Dumbfounded by Stepson’s ‘Humiliating’ Father’s Day Gift: ‘I Almost Cried’

Dumbfounded by Stepson’s ‘Humiliating’ Father’s Day Gift: ‘I Almost Cried’

Yet another example of why, if you get married, it’s best to NOT marry someone who has children from a previous relationship.

The stepson does sound rather thoughtless – but – the stepfather who wrote in asking for advice sounds as though he could be very sensitive.

Depending on how you look at it, it’s possible the stepfather is a little on the sensitive side, and the kid is not intending to be cruel. If someone in my family did this to my Dad when I was a kid, like myself or one of my siblings – as a kind of joke – I think my Dad either would’ve found such a gesture either really weird or he would’ve found it funny.

If the stepson didn’t mean to be malicious about this, I’d give the kid a break. But if he that giving a stinky sock to his stepdad would in any way upset his stepdad, this is not okay.

Again, this sort of thing makes you sit there and feel fortunate you never had a kid, and definitely makes you think, “I don’t want to date anyone who already has a kid.”

(Link): Dumbfounded by Stepson’s ‘Humiliating’ Father’s Day Gift: ‘I Almost Cried’

June 24, 2021
by Emerald Pellot

A man can’t seem to connect with his 16-year-old stepson, and it’s become truly upsetting.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Despite him putting in the effort, his stepson doesn’t seem interested in bonding. Whenever the teenager does give him attention, it usually turns out to be a prank. But on Father’s Day, the Reddit poster believes his stepson took the jokes too far.

“I have two stepkids. My stepdaughter is the apple of my eye, I love her to pieces, but my stepson has a difficult personality,” the stepfather explained.
“It’s been difficult trying to establish a good bond with him like my stepdaughter. My wife says that’s his nature, so I should stop pressuring him. He recently started spending time with me, but every time, he’d pull a nasty prank. Like replace my shampoo or ruin my credit card or ruin my tires/rear lights. I was worried for my safety and got paranoid about getting in the car or going to the supermarket with a ruined credit card. So I kept my distance.”

The pranks drove a rift between them but on Father’s Day, the Reddit poster that all changed. He was wrong.

“Father’s Day, I took my wife and my stepson and stepdaughter to [my in-law’s] house for breakfast,” he wrote. “I received a beautiful gift from my stepdaughter and didn’t expect my stepson to get me anything as always. But he did bring me a gift.

I opened the box and saw a stinky, old sock of mine that I lost a couple of months ago placed inside.

The look on my face said it all. My stepson encouraged me to show everybody what he’s got me. I just got up and walked out of the room silently while my stepson was laughing behind me. What he did felt so humiliating I almost cried. My wife is upset that I left.”

Reddit users thought the stepson was being hurtful.

“You shouldn’t have to put up with this,” a person commented.


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