BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

The horrific, obnoxious, horribly sexist and insensitive views towards white women rape victims, as reported further below, is a product of Identity Politics, Critical Social Theory (including CRT, Critical Race Theory), and supporting and advocating concepts such as “white privilege,” and “Intersectional Feminism,” and constantly demonizing white women.

Long before I had ever heard of the neo-Marxist Critical Social Theories (such as CRT), I was seeing, years ago, what seemed to be far left liberals placing people into groups and assign stations to them, so that white people were at the very bottom ladder of concern, with black people and transgender people being at the top. I did a (Link): blog post about that.

I also became alarmed at the acceptance, in American culture, of leftists bashing, attacking, and harassing white women for being white – this was something that started around the year 2020.

This started with culture dubbing any woman who refuses to be a docile doormat with the name “Karen,” and escalated last year to some black people harassing white women, following those women home, verbally antagonizing them, all the while filming these incidents on cell phones, hoping to shame these women.

One example that comes to mind of that is (Link): Karlos Dillard, a black man who harassed a white woman.

See also:
(Link): ‘White man been profiting for years:’ [Black] Seattle man who filmed himself accusing sobbing [white] woman who said she had ‘a black husband’ of calling him the n-word defends selling T-shirts from it

(Link): Gay Black man behind viral “Karen” [white lady] video has a history of filming women, accusing them of racism)

Leftists and other assorted Trump haters blamed and sneered at white women for the 2016 Trump win, something I blogged about (Link): previously.

Now, we’re at a stage where Leftists, who adhere to all this “intersectional feminism,” woke, social warrior justice, critical theories shit, are advising white women who are raped by any “person of color” not to report their rapist to the police, because to do so would be racist and a mark of white privilege (never mind that Europe also already has a (Link): huge problem of Muslim migrant men raping white Europeans girls; they are called “grooming gangs”)

(Link): Oxfam LGBT paper blames “privileged white women” for male sexual violence

An Oxfam staff training document compiled by the charity’s LGBT network has claimed mainstream feminism supports “the root causes of sexual violence”

The ‘Learning About Trans Rights and Inclusion’ document alleges that “privileged white women” support the causes of male sexual violence by wanting “bad men” fired or imprisoned, legitimising criminal punishment which the authors imply leads to sexual violence.

The Telegraph reports the four-week ‘learning journey’ as stating: “Mainstream feminism centres (on) privileged white women and demands that ”bad men” be fired or imprisoned.”

The training document, which Oxfam says does not constitute official policy, also contains a cartoon of a crying white woman, claiming her attitude “legitimises criminal punishment, harming black and other marginalised people”.

(Link): Oxfam staff training document blames ‘privileged white women’ [for being rape victims]

A lawyer today accused Oxfam of suggesting reporting rape is ‘contemptible’ after a training document said ‘privileged white women’ were supporting the ‘root causes of sexual violence’ for wanting offenders jailed because it disproportionately affects minorities.

The charity, which has been hit by a slew of sex scandals including claims that employees used teenage prostitutes in Haiti, compiled the document through its LGBT network after the group complained to bosses that the debate about women’s rights was part of a ‘patriarchal and white supremacist narrative’.

Accompanied by a cartoon of a crying white woman, the training brochure claims that mainstream feminism supports ‘the root causes of sexual violence’ by painting white women as ‘victims’ and that this in turn justifies excessive punishment for ‘black and other marginalised people’.

Naomi Cunningham, a discrimination and employment law barrister, said the training  – which uses extracts from a book written by Sussex University gender studies professor Alison Phipps – had shocking implications.

‘The message seems to be that a woman who reports a rape or sexual assault to the police and presses charges is a contemptible ”white feminist”,’  she told The Telegraph.

She added: ‘I think any woman could make an arguable case that this has created or contributed to ”an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment”, which is how the Equality Act defines harassment.’

Accompanied by a cartoon of a crying white woman, the training brochure claims that mainstream feminism supports ‘the root causes of sexual violence’ by painting white women as ‘victims’ and that this in turn justifies excessive punishment for ‘black and other marginalised people’

The charity, which has been hit by a slew of sex scandals, compiled the document through its LGBT network

….The Oxfam training manual recommends read Me Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism, a book by Alison Phipps, a professor of gender studies at Sussex University.

The academic, who previously lectured at Cambridge and Brighton, describes herself as a political sociologist ‘focusing on mainstream Western feminism, especially movements around sexual violence’.

She has been at Sussex since 2005, and was previously Chair of the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association UK and Ireland from 2009-2012.

She has since become highly critical of mainstream feminism, claiming it ‘perpetrates white supremacy’. This is due to her belief that ‘women’s safety’ is used as an excuse to harshly punish perpetrators who are people of colour or adopt harsher border restrictions.

Today Professor Phipps strenuously denied that any of her work discouraged sexual assault victims from coming forward.

She told MailOnline: ‘I can’t comment on the Oxfam training materials as I haven’t seen them, but my book is grounded in a long tradition of feminist thought and politics that sees criminal punishment as part of the problem and not the solution.

‘I would never tell a survivor of sexual violence what to do, but I would like us to have better choices than criminal punishment, media exposure, or silence.’

The four-week ‘learning journey’ states: ‘Mainstream feminism centres privileged white women and demands that ”bad men” be fired or imprisoned.’

…Oxfam has insisted the training was voluntary, and included links to ‘suggested reading to help in understanding the issues’ that did not reflect Oxfam’s views or policy.

Meanwhile, Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at Kent University, suggested that the book carried the message that the ‘colour of your skin symbolises original sin’.

The training, called Learning About Trans Rights and Inclusion, was drawn up in 2020.

It was compiled after the charity’s LGBT+ network wrote to management demanding that they publicly support trans people and claimed that debate about rights was part of a ‘patriarchal and white supremacist narrative’ used by the far right.

…In April it emerged that Oxfam was under investigation over new allegations of sexual exploitation just weeks after it was cleared to apply for government aid funds again following the Haiti scandal.

The charity suspended two aid workers last week and has commissioned an independent investigation into accusations against senior managers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), The Times reported.

…Oxfam boss who ‘paid teenage girls up to £140 a time for sex’ in Haiti
In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Oxfam sent a team of 230 to help the homeless and starving.

Within months, allegations surfaced of senior staff using prostitutes – some of whom may have been under 18.

Roland van Hauwermeiren, head of the charity’s Haiti mission, was accused of paying teenage girls between £70 and £140 a time for sex at his hilltop villa known as the Eagle’s Nest.
—- end excerpts —

There you have it – in the guise of promoting LGBT or Trans rights, these leftist supporting groups, such as OxFam (which appears to support Black Lives Matter group), are suggesting, saying,
or implying in their training material,
by way of quoting these idiot intersectional feminists, that rape against white women is fine and dandy,
especially if those rapes are committed by black men or other people of color, and that the rapists should NOT be held accountable, because holding any black or brown skinned man accountable for his grotesque sin and crime of raping a woman is “racist.”

White women, a message for you (or for any decent person, regardless of skin color or biological sex, who may be supporting “Critical Race Theory,” “Social Justice,” the Democrat Party, Intersectional Feminism, etc):

Democrats, neo-Liberals, Leftists, neo-Marxists, Black Lives Matter members, and any one else who supports these views – intersectional feminism, identity politics, and what not – they hate and despise you.

These leftist groups view you, a white woman, as an impediment to stomp on and walk all over,
when they are done using you to achieve their goals and get their needs met, when they are not busy scapegoating you and treating you with scorn and emotional and verbal abuse
because their preferred political candidate loses office – you’re already under fire from sexism from some white men (or men generally of all skin colors) and from gender complementarianism taught to you in churches (if you’re a Christian).

You don’t need yet MORE stress and demonization from leftist groups when you’re already getting standard, every day sexism from the culture and from churches. Don’t take it from the far left liberals, too.

Never sacrifice your well-being and safety for any person or group, whether for conservative Christians and their teachings, nor for leftists who are braying on and on about being “woke,” “social justice,” “white privilege” and intersectional feminism.

Don’t allow any of these people, organizations, or teachings to guilt trip you and make you feel as though you owe them, or as though you and your rights aren’t as important as them or theirs.

Years ago, I remember seeing liberal feminists scream and yell in rage about there being a “rape culture” in the United States, especially in news stories involving college frat boys or sports stars who raped women college students – but here they are, those liberal feminists, now excusing, defending the rape of white women, and they themselves are engaging in “rape culture.” It’s revolting. Absolutely revolting.


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