Alabama Cop Allegedly Drugged, Raped Woman He Met on Dating Site

Alabama Cop Allegedly Drugged, Raped Woman He Met on Dating Site


(Link): Alabama Cop Allegedly Drugged, Raped Woman He Met on Dating Site

July 7, 2021
By Joshua Rhett Miller

An Alabama police officer allegedly drugged and raped a woman after meeting her on a dating website – and a second victim has already reached out to investigators, authorities said this week.

Officer Matthew Wilcox, 37, was arrested Saturday on charges including first-degree rape and unlawful possession of a controlled substance after a search warrant at his home led to discovery of illegal narcotics, multiple firearms and drug paraphernalia, Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith told reporters at a Tuesday press conference.

Investigators went to Wilcox’s home after receiving a report of sexual misconduct involving an officer, Smith said.

“During the investigation, allegations were made that Officer Wilcox engaged in sexual intercourse with another person who was incapacitated and unable to consent by reasons of being incapable,” Smith said.

Wilcox is accused of using at least two “very popular” dating websites to meet multiple women. The incident in which Wilcox has been charged occurred in the past month. Police have said the alleged rape did not occur while he was on duty, reported.

Wilcox, who was relieved of his duties Saturday, resigned from the department Tuesday. He joined Birmingham police in October 2019 after working for nine years as a campus police officer at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Smith said.

The chief encouraged anyone who came into contact with Wilcox as a Birmingham cop or while he worked at UAB to speak with investigators.


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