‘The Sex Ed Being Taught Is Pornographic’: Inside the ‘Evil’ Sex Ed Moves in Our Schools and Gender Chaos

‘The Sex Ed Being Taught Is Pornographic’: Inside the ‘Evil’ Sex Ed Moves in Our Schools and Gender Chaos

Audio on this page (the audio file is embedded on their page):

(Link): ‘The Sex Ed Being Taught Is Pornographic’: Inside the ‘Evil’ Sex Ed Moves in Our Schools and Gender Chaos

On that page, the host has on a guest, Mindy Cline, who explains how and why sex ed is pornographic.

One thing Cline explains is that the groups (seemingly far left groups) who are trying to push past parents to put inappropriate sex education content into public schools have an ideology that children are sexual since birth, children should be allowed to engage in sexual behavior (even with adults) at any time. These groups refer to this as ‘Sex Positivity.’

These pro- sex positive groups believe that to prohibit the sexualization of children, to discourage or prevent children from engaging in sexual acts (even with adults) is a form of Sexual Repression.

They also discuss other topics, like how parents need to limit the amount of time they allow their children to spend online, because a lot of time, children are becoming sexualized or enticed to identify as transgender due to the content they are seeing on You Tube, Tumblr, and other sites.

One of the speakers mentions that a lot of (Link): preachers are afraid to speak out against any of these issues due to fear of backlash – these women say the preachers they’ve spoken to say these are very controversial topics, and they “already have targets on their heads,” and they don’t want another one.

From another podcast on that same page:

Let’s Talk Purity: Welcome to the “Let’s Talk Purity Podcast” with Richard and Brittni De La Mora. Purity isn’t just for singles – it’s for everyone. It’s not just for a season of life – it’s a lifestyle. Join hosts Richard and Brittni De La Mora as they redefine purity.

Related content (off site):

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Here are some related videos on You Tube:

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