Regarding: ‘Imagine Thinking the Holy Spirit Will Protect You from Covid but Not from CRT’ – some thoughts

Regarding: ‘Imagine Thinking the Holy Spirit Will Protect You from Covid but Not from CRT’ – some thoughts

So, there’s this guy named Scott something- or- other (surname Coley?) who I muted or blocked on Twitter about a year ago, but sometime recently, Julie-Anne retweeted him (on her Twitter account). I don’t know if I can find his tweet again.

Every so often, this Scott guy posts something critical of Christian Gender Complementarianism I agree with, but I often find his bashing or mocking of conservatives or Trump-voting evangelicals on other issues to be hypocritical, condescending, or smug.

He may not come right out and name names, but it’s usually pretty obvious that his barbs are aimed squarely at “Trump evangelicals,” or any Christian church or group that is not progressive.

The tweet I saw recently via Julie Anne by this guy said something like this (link to Tweet):

‘Imagine Thinking the Holy Spirit Will Protect You from Covid but Not CRT’

Please note that sometimes leftists and liberals refer to CRT (Critical Race Theory) under other monikers, including “Culturally Responsive Education.” It’s all the same thing, just under different labels.

First of all, as I just posted the other day to this blog:

(Link, this blog): Secular Americans Less Likely Than Evangelicals to be Vaccinated: Poll


(Link, off site): Black Vaccine Hesitancy Rooted in Mistrust, Doubts

(Link, off site): Why Some Black and Latinx People Are Reluctant to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

(Link, off site): Only 28% of young black New Yorkers are vaccinated, some fear the government is experimenting on them

So, the reporting is showing at this time that the vaccine holdouts are not, by and large, Republicans, evangelicals, whites, and/or Trump voters.

Now, are there some “anti vaxxers” among some Trump voters? Yes.
But again, they’re not the only ones reluctant to get any of the emergency-use vaccines.

A lot of those “intersectional” groups you leftist guys fawn all over are also not running out and getting vaccinated; to essentially depict it as only being those “rube Trump white evangelicals” in some snide Tweets is just obnoxious and also inaccurate.

Others have pointed out that large numbers of black people, especially in ‘blue’ cities, are among some of the last hold-outs to be vaccinated, and if Democrat- endorsed “vaccine passes” are made legal, (passes or passports that will allow someone to participate in society as we did in pre-Covid times, e.g.,  eat in restaurants, go to hair salons, what have you), that this will have a greater (negative) impact on black people.

(Link): Vaccine mandates, passports could hit Blacks, Hispanics, poor the most


While some advocates aim vaccine passports and requirements at reluctant and resistant Trump voters, the mandates could have bigger impacts on African Americans and Latinos — who have lower vaccination rates in Maryland, New York, Florida and nationally, according to data from health agencies.

There could also be class divides in terms of the impacts of COVID vaccine mandates from employers and governments. Wealthier areas have higher vaccination rates than poorer neighborhoods and communities.
— end —

So do you Democrats, progressives, liberals, and Never Trumpers  stand in opposition to racism against blacks and other “persons of color,” or not? Because you guys curiously keep promoting laws and beliefs that end up harming blacks and Latinos
(but then, many of you liberals, leftists, and milquetoast David French conservatives claim to support women, and yet, you promote policies for transwomen that put biological women in danger, so perhaps I should not be surprised.)

Leftist teacher unions have been pushing for schools to be shut down over Covid (while they or their members take tropical vacations during the school year, e.g., Chicago Teachers Union leader is blasted for pushing to keep schools closed because classrooms are ‘unsafe’ while she vacations in Puerto Rico), and they also push CRT to be implemented in public schools – and apparently, no, the Holy Spirt has not been stepping up to halt that.

So, it’s been up to the parents, including blacks, Asians, Latinos, and whites, to attend school board meetings to object to CRT being practiced in classes.

Of course, leftists are highly duplicitous about this, because they will say they are not teaching CRT in schools; they keep saying that CRT is only taught in legal studies at the university level.

When CRT opponents then ask the CRT supporters, “Well, if CRT is not being taught in public schools, why then, do you get upset with parents who want it kept out of schools?”

Your CRT defenders will then switch gears to arguing that, well, OK, CRT beliefs are being encouraged through CRT behaviors and all its related beliefs (ie.., shaming white children for being white, because those white children supposedly have “white privilege,” and “whiteness” is bad), so then they argue, that it’s good that CRT is being carried out in public schools.

Yet another ploy CRT advocates shift to is to falsely claim that CRT is merely nothing but “teaching about American history, including Jim Crow laws and slavery,” when it is more than that.

(For more, see (off site): Leftists: Critical Race Theory Is Not Being Taught In Schools. But When It Is, It’s Just History)

There may be some evangelicals who believe that faith in God will keep them safe from Covid, but a lot of push back I’ve seen from the white persons who are vaccine-hesitant involve concerns over the safety of the Covid vaccines.

And it’s not as though this is an unreasonable concern – sometimes vaccines for whatever viruses – can, in fact, come with harmful side effects.

Mocking people for being concerned about side effects, or portraying them as ignorant buffoons over it, is not exactly helpful.

I doubt mocking them will encourage them to run out and get vaccinated about a set of vaccines they’re already concerned about.

CRT is absolutely being pushed by leftists; it’s worked its way down from universities and into mainstream entertainment (movies, television shows), and now the left is trying to force into public school rooms. It’s up to the parents and other members of culture to fight CRT.

As I’ve said on this blog that mainly pertains to singleness, I have long suspected the last few years, that getting married is a matter of human effort, unlike what most churches teach – just having faith in God and praying about it isn’t likely to land one a spouse.

The same holds true with CRT, anti-meritocracy, group-identity (i.e., Marxian) garbage. If there’s a God, He’s leaving it up to American citizens to fight.

Oh… and it’s the left, not evangelicals or Trump voters, that’s behind things like what you see below
(and it’s all tied up and related to CRT, being woke, intersectionalism, and all the other wacko trends, phrases, and other crud leftists and useful idiot liberals are supporting)…

(Link): Harvard Professor Who Refuses to Use the Term ‘Pregnant People’ and Insists on ‘Woman’ is accused of Transphobia By Her Woke Ivy League Colleague

(Link): BLM- and Trans- Supporting Oxfam Advises White Women Rape Victims That Reporting their Rapes Is Racist & A Form of White Privilege

(Link): Trans Activists and Leftists Are Now Also Harassing “Cis” (Biological) Men Who Are Homosexual, in Addition to Harassing Biological Hetero or Lesbian Women

(Link): Homosexual Cis (Biological) Man Says He Was Taught to Hate Himself by Leftist, Intersectionalist, Social Justice Warriors, Not Just the Christian Cult He Was Raised In

(Link): ‘Transfeminist Bioethicist’ Calls ‘Gendering Animals’ Wrong, Only Serves to ‘Normalize’ Gender

This particular kind of trash (sexualizing children, trying to normalize pedophilia) is coming from leftist “Queer Theory,” and NOT from evangelicals, Republicans, anti-vaxxers, or Trump voters:

(Link): What is the Opposite Conservative Christian Purity Culture? Why, It’s Leftists Insisting that Children Should be Exposed to ‘Kink’ Culture

Regarding this report-

(Link): Conservatives’ sensitivity to pandemic threat suppressed by distrust of science, media

-Who can blame them, in light of the fact that the left has so thoroughly politicized science that we’re seeing the following:
(It’s not the Trump voters or anti-vaxxers or Republicans or evangelicals who are pushing this….)

(Link, off site): Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex

(Link, off site):  What Happens When Doctors Can’t Tell the Truth?

Whole areas of research are off-limits. Top physicians treat patients based on their race. An ideological ‘purge’ is underway in American medicine.

More, related, material from other sources:

(Link – video on You Tube): The Marxism Behind Leftist Identity Politics Explained (pertinent to Critical Race Theory)

(Link): Banning critical race theory is the only option left for parents who are ignored and scorned

(Link): Legislation Is A Perfectly Valid Way To Combat Toxic Ideas Like Critical Race Theory

When elites implement policies based on questionable theories, common people vote them out. That is a sign that the marketplace of ideas and the constitutional republic is working.

(Link): Texas Democrats Catch COVID-19 After Maskless Private Jet Stunt

Related Posts on this Blog:

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(Link):  The Newly Declared ‘Super Straight’ Sexual Orientation is Being Hypocritically Decried as ‘Transphobic’ by Leftists, the Transcommunity, and Neo Liberals

(Link): Some Muslims Don’t Know or Care about American Liberal Intersectionalism

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