Yet Another Fat Lady Video – Fat Lady Says You Must Find Fat People Attractive or Else You Are “Racist” -Are Fat People Trying to Date Skinny People?

Yet Another Fat Lady Video – Fat Lady Says You Must Find Fat People Attractive or Else You Are “Racist” -Are Fat People Trying to Date Skinny People?

So, another fat lady uploaded a video of herself saying if you don’t find fat people attractive, you are racist.

This reminds me of the man-baby, bitter, sexist Incels of today, and the regular old school, 90 pound, weakling really dorky and nerdy men from the 1990s and earlier, who cannot get dates, who feel entitled to date 21 year old beautiful, thin fashion models.

This also reminds me of the “transwomen” (some of whom even still have a penis attached) who demand that cis lesbian, or cis hetero women date them, and if those women say “No,” the men (who are “transwomen”) spend hours per day on Twitter sending death threats to these women, or ones like them.

What do all these types of people have in common? Here’s what:
Delusion, an excessive amount of entitlement, and an unwillingness to accept reality – and an inability to handle rejection well.

Are the fat women making these videos saying you MUST date fat people aiming to date skinny people? Is that who these videos are aimed at?

Are these fat women angry because they want men who look like an in-shape actor such as Chris Hemsworth (“Thor” from the MARVEL movies) or like actor Henry Cavill (who played “Superman” in the DC movies), but the guys who look like Hemsworth and Cavill aren’t interested, and this offends or hacks off the fat women making these Twitter and TikTok videos?

Henry Cavill, filming Man of Steel
Henry Cavill, filming Man of Steel

Are these fat women expecting conventionally good looking, thin or muscular men to lust after them, ask them out on dates, and maybe even eventually marry them?

(Link): ‘Fatphobia Is Rooted In Racism’: Fat Liberationist Says ‘Thinness’ Marketed As A ‘White Trait’

“Here’s your reminder that fatphobia is rooted in racism,” declared TikTok user Hannah Fuhlendorf, who describes herself as a “counselor” and “fat liberationist” in a video that has garnered almost 400,000 views on the social media platform.

(Link): Since when is ‘fat’ a race?! White Lefty uses Black women as scapegoat claiming if you ‘find fat people unattractive that’s racist’ (watch)


Don’t do this.

White lefty women need to KNOCK THIS CRAP OFF because not only does it give people another reason to resent and even target heavier people, but it exploits Black women.
Blaming racism for your chubby backside is just ri-damn-dicullous, and this editor says that as a woman who lost a good bit of weight many years ago.

Watch this nonsense (if you can stand it – Video in Tweet):

—- end excerpt —-

I guess it’s a lot easier to go on the internet and try to shame, guilt trip, or scream at people about them not wanting to date you due to your excess weight than it is to start taking control and responsibility of how many calories you eat per day and start an exercise program.

I do not find fat people attractive – if that makes me “racist,” I am fine and dandy with being “racist.”

I go on runs five days a week every week, in addition to going on long walks and bike rides on some days.

If I ever get enough disposable income, I am thinking of getting a gym membership and maybe getting a personal trainer to walk me through a weight lifting program, at least for a few weeks until I can do it on my own.

Why do I work out on a regular basis and cap my calories to 1200 per day, six days a week? For a few different reasons…

For my health. If you become overweight, you can become diabetic, you lack energy, you can also develop heart problems, and in my case in particular, carrying extra weight aggravates my bad lower back. Staying fit and active gives me more energy in the long term.

I don’t know why all these fat activists I am seeing in these Twitter or TikTok videos don’t work out regularly.

And I don’t buy the fat-acceptance’s rhetoric about “you can be fit and fat!”

If you’re weight lifting and/or doing aerobic activity but still overweight, you are, in most cases, obviously taking in an excess of calories per day and not burning off enough.

So I’m a skinny person who works hard on a weekly basis to stay skinny – which isn’t as easy the older you get – and these “you must find fat people sexy and date them” advocates think I should date people who are too lazy to spend time working out weekly, and who lack the self discipline to not drink soda all day and eat an entire pizza in one sitting?

That’s not fair to me. I’m putting in the effort and hard work, and I expect to date people of comparable physical appearance.

Even if your extra weight is due to some kind of medical condition you cannot help having, sorry, no, I still don’t find you attractive, nor am I obligated to date you.

If you’re a heavy person and your dating goal in life is to chase ONLY after thin and/or conventionally attractive people, it’s time to get realistic and date people who are of similar attractiveness to yourself.

If the blue haired, fat lady in this video is fantasizing about a thin, in-shape Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, or Henry Cavill asking her out on a date, she needs to bring that fantasy down several notches and consider dating someone more in her league, say, for example, a tubby Josh Gad type of guy.

Or actor Jonah Hill, when he was tubby. Gross Guy

The blue haired, large lady in the TikTok video needs to be dating the guy in this post.

If a skinny person wants to date or marry a fat person, okay then. I don’t care.

But… I don’t think the majority of thin people do find obesity appealing, so they are not likely to date or marry an obese person.

Accept reality instead of expecting reality to bend to you.

If the blue haired fat lady made this video because she wants a Henry Cavil caliber type dude to date her, she needs to instead, set her sights on a blue haired, fat man.

I don’t know what else could be driving these overweight people to keep making these social media videos trying to shame or guilt trip other people into finding them attractive, unless they are expecting and demanding that thin and conventionally attractive people date them.


(Link):   Men, This Woke Lady Wants You to know You’re “Fatphobic” If You Refuse To Go Out With Her – by NTB Staff

(Link): Model with “Supersized Booty” Can’t Find Love Because Men Are ‘Afraid’ of Her Butt by Andrew Court

(Link): Children ‘Who Identify As Gay, Bisexual or Transgender Are 64% MORE Likely To Be Obese’

(Link): Portly pastors make up more than a third of American clergy

(Link): BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

(Link): That’s Right! Even if a Trans Person Has Had “Bottom” Surgery, Nobody is Under Obligation to Date Him or Her (Re: Trans Cartoon)

(Link): The Obese, Overly Hairy ‘Erotic Eater’ Guy Should Be The Final Nail in the Coffin of Sexist Complementarian Teachings that Looks Matter Only To Men & That Women Are Oblivious To, or Don’t Care About, What Men Look Like


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2 thoughts on “Yet Another Fat Lady Video – Fat Lady Says You Must Find Fat People Attractive or Else You Are “Racist” -Are Fat People Trying to Date Skinny People?”

  1. This is a long video but check the 38:00-39:00 for what seems to be tying guilt for finding beauty and attractiveness:

    Is “Dr.” Kent kidding (Not on Leviathan and the age of the Earth which I’ll stay away from here!)! From the looks of how things are, Old doesn’t ugly or unsightly! Has he seen HM the Queen (My condolances for her late, amazing and supportive hubb Prince Philip!)

    1. I started watching around the .36 mark and watched until he was done talking about the young men he used to know, and how he wanted to take them to a nursing home to look at the older ladies there.

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to date or marry a person you consider physically attractive (I know if I get married, my preference is for someone I consider AT LEAST “average looking”).

      However… there are some people who are way, way too picky and/or unrealistic about physical beauty – usually it’s with the men. I marvel at the dorky, unattractive younger men, who are built like bean poles and wear thick eye glasses, or the tubby, balding 55 year old men, who never the less feel they “deserve” to date or marry a curvy, thin, beautiful 24 year old.

      Those types of people, IMO, need to lower their standards and get realistic.

      As for me… if I meet a guy who isn’t 100% “my type” physically – if he’s just “so-so” looking, I’d consider dating him so long as he brings some other great quality or two to the table (eg., the guy treats me well, has a great sense of humor, etc).

      I do think the fat women posting these videos trying to shame people into dating them are being totally unrealistic – every bit as much as the dorky young men or fat ugly older men who go on to dating web sites and will only contact the 20 year old fashion model type looking women.

      I’m a woman who has no interest in dating a fat guy, so I wouldn’t blame a guy who doesn’t want to date a fat woman.

      I do wonder why these fat women making these “fat proud” videos don’t just try to date fat men, unless the fat men refuse to date fat women, because they are sitting around believing that the cosmos “owes” them a beautiful, skinny, curvy good-looking woman?

      Some people stay single for a long, long time, because they refuse to deal with reality and date within their “range.”

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