Chris Chan (Transgender Person) starts trending after claiming they raped their 80-year-old mother

Chris Chan (biological man who claims to be a woman) starts trending after claiming they (he) raped their (his) 80-year-old mother

This Chris Chan person is a biological man but began claiming a few years ago that he is a woman.

(Link):  Chris Chan starts trending after claiming they raped their 80-year-old mother


On July 30, a disturbing audio recording and text conversation leaked that showed Chan claiming to have sex with their own mother, who has dementia.

The graphic and upsetting text messages go into great detail about Chan’s decision to molest their mother as a form of “bonding.”

In the texts, Chan even states that their mother asked them to stop touching them. But Chan reassured her friend that her mother, Barb, was getting used to it.

Barb has been featured in Chan’s past videos. One time she showed off her blanket collection. Chan wrote a long Facebook post (their most active social media account) in May, wishing her mother a happy Mother’s Day.

(Link): Online creator Chris Chan arrested on incest charge after leaked audio alleged she had sex with her mother 

by Steven Asarch
August 2, 2021

Christine Weston Chandler, known online as Chris Chan, was arrested and charged with incest after a leaked phone conversation spread online.

Chandler, 39, is being held in the Henrico County jail in Virginia after the police brought her in on Sunday afternoon. No court date or bond has been set, a representative for the jail said. Her arraignment will be in Greene County, a sheriff told Newsweek.

On Friday morning, an eight-minute recording was posted on Kiwi Farms, a forum dedicated to discussing internet figures that began as a way to chronicle Chandler’s online presence in 2013. In the recording, someone purporting to be Chandler discussed sexual interactions with her 79-year-old mother, Barbara.

Chandler has for decades been known in niche online spaces as the creator of Sonichu, an animated character that’s a cross between Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Online discussion about Chandler and the character began around 2000, and her persona became more widely known around 2007.

(Link): Online creator Chris Chan arrested on incest charge after leaked audio alleged she had sex with her mother  


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