I-Grandpa: World’s First ELDERLY Sex Robot With ‘Wrinkles and Silver Hair’ Created by RealDoll by C. Edwards

I-Grandpa: World’s First ELDERLY Sex Robot With ‘Wrinkles and Silver Hair’ Created by RealDoll by C. Edwards

(Link): I-Grandpa: World’s first ELDERLY sex robot with ‘wrinkles and silver hair’ created by RealDoll

June 29, 2021

AN ‘ELDERLY male’ sex doll has been created by sex robot company RealDoll.

The grey haired robot has been made at the request of a customer and was posted on the firm’s Instagram account.

According to Sex Tech Guide, the wrinkly model was built specifically for a client.

RealDoll captioned its Instagram post: “Okay we get daddy issues, but this might be a whole new level…”.

The company’s flagship sex doll is the artificially intelligent Harmony doll.

It’s also working on a male sex robot called Henry.

The company has been working on a bionic penis for Henry that will be able to become erect.

This means the elderly sex robot already in the works will be unlikely to come with a bionic penis.


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