The Tweet Twitter Didn’t Want You To See, Regarding Rachel Levine / Transgenderism

The Tweet Twitter Didn’t Want You To See, Regarding “Rachel”  Levine / Transgenderism

Screen caps below of the Tweet Twitter didn’t want you to see, regarding Rachel Levine, who is a “Transwoman”
(i.e., a biological man – which is a statement of fact; transwomen are persons who were born biological males who want to ‘transition’ to female via hormones or by wearing make-up and skirts
– for Twitter to want to censor and suspend accounts over acknowledging this is to deny why trans people want to transition in the first place):Rachel Levine Tweet

Full Screen Cap - Levine Tweet

Instead of just clicking “Remove,” I clicked on the “appeal” or “get help” option to dispute their comment.

Here is a summary what I said in my message to Twitter:

My Tweet did not break your site rules. It is a fact that Rachel Levine is a biological man who transitioned to present themselves as a woman. Even most transgender persons would agree with that description, because that is what they are doing: trying to change from one biological sex to pretending to be the other sex. I also believe that Rachel Levine is an ugly woman. I have a right to find this person unattractive and to say so.

That is an accurate description of how things are.

Trans people begin as one biological sex or the other, and they seek to pretend to be the opposite sex of what they were born as. That is why they go through the “transitioning” process to start with.

I’m not going to live in bizarro, Leftist fantasy land where I say that Rachel Levine was always a woman
– no, Rachel Levine started as Richard Levine (a biological man), and at some point, wanted to live life as a woman, so he adhered to sexist, hetero-normative presentations of womanhood by slapping on a skirt, growing his hair long, and wearing lip stick.

If Levine wants to live his life that way, okay, but he makes for a very unattractive, unconvincing woman, and he was born male, not female.

That is just objective, scientific reality. I have no idea why Twitter objects to reality.

Must be pressure from the wacko, vitriolic “transactivists” online.

Factual statement: Rachel Levine is NOT a Biological Woman.

(Link): Richard “Rachel” Levine is a Biological Man Who Makes For One Unattractive Woman

(Link): You Tube: Trans Activist Lovingly Forces Everyone To Agree… Or Else

Full Screen Cap - Levine Tweet

Twitter is still at censoring people who don’t promote Trans-Delusions:

Now that Elon Musk owns Twitter…


(Link): Twitter Really Doesn’t Want You Knowing About Those Hunter Biden Laptop Videos – they’re a Democrat Platform

(Link): Trans Activists and Leftists Are Now Also Harassing “Cis” (Biological) Men Who Are Homosexual, in Addition to Harassing Biological Hetero or Lesbian Women

(Link): Twitter Continues To Suspend Any Person or Group Who Mentions Rachel Levine’s Actual Biological Sex (Which is Male) or (His) Original Name (Which is “Richard”)

(Link): Medical Journal Editor Apologizes for Cover Labeling Women as ‘Bodies With Vaginas’

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(Link): Harvard Professor Who Refuses to Use the Term ‘Pregnant People’ and Insists on ‘Woman’ is accused of Transphobia By Her Woke Ivy League Colleague

(Link): Sexual Assaults or Harassment Carried Out by CIS Men Taking Advantage of Trans-friendly Bathroom Policies – Collection of News Stories

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(Link): A Renowned German Sexologist Created Foster Homes Run by Pedophiles and the Government Approved by John Sexton (and other authors)

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