‘We’ll Convert Your Children'” San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Delivers Musical Message to Those who Work Against ‘Gay Agenda’

‘We’ll Convert Your Children'” San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Delivers Musical Message to Those who Work Against ‘Gay Agenda’

This post has been edited post-publication to add more links

Lord Jeebus. For years, a lot of conservatives warned that there was a “homosexual agenda,” that the LGB crowd were trying to turn children, that legalization of homosexual marriage would lead to no limits (eg., freaks wanting to legalize child-adult sex, freaks wanting to marry or have sex with animals), and the liberals of yore laughed it all off as being paranoid crack-pot-ism.

But we arrived at this point a few years ago, and it’s only gotten worse.

For years, the standard line to get homosexuality mainstreamed was “they were born that way.” If people were born homosexual, why are these people talking about “converting” children?

By the way – there are homosexual conservatives or libertarians out there who I’d no doubt would be repulsed by this sort of thing. Off the top of my head, I doubt political commentators Dave Rubin or Tammy Bruce (both of whom are professing homosexuals) would be okay with this sort of thing, even if it was intended as a joke.

These days, most straight, conservative people no longer care about homosexuals (i.e., as a culture war target) – as a conservative, I’m concerned about the wacked out Trans lobby these days. And guess what, homosexuals? The TRAs  (Trans rights activists) hate you.

The TRAs went from mostly harassing lesbians (that is, “cis women” who are sexually attracted to other “cis women,” whom they derogatorily call “terfs”), to now, they are starting to harass homosexual (biological) men who don’t want to date or have sex with transmen (biological women). You can read more about all that in (Link): this twitter thread and google around to find additional examples.

So… if you are homosexual in the United States- your true enemy you have to worry about are the far left nut jobs, who are into Marxian identity groups and into cramming that down everyone’s throats.

It’s not your average Christian baker who squirms at being asked to bake a “gay wedding cake” that is a concern – the baker doesn’t want to bake a you a cake, but the baker isn’t demanding you have sexual intercourse with a biological woman who calls herself a man (ie., transman) and harassing you online if you refuse.

If you really want respect for your group – you wouldn’t go near this sort of rhetoric with a ten foot pole, not even in jest, but here some homosexuals are doing it (seriously bad PR move):

(Link):  ‘We’ll Convert Your Children'” San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Delivers Musical Message to Those who Work Against ‘Gay Agenda’

by Dave Urbanski
July 7, 2021

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus last week released a music video titled, “A Message From the Gay Community.”

The video begins with one singer introducing the tune by saying, “As we celebrate Pride and progress we’ve made over these past years, there’s still work to be done. So to those of you out there who are still working against equal rights, we have a message for you.”

With that he begins to sing over a lone piano:

You think we’re sinful
You fight against our rights
You say we all lead lives you can’t respect
But you’re just frightened
You think that we’ll corrupt your kids
If our agenda goes unchecked
Funny, just this once, you’re correct

We’ll convert your children
Happens bit by bit
Quietly and subtly
And you will barely notice it
You can keep them from disco
Warn about San Francisco
Make ’em wear pleated pants
We don’t care
We’ll convert your children
We’ll make them tolerant and fair

A second singer then appears and says, “At first I didn’t get why you’d be so scared of us turning your children into accepting, caring people — but I see now why you’d have a problem with that.”

Then the pair duets:

Just like you worried
They’ll change their group of friends
You won’t approve of where they go at night
(to protests)
Oh and you’ll be disgusted
(so gross)
When they start finding things online
That you’ve kept far from their sight
(like information)
Guess what?
You’ll still be alright!

Then the full ensemble kicks in:

We’re coming for them
We’re coming for your children
We’re coming for them
We’re coming for them
We’re coming for your children
For your children
Your children will care about
Fairness and justice for others
Your children will work to convert
All their sisters and brothers
Then soon we’re almost certain
Your kids will start convertin’ you!

The gay agenda is coming home
The gay agenda is here!

(snip remainder of song)

Anything else?
As to whether or not the music video represents actual intentions or is a joke — or maybe is somewhere in between — one (Link): Facebook post from the SFGMC calls it a “heartwarming and hilarious piece.”

Another post about the song introduces it by saying, “Pride Month may be over, but the Gay Agenda never stops!” The sentence is followed by winking emoji.

But you can decide for yourself.

(Link): San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus faces backlash after releasing ‘we’re coming for your children’ video

July 9, 2021

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus has faced intense backlash after releasing a song that many believe is intent on pushing the LGBT agenda on children.

…The choir said it made the video private to keep members of the chorus in the video safe due to “vitriolic” threats of harm and comments that became “increasingly alarming.”

The song was written by Rosser and Sohne, the duo that previously apologized for writing music endorsing Afghan child sex abuse, according to Andy Ngô, editor-at-large for (Link): The Post Millennial.

Conservative podcast host Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus for The Daily Wire, (Link): reacted to the video by saying he doubts the song was actually a “tongue-and-cheek” parody, as the choir said in its statement.

“The left has a very different vision of what America ought to be and the way they’re going to achieve this is by changing how your kids are taught,” Shapiro said.

“And if you push back on them, then this, of course, makes you the true threat to the kids. …,” he continued. “If you want to separate the country, this is how you are going to separate the country. As I say, I’m going to educate my kids how I want to educate my kids. Frankly, I am not interested in what the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir thinks my kids should learn.”

…Similarly, Andrew T. Walker of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary quipped, “But remember, everyone, it’s the religious conservatives who spend their day plotting the next chapter of the culture war.”

Update, July 10, 2021.

Some sources are reporting that choir members have been receiving death threats.

I don’t condone the sending of death threats, but … it’s understandable. What did they think would happen if they released a video like this?

There was nothing “funny” about the video, as some of the left-wing sites are making it out (see headline below, as but one example).

When I first read about, and saw, the video, I honestly did  not know what to make of it.

I honestly could not tell if the video was made in all seriousness, to suggest that these gay guys wanted to try to seduce or groom children into engaging in homosexual behavior, or if it was meant to parody right wing concerns.

There are, and have been, left-wing and pedophile groups who are absolutely seeking to desensitize pedophilia – most everyone has heard of NAMBLA, I’m sure. They’re a group of adult perverts who try to justify their lust for wanting to have sex with children.

The far left – the “Q” (Queer) in “LGBTQ” – absolutely want to do away with any and all safe guards and identity groups regarding sexuality. They regard adults thinking children should be shielded from sexuality is a form of repression.

This is an aspect of (left wing) academia called “Queer Studies” or “Queer Theories” that gets into this. They’re trying to intellectually justify child molestation.

A leftist recently got an editorial published in Washington Post arguing that she believes that children should be subjected to nudity and sex acts at public “pride” parades (she already intentionally drags her toddler- and- older children to such parades, so she can expose them to adult men in ‘fetish’ gear spanking each other); read more about that here:

(Link): What is the Opposite of Conservative Christian Purity Culture? Why, It’s Leftists Insisting that Children Should be Exposed to ‘Kink’ Culture

So yeah, in this day and age, I can now believe that a group of adult LGBTQ persons would actually make a sing-along extolling the virtues of exposing children to adult sexual themes and behaviors, and trying to lure them into a sexually deviant, hedonistic lifestyle.

It’s not out of bounds to misconstrue parody or satire on this topic as being non-satire or non-parody. Hence, one reason I said above that this was a huge PR, marketing mistake from this group, if this was suppose to be a satire work.

(Link):  Extremely Funny SF Gay Men’s Chorus Video Unleashes Torrent of Right-Wing Threats, Vitriol

by Joe Kukura
July 8, 2021

SFist will not link the post, but some joker has more than a thousand quote-tweets claiming that many members of the chorus are registered sex offenders.
We won’t name these individuals’ names, as these choralists are surely living through hell right now.
But we checked the Megan’s Law database, and each of these were mere “similar name” deals citing offenders who are registered hundreds of miles away from San Francisco, and the offender’s photos do not even remotely match the appearance of the choir member.

The author of that piece, by Joe Kukura, goes on to try pretend as though there are no sexual perverts among Democrats, leftists, liberals and Biden voters:

The trolls harassing the chorus members are the same trolls who’ve never said a word about Matt Gaetz’ trafficking of a minor issues, nor former Republican House speaker Denny Hastert’s serial molestation charges, nor the widespread abuses of the Boy Scouts of America or the Catholic Church. But this 42-year-old, first openly gay chorus in the U.S. has faced violent threats before, and homophobic bullying has never changed their tenor.

First of all, there are in fact sexual abusers, perverts and sexual abuse enablers among Biden voters, liberals, and leftists, please see (Link): this post for examples,
and secondly, don’t try to change the topic:
Even if 99% of Trump voters or Republicans were perverts (which they are not, but even if this were so), it doesn’t excuse a left-wing, gay group from pulling a very unwise, foolish stunt, like making this video linking children to adult sex. Bad move. Stupid.

And thirdly, to reiterate, the far left, the “Q’s” among the LGBTQ absolutely do want to remove any and all barriers on sexuality, which includes desensitizing children to sex acts. That is actually one of their goals – look into “Queer Theory” or “Queer Studies.”

The far left, including those into “queer theory” view American culture’s protection of children from adult themes to be a “roadblock” against open sexuality across the board; they view it as an impediment that needs to be removed.

I left a comment or two on that SFist page including this one:

I did a blog post at my blog the other day about this topic. Honestly, in this day and age of far left academia, via “Queer Studies,” arguing that children should be exposed to any and all forms of adult sexual behavior, in order to “normalize” it all, it’s in very poor taste for any group of LGB to make videos like those.

It wasn’t immediately clear to me when I first saw the video if it was satire or not – due to the age we’re living in. There are actual pedo groups out there, such as “NAMBLA” who do try to justify adult sexual attraction to children. This sort of propaganda is not unheard of.

Also, Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and other Democrat politicians or Democrat donors, have been credibly accused of sexual abuse or sexual harassment over the years, so please, stop it with the, “But what about this or that Republican who may have sexually abused someone…” -all political parties and groups contain sexual deviants and abusers, whether it’s liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, etc.

(Link): video on You Tube, “A Message From the Gay Community” Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

The chorus keeps getting these videos removed over copyright infringement – if you’d like to watch it, or at least portions of it, go to You Tube and search for the phrase (Link): San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir We’ll Convert Your Children

Unfortunately, the first minute of this is a big advertisement for “Virtual Shield,” but the rest of the video, she discusses the controversy:

(Link): on You Tube: Gay Activists: “We’re Coming For Your Children!” (San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus)

(Link): on You Tube: Instant Regret! San Francisco Choir Is “Coming To Convert Your Kids” & Immediately Regrets It

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