
– or you see balding, fat men with big beer guts who are 55 years old who feel entitled to 21 year old women who look like fashion models.)

I used to be fairly lenient and forgiving about dating someone with differing political views to my own (I wasn’t super picky on my dating profile filling out the “who do you want to be matched with” section under “politics”)….

But after seeing this woman’s incredibly obnoxious TikTok video/post, where she says single people not wanting to date the obese is “fatphobic” and “marginalization” – I now realize I would never, ever want to date a far left / SJW / identity politics / BLM supporter type of person(*). Never.

*(I am assuming this is where her politics reside. I’d be very surprised to learn that she claims to be a conservative or a Republican).

Her political views and grand sense of entitlement are ten times more odious than her physical appearance.

What kind of men is this yellow-bloused lady trying to attract? (Note: I am assuming she is hetero and is seeking to date men.)

Is she shooting after the super buff, young, hot, studly guys who look like they walked off a Marlboro advertisement?

Or is she trying to hit up dudes in her size range?

If she’s aiming for “Mr. Trim and Buff and Sexy,” most of those guys can get the Barbie dolls.

(But again, my caveat: some of the obese men feel entitled to size two girlfriends, so they will “blow off” any woman of comparable weight or comparable attractiveness…)

But regardless, if this woman thinks her weight is limiting the amount of men who show interest in her in real life or on dating sites, she can fix it, as can most people who have weight problems, i.e., she can lose weight.

She can always learn to enjoy living life solo, which is what I’ve done.

Marriage didn’t happen to me (though I’m not obese).  I just made peace with being single and moved on in life.

She can learn to accept being single and learn to enjoy other aspects of life. Not everything in life revolves around dating, kissing, or candle-lit, romantic dinners.

Even women who do end up getting married sometimes find out that the man they married is (Link): selfish, an abusive jerk, or (Link): a child rapist.

So being single really isn’t always so bad. I’d rather be single than married to a jerk, an abuser, or a child molester.

(Link): Men, This Woke Lady Wants You to know You’re “Fatphobic” If You Refuse To Go Out With Her

by NTB staff

Men, you will be attracted to this woman OR ELSE:

(Tweet by @PetiteNicoco with embedded video of a fat lady telling men if they don’t want to date her they are fat phobic)

I’m not here to shame anyone in the physical fitness department, but I’m not the one demanding everyone declare their undying love for my dad bod, either.

…Wokies like her will never leave us alone.
I couldn’t care less whether you want to marry someone with washboard abs or if you find some extra real estate attractive.

The woke, however, will tell you that you are evil unless you use their preferred language, profess belief in all their creeds, and love them without question!

Gotta love how she tries to compare being overweight with being black tho! 😆 So desperate to feel persecuted!
—- end excerpts —–

Liberals, the woke, the far Leftists, need to stop preaching to others who they think others date or “should” be dating, regarding things like personal preferences concerning physical appearance.

They’re not just opining, or offering thoughts, suggestions, and advice or trying to reason with people – they are flat out preaching about it. They’re trying to shame and guilt trip people over this. Who someone chooses to date is not a dogma, or should not be one.

I’ve been thinking about doing a post about liberals and their extreme, one could say, pathetic, and sad, constant need for validation from others:
I am seeing this especially in regards to Transgenderism lately.

It’s as though all the neo-liberals under the age of 40 DEMAND that everyone in society validate them, all their choices, and everything about them – and that is not a realistic life goal. But I may save that for a future post.

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