UK Mass Shooter Was a Virgin ‘Incel’ Who Warned He Was ‘A Terminator’

UK Mass Shooter Was a Virgin ‘Incel’ Who Warned He Was ‘A Terminator’

There is nothing wrong with being a virgin and a celibate!

These incel guys need to get a grip. Stop basing your worth on if you have sex or not, or if you have a girlfriend or not.

There are worse things in life than being single or going without sex (i.e., see links far below about married men who get their penises cut off by their wives when the husbands refuse to have sex with the wives)
– which does NOT mean(!!) that married people should just blithely brush off any single’s concerns or hurts who are upset about being single and/or sexless, as they tend to do.

And obviously, the usual American, Christian blather about “singleness is a gift,” or “Let the Lord be your spouse!,” and so forth is not going to go over well with any single adult who’d like to be in a stable, loving relationship but who is not
– you Christians really need to work on how you minister to the situation of those who’d like to be in a relationship but who are not.
Simplistic platitudes or shaming singles for being single doesn’t cut the mustard.

(Link): UK Mass Shooter Was a Virgin ‘Incel’ Who Warned He Was ‘A Terminator’

by Lee Brown
August 13, 2021

The crazed killer who gunned down five people, including a 3-year-old girl, in the UK’s deadliest mass shooting in more than a decade said he was an American-born, virgin “incel” — and compared himself to “The Terminator,” according to reports.

Jake Davison, a 22-year-old apparent fan of the New York Giants football team, was identified Friday as the gun-obsessed man behind Thursday’s bloodbath in Plymouth that a local MP decried as “unspeakably awful.”

He is believed to have first shot dead his mother at their family home, before running out and killing a 3-year-old girl, her male relative and two others before turning the gun on himself, according to officials. Two others were also injured but are expected to survive.

Police said they were examining his hard drives and online activity, which included a YouTube channel in which he regularly whined about being a “fat as f–k” virgin who had never kissed a girl, according to numerous UK reports.

Saying he was “getting uglier” and “defeated by life,” he related to incels, the “involuntary celibates” behind a series of devastating mass murders in the US and Canada.

His social media — since taken down — showed he was obsessed with American gun culture, and even claimed to have been born in Phoenix, Arizona, according to the Sun and Agence France-Presse.

That has yet to be verified, however, and in his YouTube videos he speaks with a strong English west-country accent.

Davison wore a Giants shirt in his last YouTube rant late last month in which he compared himself to the killing machine played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator.”

…Using the name Professor Waffle, Davison’s YouTube also showed him bodybuilding and admitting to taking steroids and dreaming of “cocaine-fuelled sex,” the UK paper noted.

His slaughter was the worst mass shooting in the UK since 2010…


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