NetFlix’s “Sexy Beast” Blind Dating Show

NetFlix’s “Sexy Beast” Blind Dating Show

I’d think the only thing worse than going on a blind date is a “sexy beast” blind date, where you have to wear a big, weird mask.


(Link):  Sexy Beast: Everything We Know About Netflix Dating Shows

(Link): ‘Sexy Beasts’ Takes Blind Dates to a Very Weird New Level in 1st Trailer for Netflix Show

By Erin Crabtree

Just when it seemed like reality TV dating series couldn’t get any stranger, Netflix gave the world a glimpse at its new show Sexy Beasts, which features individuals searching for love while wearing prosthetics. 

The first trailer for the series dropped on Wednesday, June 23, and quickly took over the internet due to its odd premise.

“Sexy Beasts is a new dating show where real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test,” Netflix tweeted.

The video opens with a woman dressed up as a panda telling her date, who is made to look like a bull, “I wanna get married, I wanna have babies before I’m, like, 26. Do you have health insurance?”

Narrator Rob Delaney then explains the objective of the series. “Welcome to the strangest blind date ever,” he says. “Could you fall in love with someone based on personality alone?”

While one contestant agrees that personality is “everything” to him, another, who is costumed as a beaver, counters, “Ass first, personality second.”

Meanwhile, some in the cast doubt the viability of a relationship born out of the bizarre situation. “What if I pick you and I’m not what you expect underneath?” the panda asks at one point.

Elsewhere in the trailer, each contestant appears before a group of three and selects their “sexy beast” following a series of dates, which include activities such as axe throwing, bowling and skeet shooting. The suitors then meet each other face-to-face without any prosthetics on.

Variety reported on Tuesday, June 22, that Netflix has already ordered the series for two seasons. The concept is not new either — it is based on Lion TV’s original British show for BBC Three in 2014 and has been replicated on a global level amid demand for such programs following the success of The Masked Singer.

(Link):  Netflix’s Wild New Dating Series, ‘Sexy Beasts,’ Has People Wondering If They’re On Drugs

by Josh Kurp

Sexy Beast is a British crime drama about an ex-criminal who’s coaxed into doing One Last Job by a sociopathic gangster played by Ben Kingsley in an Oscar-nominated performance. Sexy Beasts is… not that. “Hoping to say goodbye to superficial dating, real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test,” the plot summary for the Netflix dating series reads.

But that does not do justice to Sexy Beasts‘ WTF-ness. This does:

Am I on drugs

— Sibley The Best (@Goldfishwars) June 23, 2021

The beaver man’s “ass first, personality second” is the highlight of the trailer, which you can watch above [see below for clips – they’re embedded in this blog post], but there’s other gems in there.

I’m partial to the scarecrow complimenting the dolphin’s fin, the baboon and the devil making out, and the rhino announcing, “There’s interspecies relationships happening on my grounds.”
It’s like if BoJack Horseman was a live-action show (there’s a reason BoJack Horseman isn’t a live-action show…). 

Sexy Beasts, which is based on a British series, features makeup from prosthetic artist Kristyan Mallet, who also worked on Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

(Link): Sexy Beast trailer on You Tube

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