Flags Worthy of Contempt and Should Be Burned at Protests (if you’re into protests)

Flags Worthy of Contempt and Should Be Burned at Protests (if you’re into protests)

I would include variations of the flags below as well.

I’ve seen variations of the following flags for sale on sites such as Etsy and Amazon – which would include, for example, the BLM (Black Lives Matter) fist symbol on top of the “Transgender Pride” or the original “(LGB) Pride” flag.

With one or two caveats for at least one of the flags below (I will explain below), all the following are worthy of contempt, and everything they stand for is worthy of contempt, rejection, and derision.

Most all the following flags are deserving of being set alight with fire, stomped or spat upon.

I do not support, within the United States, yanking a flag out of someone else’s hands and vandalizing it, though – that flag is their property.

However, if you’re into protesting and want to make or buy, say, an Antifa, BLM, or Trans Pride flag, to spit on it, wipe your feet on it in the public streets, or set fire to it, during a protest, that would be okay with me.

The Antifa (Anti-Fascist) Flag

Sometimes  presented with a black, not red, field.

Wielded by fascist, anti-American, anti-free speech degenerates who claim to be opposed to fascism but who are not.

Those who carry this flag with conviction usually also consist of current day teens, 20-somethings, and occasionally, aimless, unaccomplished 30-somethings, who lack life experience and were not expected to actually achieve anything in the schools they attended.

(See for instance: (Link): Trump-loving grandma outs Portland ‘bomber’ to feds — and it’s her own grandson)


(Link):  Antifa Protester Implicated in Killing of Trump Supporter in Oregon

(Link): Antifa is anti-America and its values

(Link): Finally, Portland Antifa is being brought to justice for its violence

flag_antifa_2 - Copy

Above: The Antifa Flag

BLM – Black Lives Matter Flag

Wielded by a bunch of anti-American, pro-neo-Marxist, hypocrites and racists (who support racism against all groups, yet while claiming to stand in opposition to racism).

(See, for example: (Link): Patrisse Cullors: Black Lives Matter co-founder resigns

(Link):  Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist’

(Link): For Five Months, BLM Protestors Trashed America’s Cities. After the Election, Things May Only Get Worse)

(Link): Yale in damage control over ‘shoot white people’ lecture  – (this speaker who made the comments supports BLM on her twitter account)

(Link): Purging Whiteness To Purge Capitalism (also discusses CRT, “Critical Race Theory”)

(Link): NYC psychoanalyst calls whiteness incurable ‘parasitic like condition’

flagBlackLivesMatter - Copy

Transgender Pride Flag

Held up mostly by woman-hating biological men who claim to be women (also carried by their misled “allies”).

These transgender persons …

and their “allies,” 🙄
(usually blue-haired, batty, far- left- wing liberal women who are acting as traitors to all women by supporting the extremist trans movement),

support biological men who claim to be women bumping actual women and girls off sports teams, being on those teams at all, or being allowed entrance into women’s spaces
(such as domestic violence shelters for women, or into dressing rooms, bathrooms, and locker rooms) (Link): to sexually harass or intimidate or sexually assault (actual) girls and women.

These TRAs (Trans Rights Activists) love to depict themselves as victims but they are not;
they love to send death threats towards any women online ((Link): or in real life) who criticize the “trans movement.”

They love to toss the acronym “TERF” (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) around as an insult, too, to anyone who disagrees with them.
(They incorrectly assume that feminists are the only ones who stand in opposition to their intolerance, evil, and their sexism and discrimination against women).

This “Trans Pride” flag is actually a marching banner for misogynists who hate women:

flagTransPride - Copy

Above: the Trans Pride Flag (a flag used by misogynists)

The 2021 Pride Flag 

This flag, and variations of this flag, which was, I believe, introduced in or around June 2021,
(including a new one, not pictured, with a yellow area with purple circle (Link): denoting “intersex” persons),
this one incorporates design elements to signify “Trans Pride” (see above, this post) and BLM ( see above, this post).

As such, it’s contempt-, fire-, and spit-worthy.

prideFlag - Copy

LGB Pride Flag (original – with exceptions)

This one, I have reservations about.

prideFlagOriginal - Copy

I don’t know why any LGB person would want to focus on their sexuality and throw parades in honor of it, as they do…

– and don’t toss “heteronormativity” and “StoneWall” at me – as a straight person,
I don’t take “pride” in my sexuality, and as a celibate adult, no, society
(and this includes Christians, conservatives, Democrats, most feminists, Non-Christians, leftists, most atheists, and liberals)
do not support me in regards to my celibacy
-all those groups ridicule or dismiss celibacy and celibate adults of whatever sexual orientation, as I’ve blogged about many a time in the past (see those posts for more on that) –

But if you’re just an average, every day normal person who happens to be LGB, and for whatever reason, you want to hang or fly a “gay pride” (rainbow) flag, I don’t care, I don’t mind, I don’t get upset by that.

If, however, you are in support of or in agreement with the groups cited above (such as BLM or Trans Rights) or the ones way below, if you are mid- to- far- left politically and do not support “live and let live,”
you find behavior like the following acceptable…

Such as, but not limited to, a homosexual couple (or one of their “allies”) suing or harassing any baker who expresses reluctance at  baking a “gay wedding cake”  bakeTheCake - Copy
or suing, harassing any business owner who is reluctant at providing floral arrangements or photography services for a homosexual wedding…
(ditto on this for “trans” cakes, celebrating someone’s ” transition,” etc.), because it disturbs their religious convictions…

….or, if you are a LGB person who is fine with anti-Trump, or anti-conservative, persons snatching pro-Trump (or American) flags, signs, or hats out of the hands or off the heads of other people, including (Link): the elderly or (Link): little children

Then I would, in such particular situations, be in support of someone taking an “old school” gay pride rainbow flag and trampling upon it or setting it afire in front of you,
should you be attending some kind of demonstration for the purpose of being “anti” America, anti conservative, anti Christian, anti freedom of speech, etc., even if that is while in attendance at a “pride parade.”

I don’t think the other person should take your rainbow flag from you and stomp on it or burn it, but I’d be fine with them bringing their own and setting that on fire in your presence.

Now, if you’re a ‘live and let live’ kind of gay person, and you don’t sit around with animosity with those who don’t share your views (political) and otherwise,
and you don’t do things like join Antifa where you go to public demonstrations where you burn the American flag…
and you want to display a rainbow flag on your property, or attend a “pro gay” parade where you march with a rainbow flag, I don’t have a problem with that.

With me, it’s about intent, purpose, and motive.

I actually have neighbors who fly the rainbow flag on their property, and it’s visible from the street. I have no idea if they’re homosexuals or what the deal is with why they are displaying that flag.

Their flag doesn’t bother me, regardless of their motive for displaying it. I have no intention of stealing it, setting it on fire, or anything like that.

During election season, some of my neighbors put Joe Biden signs or flags in their yards, while other neighbors put up Trump signs or flags.

None of that bothers me.

I think Biden is an inept, doddering, clueless idiot, but I wouldn’t dream of going into a neighbor’s yard and destroying or snatching a Biden sign, nor do I support Trump haters doing that to Trump signs.


For this post, I wanted to focus on American politics and views, but if we’re talking about detestable flags from outside the U.S.A., that are also deserving of being treated like doormats or kindling, I’d include the following:


Why are they on my list? A few reasons:

They support genocide (see: Uighurs), forced family planning (e.g, forced abortions), anti freedom of religion, anti Free Speech, pro- communists, steal tech and intellectual property regularly from the United States, started Covid which spread all over the world, many (not all) support the torture and killing of cats and dogs (see: Yulin Dog Meat Festival).

flagChina - Copy


Why are they on my list? Many of the same reasons as listed under “China” above, so see that.

flagNORK - Copy


ISIS is a group of anti-American, Muslim scum of the Islam socio-political faith who worship a child-molesting false prophet

(if you want to follow a child-molesting prophet peacefully, okay I guess, that’s your business; though I do question your morals on some level, but if you’re going to get violent about worshipping the false god Allah and that pedophile “prophet,” just NO);

…ISIS members, who kill infants, behead folks who won’t convert to Islam, and who systemically rape women – their flag is no better than toilet paper.

Actually, toilet paper is a step above, as it at least serves a useful purpose.

Forget U.S. Christians who may still espouse “six day creationism” and the like, or who hesitate to bake gay wedding cakes, here’s the real danger:

(Link): Iraq: Women Suffer Under ISIS – For Sunnis, Lives Curtailed; for Yezidis, New Accounts of Brutal Rapes

(Link): Iraq: ISIS Escapees Describe Systematic Rape

(Link): ‘I was sold seven times’: the Yazidi women welcomed back into the faith

Captured and raped by Isis fighters, Yazidi women fear rejection on their release. Now they are learning to heal thanks to a revolution in their religion

 (Link):  UN: ISIS torturing and killing children

ISIS is torturing, raping and killing children of minority groups, according to a United Nations report. As Elaine Quijano and Michelle Miller report, the U.N. urges the international community to do more to stop atrocities by the terror group.

(Link): ISIS gunmen dressed as cops kill two babies as well as 12 mothers and nurses after storming Afghanistan maternity ward

(Link): Video on You Tube: ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive | NBC Nightly News

(Link): Mothers in labour, pregnant women and babies were Kabul gunmen’s target – MSF

(Link): Video on You Tube: ISIS throws gay men off buildings 

(Link): Isis torture, child rape and cannibalism described by Iraqi MP

by Will Worley
Nov 19, 2017
A baby was fed to its own unwitting mother by Isis, who also raped a ten-year-old girl to death in front of her own family, an Iraqi MP has claimed.

flag_ISIS_2 - Copy

ISIS flag above – flag of baby killers and rapists 


(Link – video): Muslims start campaign to burn ISIS flag

Video below:
I’m unsure where the guys below got the BLM banner – if they took it off a church building(?), I don’t know if I’m OK with that. But the concept of burning a BLM flag is fine with me.

But I also do not support any church that would support BLM or hang its banners, logo, or flags up on their property or where ever else.

(Link – video): USA: Proud Boys burn ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner at DC rally

(Link – video): LGBTQ Pride flag burning not a hate crime in SD

(Link – video): LGBTQ activist reacts to vandalism of Pride mural [street painting]

Edit. I’m not into protesting myself.

I’ve sat through years (and the past two or three have been especially bad) watching left wing lunatics burn down buildings, cars, and burn American flags.

The whole flag situation has gotten way out of hand – we now have a billion flags (created by leftists) to represent 567, 456 sexualities.


(Link):  Man and his girlfriend viciously beaten over their pro-Trump flag in Oklahoma City, police say

October 2020

Police say that a man and his girlfriend were viciously beaten because they were driving with a pro-Trump flag on their truck in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

by Carlos Garcia

…A witness told KOCO-TV that the fight was politically motivated and began when the couple arrived at a gas station with a large “Trump 2020” flag attached to the tailgate of their truck.

…The police said that the man and his girlfriend were beaten so badly that they were bleeding from their nose, mouth, and both eyes. KOCO reported that friends of the couple said on Facebook that they had to receive staples in their heads over their injuries.

Police said that the motorcycle riders at the scene were uncooperative, would not help them identify the attackers, and instead, offered “the usual anti-police rhetoric.”

(Link): Exxon bans LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter flags from being displayed at company flagpole: Report

April 22, 2022

Exxon is banning the LGBTQ pride flag from being flown outside its Houston corporate office during pride month in June.

The company updated guidance on acceptable flags which can be displayed outside offices, which included banning “external position flags,” including the pride flag and Black Lives Matter flag, according to the new policy obtained by Bloomberg News.

Concerning the tweet below: LOL. This is probably pretty accurate:

(Link): Future Pride Flag (embedded below):

I don’t think American flags are disturbing, lady (tweet):


(Link): The Pride Flag’s Growing Absurdity by Luther Ray Abel

(Link): Exxon Bans LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter Flags From Being Displayed at Company Flagpole

(Link): Bill Maher Mocks the Left’s Absurd Sexuality – Gender Obsession with ‘Pride Flag’ Parody

(Link): Sexual Assaults or Harassment Carried Out by Men Taking Advantage of Trans-friendly Bathroom Policies – Collection of News Stories

(Link): LGBTQ Community Triggered by Accurate Label on Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Show Identifying Him as Homosexual

(Link):  BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

(Link): Trans Craziness Has Ruined the Credibility of Gay Activism, Says Stonewall Founder by Kurt Zindulka

(Link): Some Muslims Don’t Know or Care about American Liberal Intersectionalism

(Link): Homosexual Cis (Biological) Man Says He Was Taught to Hate Himself by Leftist, Intersectionalist, Social Justice Warriors, Not Just the Christian Cult He Was Raised In

(Link): Gay Campground Gets Accused of Hateful Transphobia for Banning Female Genitals

(Link): Democrats, Never Trump Republicans, Progressive and Apolitical Christians – A Double Standard – “You Can’t Vote For X And Be A ‘Real’ Christian and be in the ‘Cult of X’” – The Left Have Turned Politics Into a Religious Cult

(Link): Trans Activists and Leftists Are Now Also Harassing “Cis” (Biological) Men Who Are Homosexual, in Addition to Harassing Biological Hetero or Lesbian Women

(Link): Transgender Parent Tries To Breastfeed Child in BIZARRE Viral Video (Biological Man Who Pretends to be a Woman Tries to Breastfeed a Baby)

(Link): ‘He Has A Penis!’: Outraged Woman Claims Spa Allowed ‘Naked’ Man in Female Area ‘In Front of Young Girls’  — Because He Identified as a Woman

(Link): Sexual Abusers Vote Democrat and Some Child Abuse Victims Grow Up To Vote Republican: Jeri Massi = Huge Hypocrite

(Link): Black Man Shoots, Kills Two Homosexual Men and One Transwoman Because Of Their Sexuality

(Link):  Stuff Muslim Culture Likes

(Link): ‘Transfeminist Bioethicist’ Calls ‘Gendering Animals’ Wrong, Only Serves to ‘Normalize’ Gender

(Link): Sexual Assaults or Harassment Carried Out by CIS Men Taking Advantage of Trans-friendly Bathroom Policies – Collection of News Stories

(Link):  The Newly Declared ‘Super Straight’ Sexual Orientation is Being Hypocritically Decried as ‘Transphobic’ by Leftists, the Transcommunity, and Neo Liberals

(Link): How the Left Uses ‘Love’ to Silence Debate (Re: Transgender Propaganda)

(Link): The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters

(Link): Christian Virginity Peddlers Vs Muslims Who Molest Girls and The Liberals Who Look the Other Way  – (post mentions SCCL Facebook group)

(Link): Wisconsin State Judge Who Supported “Drag Queen Story Hour” for School Children Arrested on Child Porn Charges

(Link):  Liberal Identity Politics, Transgenderism, & Disregarding the Safety of Hetero Cisgender Women

(Link): What Makes A Woman? by Elinor Burkett

(Link): Many Liberals Support Cultural Appropriation When It Suits Them: The Liberal Support of Sexist ‘Woman Face’

(Link): That’s Right! Even if a Trans Person Has Had “Bottom” Surgery, Nobody is Under Obligation to Date Him or Her (Re: Trans Cartoon)

(Link): Liberal and Democrat Incivility, Harassment, Or Violence Against Conservatives or Republicans, 2006 – 2018 (examples, with links to news sites)

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