Really Strange Cartoons for Children by Jehovah’s Witnesses

Really Weird Cartoons / Animations for Children by Jehovah’s Witnesses

August 2022 update:

I’ve had to remove a few of the videos because they were deleted by their owners. I’ve added a new video or two.

Some of the videos below are hosted by self-professing atheists.

I am not necessarily in agreement with all views expressed by the persons hosting the videos below or commenting upon them.

There are more of these on You Tube, you can search for them and find them. There are just a few in embedded in this post.

(Link): New Jehovahs Witnesses Propaganda Hits NEW LOW – “Don’t Give Up” – 25 minutes long, I think the guy who made this says he was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.

(Link): Jehovah’s Witnesses Shame Kids for Eating Birthday Cake

(Link): Caleb and Sophia: don’t wear tight pants

The guy hosting the video below (atheist guy – I think he says he used to be a Mormon?) spends about 4 minutes just talking until he begins showing actual clips from the kiddie cartoon.

(Link): on You Tube – Jehovah’s Witness Cartoon Scares Kids From… BIRTHDAYS?! It’s weird…

(Link): Do Jehovahs Witnesses HATE Technology? Caleb and Sophia

(Link): Watchtower’s Anti-Gay Indoctrination Cartoon – Cedars’ vlog no. 117

(Link): Jehovahs Witnesses Threaten Their Children (Special Guest)

(Link): Caleb and Sophia, But For TEENAGERS?

(Link): Jehovahs Witnesses In School: New Caleb And Sophia Video Dropped


(Link): Strange Anti Masturbation Billboard by Religious Group

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