Bystander Rescues Woman After Tinder Date Allegedly Held Her Captive for Three Days by Amy Furr

Dating app horror: A woman who was allegedly held against her will by a man she met on Tinder was rescued when a good Samaritan heard her cries for help.

(Link): Bystander Rescues Woman After Tinder Date Allegedly Held Her Captive for Three Days

by Amy Furr
July 2021

A woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted and held against her will for three days by a man she met on the Tinder app was rescued when a good Samaritan heard her cries for help in Oakland, California.

The woman ran for several blocks in Maxwell Park Monday prior to neighbor Erik Schulz stepping in to assist her, Schulz said in a post on NextDoor, according to the Daily Mail.

Once he heard her screams and began searching for where they were coming from, Schulz claimed he located the unnamed woman who was “shaking, crying, and almost incoherent.”

He added other residents heard her pleas for help but did not do anything.

Meanwhile, the woman claimed she had been held against her will and sexually assaulted for the past three days by her Tinder date, the report continued:

As the brave stranger stood with the victim, her alleged captor drove up and began to threaten to kill her as the brave stranger stood in between them. The alleged kidnapper pulled his car up a few houses to sit and watch the house before eventually driving away. Schulz’s sister called the police and brought the woman inside as his wife [fed] her because she ‘hadn’t eaten’.

Police arrived approximately 15 minutes later to get the woman’s statement and eventually took an Oakland man into custody.

…The message on NextDoor also expressed dismay that people ignored the alleged victim while she ran for two blocks.

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