That’s Right! Even if a Trans Person Has Had “Bottom” Surgery, Nobody is Under Obligation to Date Him or Her (Re: Trans Cartoon)

That’s Right! Even if a Trans Person Has Had “Bottom” Surgery, Nobody is Under Obligation to Date Him or Her (Re: Trans Cartoon)

It’s just adorable and so naive how the leftists who push things like transgenderism think they can shame, insult, or guilt trip people into dating people who they don’t want to date.

Someone posted a cartoon on Twitter arguing that if someone refuses to date a Trans person who has had “bottom surgery,” that he or she is guilty of “transphobia” and is a bigot.

You can view that Tweet on Twitter (Link): here.
You can also view that cartoon further below, where I will embed a screen capture of it. 

I am a celibate, cis, never-married woman over the age of 45 and have no interest in dating cis men who are obese, bald, blonde, or red-headed, so I refuse to date cis men who are obese, bald, blonde, or red-headed.

I also refuse to follow, any further, the Christian advice I was raised with, which says I  can date only Christian men – I chucked that teaching out the window years ago. (It’s usually called “equally yoked” teaching.)

There’s all sorts of people I refuse to date or marry!

Here is just a partial list:

I also will not knowingly date lesbian women (or any woman, for that matter), gay men, bi-sexual men, pan- sexual men, intersex people,
men more than 5 years younger than myself, men over 5 years my senior, lazy men,
“mama’s boys,” (i.e., men who prioritize their mother above me),
men I consider weird, total dorks, incels, men with pornography addictions,
pedophiles, abusive men, selfish men, controlling men, arrogant men, mentally retarded men, men with dementia, self absorbed men, stupid men, bipolar men,
men with b.p.d. (borderline personality disorder),
men with schizophrenia, sociopaths, psychopaths, serial killers,
alcoholic men, drug addicted men, narcissistic men, men with d.i.d. (dissociative identity disorder), men with n.p.d (narcissism personality disorder), animal abusers, Satanists, Muslims, or leftists.

I would be highly unlikely to date a “New Atheist” (in the school of Richard Dawkins).

I’d prefer to NOT date men who have children from a previous relationship.

I am an ex-complementarian.
What that means is this:
When I was being brought up to be complementarian, I was taught many damaging things by the Baptists and other Christians who taught it, such as (but not limited to), that as a woman,
I am to be passive; I shouldn’t stand up for myself; my feelings, needs, and opinions don’t matter; and that I was to always prioritize other people’s needs and feelings before my own.

And I realized years ago complementarian teachings were toxic, they aren’t “biblical,” so I rejected complementarianism years ago.

For once in my life, I am assertive, I have boundaries, I defend myself, and I don’t put other people’s needs, preferences, feelings, or opinions before my own – and I care not what other people’s sexual orientation or preferences are, or what their political and religious views are.

So no, I will not bow to leftist ideals about anything, whether it’s whom leftists think I should be dating, or what it may be.

My complementarian mother went along with that “be meek and mild, be a doormat” complementarian garbage for years – to get her way with me, she’d usually use emotional manipulation, meaning, she’d guilt trip me or shame me into doing whatever she wanted me to do that I was reluctant to do.

So now, I see some of these “trans activists” online trying to shame, belittle, pressure, or guilt trip me into dating entire categories of people I have zero interest in dating – this is when these lunatics are not screaming threats of violence or death threats at people like me.

It won’t work on me. The name calling, insults, guilt trips – none of it will work on me.

I don’t care if you are lonely due to being single because nobody will date you because you are transgender, and you weep into your pillow nightly because of it;  that is your problem to deal with, not mine.

I am under no obligation to date anyone who I do not want to date.

I no longer tolerate emotional abuse and manipulation as was done to me by my family, and as expected of me by gender complementarians, and which I also put up with over the years from co-workers, neighbors, etc, so I sure as hell won’t do it for a bunch of faceless “trans activists” on Twitter either.

No amount of name calling will work on me.

These trans people can run around calling people like me “transphobic” and “bigoted” all they want, it’s not going to move me at all.

I don’t exist for your pleasure, to solve all your problems for  you, or to make you happy.

You have to, and need to, solve your own problems and figure out how to make yourself happy and get your needs met without expecting validation from other people, and without demanding or expecting those around you to cater to your whims and desires.

I am an adult and have a right to make choices for myself, whether or not other adults agree with or like my choices – that is certainly applicable in regards to dating, or if I marry and whom I marry (if I do marry).

It’s not the “trans community’s” place or right to dictate and lecture other adults in who they choose to date or marry.

I used to let other adults control me and run my life for many, many years, (I permitted them to make choices for me, or to ignore whatever choices I made for myself) – including Christian complementarians, co-workers, bosses, my ex, and my family – no  more!



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