Groom Allegedly Shoots Friend After Wedding Because He Suspected Affair With Wife

Groom Allegedly Shoots Friend After Wedding Because He Suspected Affair With Wife

But Al Mohler, Brad Wilcox, Institute for Family Studies, and other marriage-worshipping entities assure me that marriage makes people more godly, loving, mature, ethical and responsible.

(Link): Louisiana Groom Still in Tuxedo Allegedly Shoots Man He Accused of Affair with Bride

New husband Devin Jones faces several charges, including attempted second-degree murder

A Louisiana man was arrested Saturday on his wedding night after allegedly shooting two people following an argument with his new bride and her male friend, PEOPLE confirms.

Traffic was at a standstill along I-10 West Saturday evening, following a multi-vehicle crash. when authorities allege 30-year-old Devin Jose Jones, who was still wearing a tuxedo, started arguing with his wife and her friend.

…Officials told the paper Jones allegedly accused his bride of cheating on him with her friend.

The fight escalated, and Jones allegedly pulled out a gun. The male friend fled the vehicle, and Jones allegedly gave chase, firing several rounds at the man and striking him in the leg.

Police allege Jones also accidentally fired into a stranger’s vehicle, striking a man in the hand.

(Link):  Groom Allegedly Shoots Friend After Wedding Because He Suspected Affair With Wife

by Patrick Reilly
August 1, 2021

A Louisiana groom allegedly shot a friend on his wedding day because he thought the man was having an affair with his new wife.

Devin Jose Jones, 30, and his bride were riding with the victim after the wedding on Saturday night when they hit traffic on I-10 in Louisiana, The St. John’s Parish Sheriff’s Office told L’Observateur.

The two men started arguing in the car at around 11 p.m. Then Jones pulled out his firearm and chased the friend between cars along the highway, shooting and wounding him in the leg, police said.

Jones’ wife, meanwhile, stopped an ambulance and told personnel her husband was trying to kill her before barricading herself inside, police said.

Jones then tried to force his way inside the ambulance.


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