CPS Offers Free Condoms to 5th Graders: Because You Don’t Want an STD to Wipe You Out Before a Bullet Does

CPS Offers Free Condoms to 5th Graders: Because You Don’t Want an STD to Wipe You Out Before a Bullet Does

(Link):  Chicago schools to offer free condoms to students as young as 10-years-old

When Chicago Public Schools resume classes in the fall, students as young as 10-years-old – grades fifth and up — will have access to free condoms.

(Link): CPS Offers Free Condoms to 5th Graders: Because you Don’t Want an STD to Wipe you out Before a Bullet Does


By Jennifer Oliver O’Connell | Jul 08, 2021

According to the Chicago Sun-Times crime blotter, the long, Fourth of July weekend was one of the deadliest in Chicago this year. Seventeen people were killed, and at least ninety-nine others were wounded because of gun violence.

Yesterday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot met with Dementia Joe to discuss ways the federal government could help with the gun violence in the city. Chicago already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet, somehow criminals keep getting guns and bringing them in.

But, I digress… Lori and Joe are on it, though—don’t you worry!

And Chicago’s other focus? Ensuring the children of the city are safe from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Because you don’t want to get killed by a deadly STD before that stray bullet gets its chance.


Starting this fall, free condoms will be available at Chicago Public Schools with students fifth grade or older.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports this is part of a new policy passed by the CPS Board of Education in December.

Under the CPS policy, schools that teach fifth grade and up must maintain a condom availability program.

The Chicago Department of Public Health will provide condoms to 600 CPS schools to help prevent teen pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

(Link): ‘What is happening to this country?’ Outrage erupts as Chicago announces it will provide free CONDOMS to all public school children ages 10 and up

(Link):  Chicago Schools Claim Dishing Out Condoms To 5th Graders Is Needed Because Racism


JULY 9, 2021 By Gabe Kaminsky

Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest school district in the United States, plans to provide condoms to students 10 years and up this fall to enact “anti-racist pedagogy.”

The board of education’s policy passed in December and mandates all institutions serving fifth grade and older to have a “condom availability program.” According to the policy, dishing out contraception to minors who have largely yet to undergo puberty is “medically accurate” and “provides strategies to support all students that are inclusive of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, sexual behavior, race, and disability.”

Six hundred schools in Chicago will receive thousands of condoms, courtesy of The Chicago Department of Health.

….Oddly enough, the policy is guided by critical race theory dogma. Chicago Public Schools released an “equity statement” in the policy that states it “seeks to mitigate the effects of numerous inequities experienced by CPS students, such as access to sexual health education and services.”

…The parent of a high school sophomore in Chicago, Maria Serrano, told the Sun-Times the district is out of line.

“My question is, ‘Oh my G-d, how is it that CPS wants to give condoms to kids?’” said Serrano. “They are 10 years old, 11, 12. They are kids. So why is CPS thinking about providing condoms?”

If schools run out of condoms, principals have been told to ask the government for more.

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