I’m 23 and I Love My ‘Wrinkly’ 60-Year-Old Girlfriend

I’m 23 and I Love My ‘Wrinkly’ 60-Year-Old Girlfriend

I don’t support May-December relationships, but I’m not okay with people taking pot shots at this lady for being 60.

(Link): I’m 23 and I Love My ‘Wrinkly’ 60-Year-Old Girlfriend

June 11, 2021
By Noah Sheidlower

Social media’s hottest new couple embodies two of the most romantic cliches: “Love is blind” and “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”

Despite a 37-year age gap, these unabashed lovebirds are braving a barrage of trolls to take TikTok by storm with popular clips of them dancing and smooching.

“King” Qurann, 23, who goes by the TikTok username @ttvleolove_3, shares frequent footage with his girlfriend “Queen” Cheryl, 60, who posts on the video-streaming platform as @oliver6060.

Their now-viral videos, which regularly attract hundreds of thousands of views, often show them swaying to R&B songs or bopping to rap hits. They insist that their love is genuine, and plenty of others think so, too — Qurann has 420,200 followers and over 6.8 million likes.

But that hasn’t stopped a horde of haters from passing judgment, with many branding their nontraditional TikTok affair “disgusting” and shaming “wrinkly” Cheryl’s “decomposing” face, the Sun first reported.

…Despite the hateful comments, the couple claims they have received support from their respective families, including Cheryl’s kids — who are older than Qurann.


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