A Vaccine Or This Marriage: Conspiracy Theories Are Tearing Couples Apart

A Vaccine Or This Marriage: Conspiracy Theories Are Tearing Couples Apart

Ha ha ha haaaaa! And marriage-idolaters such as Al Mohler, and secular and Christian “pro nuclear family” organizations like to assure me, and try to brainwash me, to believe that marriage makes people more mature, giving, and ethical – and that it will “fix” society! LOL!

Marriage-idolater Bradford Wilcox has written articles in the past year to try to convince people that marriage makes people weather the Covid-19 virus fall out better than singleness.

Please understand, though, that the following is from left-leaning Huffington Post, and they will, of course, as liberals and leftists do, try to portray anyone who may have legitimate fears or concerns of coronavirus vaccines as being “conspiracy” crackpot kooks.

(This, from the same people who said when Trump was in office, that they’d not use any vaccines that were rushed out under or by the Trump admin. For example, see this CBS news article or this one from CNN. You liberals and Democrats have not been consistent on this vaccine situation.
You liberals and Democrats were against the vaccines before you were sniping at conservatives to hurry up and get vaccinated already.)

(Link): A Vaccine Or This Marriage: Conspiracy Theories Are Tearing Couples Apart

“He said if I take the vaccine I could pack my bags and leave his kids here.”
by Jesselyn Cook

For Lucy, a 59-year-old metastatic breast cancer patient from Washington state, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 was a matter of life and death.

After undergoing aggressive chemotherapy for months, the coronavirus almost certainly would have killed her.

Yet as relief washed over her upon receiving her final Pfizer dose in March, she knew she’d have to keep it to herself. Her husband had begged her not to get the shot.

At the outset of the pandemic, Lucy’s husband and partner of seven years, Shane, was as cautious as anyone about the virus. He kept a big container of hand sanitizer in the car and fanatically washed his hands, keys and other items.

He wore a face mask everywhere he went, showered and changed his clothes immediately upon returning home from necessary outings, and was anxious for Lucy and her elderly mother, who lives with them, to get vaccinated as soon as possible due to their heightened vulnerabilities.

But as the crisis dragged on, 60-year-old Shane spent months cooped up inside on YouTube and Facebook, where a vortex of coronavirus conspiracy theory videos was waiting for him.

Many declared that the virus was nothing to fear — that it was the vaccines he should really be afraid of. Before long, he was also tuning into the increasingly malicious disinformation networks Newsmax and OAN, which regularly rehashed the lies he’d been fed online. He was completely enthralled, Lucy said, and over time, his worldview “did a 180.”

…He still doesn’t know Lucy is immunized; she hides her vaccine card in a safety deposit box.

“Everything fell apart last year,” said Lucy, who also snuck her mother out to get her shots behind Shane’s back. “I don’t even know who he is anymore.”

[After complaining about several right-leaning news outlets who have permitted vaccine-questioning on their broadcasts, the author at Huff Post says…]

….The COVID-19 vaccines have become a symbol of America’s culture wars, and the consequences are deadly.
— end excerpt —

Culture Wars

Allow me to pause here to say: liberals, leftists and Democrats drive and create and maintain the “culture wars,” but they act as though they do not.

The “culture wars” most usually consist of Republicans and conservatives reacting to whatever insanity or authoritarianism that liberals, leftists, and Democrats are routinely promoting at any given time, whether it’s Covid virus mask wearing in public, wanting to teach neo- Marxist “Critical Race Theory” in public schools, or whatever it is.

The Republicans, evangelicals, Christians, conservatives, and Trump voters are not the ones starting these “culture wars,” (it’s the left side of the political spectrum who is doing so),
so I would really appreciate all the dishonest, idiot progressives, progressive Christians, the “exvies,” the “exvangelicals,” the Democrats, liberals, and the leftists from saying or depicting it otherwise.

Continuing with more article excerpts:

Research shows that social relationships may play a key role in keeping some people from getting vaccinated.

In May, the American Enterprise Institute’s Survey Center on American Life found only 28% of Republicans reported receiving any encouragement from family and friends to get the vaccine, and more — 1 in 3 — reported actually being discouraged by friends and family, or receiving mixed messages. Only 45% of Republicans have received at least one vaccine dose, compared to 86% of Democrats.

…HuffPost talked to five men and women whose marriages are crumbling or have already collapsed under the weight of viral anti-vaccine disinformation.

Most said they did their best to tolerate their spouses’ embrace of conspiracy theories amid the pandemic — until it came to the vaccines, when those delusions suddenly posed a direct threat to their well-being or that of their children.

All were pressured by their partners not to get immunized (though most managed to do so in secret anyway), and are identified by pseudonyms to protect their families’ privacy. Three, including Lucy, are now in the process of getting divorced.

…Carrie didn’t understand how her husband [Anthony] could buy into these anti-vaccine delusions while still supporting Trump, whose administration launched Operation Warp Speed, a COVID-19 vaccine development and distribution program.

Trump has also strongly encouraged Americans to go out and get immunized. Anthony’s explanation was mind-boggling.

“Trump is lying because he’s trying to take down this global cabal of pedophiles and he’s just trying to throw us off,” Carrie recalled him telling her — a refrain repeated widely in QAnon circles. “It’s so we don’t see what he’s really doing because he’s trying to save the world.”

….Soon, he was telling Carrie and the kids that President Joe Biden and his cronies had stolen the election from Trump, there was a Democrat-run child sex ring under the White House, the pandemic was a hoax, and everyone who got any of the COVID-19 vaccines would be dead within two years.
— end excerpt —

Crackpot Beliefs / Science / Living in Denial

That reminds me of all the liberals, leftists, Democrats, and trans activists who keep running around asking the rest of society to live in denial that most people are born biologically male or female,
and that a male who wants to play-act at being female should be spoken of, or thought of, as being an actual woman, and they want us all to say and agree with false, ridiculous, and scientifically inaccurate statements such as, “men can get pregnant,” “women have penises,” etc.

Continuing with excerpts from the Huffington Post article:

Anthony wept when he learned that Carrie had snuck out to get vaccinated, convinced not only that his wife was doomed to die in the near future, but also, bizarrely, that she’d been injected with HIV. He wouldn’t have sex with her until she got tested for the disease and showed him her negative result.

He broke down again when she later informed him that she’d taken her eligible biological children to get their vaccines, then sent her a written notice explicitly threatening to divorce her if she ever got their shared eight-year-old daughter immunized against the virus.

…“I had even tossed out to her, ‘Have you talked to one of our doctors about it face-to-face, taking social media out of it?’” recalled Harrison, who secretly got his Moderna shots in March and April. “But she thinks the doctors are in on it, that they’re part of Big Pharma and they’re working together behind the COVID ‘hoax.’ That’s what she hears online over and over and over again.”

One of QAnon’s greatest and most damaging accomplishments has been eroding the public’s trust in legitimate information sources at a time of crisis. Building off Trumpworld’s crusade against the “fake news media,” its network of disinformation spreaders has successfully painted the mainstream media, liberal politicians and government institutions including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as corrupt and unreliable.

As a result, people have increasingly turned to social media platforms to get their news, where grifters abound and facts don’t matter.
— end excerpts —

Science / Media


Do liberal authors like that, who is writing this article, understand how much liberal, leftist ideology has crept into science, and how it’s hurting people?

Because leftist political ideology has worked its way into science, and it’s making it difficult for doctors who don’t adhere to leftist dogma to speak up in disagreement and/or to give people needed medical treatment
(see (Link): this off-site article, “What Happens When Doctors Can’t Tell the Truth” for more on that topic).

Most of the mainstream media are, in fact, acting as agents of the Democrat party, so, nobody should be considering them to be “legitimate” news sources, no.

(Social media and networks went so far as to hide, ban, or delete reports about Biden’s son’s Lap Top so as not to hurt Biden’s chances at the election.)

These are also the same news networks (such as CNN, MSNBC, etc) who have spent years be-littling Trump voters, saying that Trump voters are morons – but you expect Trump voters to tune in to those same networks and take any advice, medical or no, from anyone on those channels?

Don’t behave as though the media have NOT given Trump voters (I did not vote for Trump), or conservatives in general, a reason to distrust them.

Continuing with excerpts from the Huffington Post article:

[Hannah has been married to Rick for years]

….That was when Rick, like so many other Americans, suddenly decided the coronavirus shots contained secret location-tracking microchips and were designed to kill people en masse.

When his wife mentioned that she was planning to get vaccinated, he threatened divorce.

….Rick’s anti-vax delusions have been a “breaking point” for their relationship. Hannah is overweight and her daughters have lung and heart issues; all three are at high risk for complications from COVID-19.

She wants to get the girls vaccinated as soon they’re eligible, but knows Rick would never be OK with it — and it would be impossible to hide from him.

….[Story of another couple]

As James rolled up his sleeve and felt the pinch of his first Pfizer shot in early April, he knew his marriage was over.

…His wife, Alina, had been fiercely opposed to vaccines since watching the viral 2016 anti-vaccine film “Vaxxed,” which pushes the debunked lie that vaccines cause autism.

…“I loved her completely,” James said. “My theory was that if I loved her enough and supported her, she’d come back.”

[His wife left him to go move out in the forest, grow her own food, etc]

To James, it felt like the sweet, caring woman he’d fallen in love with was turning into a stranger before his eyes, and he was losing hope of ever breaking through to her. They filed for divorce in late April, weeks after James got his first vaccine dose behind Alina’s back.

….For Lucy, the metastatic breast cancer patient, her husband’s blind faith in baseless anti-vaccine conspiracy theories is also what pushed her to pursue divorce.
— end excerpts —

And there you have it.

The left, the liberals, are also wackos on scientific topics, such as, but not limited to, denying that there are very real biological differences between the two sexes,
and another take-away for the marriage-worshipping Christians out there:  being married doesn’t make one immune (ha ha, a pun!) to stress in life, or to differences of opinion, such as whether to vaccinate or not.

Some people are actually getting divorced over differences of opinion over whether to get vaccinated or not.


(Link):  U.S. Divorce Rates Skyrocket Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

(Link): Marriage Won’t Keep You From Contracting Covid and Dying (this may come as a shock to Al Mohler and Brad Wilcox and those like them)

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(Link): Critique of: Why Single Men May Not Be Having the Most Fun by W. B. Wilcox (who tends to be a marriage idolater and anti-singles bigot)

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(Link):   Why We Thought Marriage Made Us Healthier, and Why We Were Wrong by Bella DePaulo

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