Benjamin Perry, Bi-Sexual Minister, Suggests that Jesus Is Bi-Sexual and Jesus Having Homo Sexual Relations with His Disciples Would Be Okay

Benjamin Perry, Bi-Sexual Minister, Suggests that Jesus Is Bi-Sexual and Jesus Having Homo Sexual Relations with His Disciples Would Be Okay

This person’s view is probably an outcome of “Queering” or “Queer Theory,” which I’ve written about before on this blog in other posts. It’s related to the “Critical Theories” nonsense, where postmodernism prevails, where the far left woke believe that there is no such thing as objective truth or reality.

I’ve actually done a post or two in the past several years that are similar, because this Perry person is not the first to suggest that Jesus may have been having sex outside of (hetero) marriage.Screen capture of Perry's Twitter bio blurb

(As far back as the 1970s, actually, I remember coming out of a church Sunday morning service to see that someone had gone around and stuck fliers under all the car’s window wipers declaring that Jesus was probably a homosexual.)

I left this Perry person a few comments.

One of which is: he’s the progressive version of hyper-conservative preacher Mark Driscoll. Both Perry and Driscoll are absolutely sex-obsessed.

I also pointed out to Perry that like all other “sex positive” and sex obsessed people who dabble in theology, he is, as the left likes to put it, “erasing” an entire group of people – in this case,  in his attempt to normalize or justify homosexual fornication (or even hetero fornication), he’s ignoring the fact that Jesus of Nazareth was a never married, childless, CELIBATE.

Jesus as Poster Boy for celibacy is one of the few perks, role models, or things we celibate, single adults have going for us in a Christian culture that worships marriage, sex, natalism, and the nuclear family, so I would appreciate it if Perry and other sex-obsessed leftists would stop recasting Jesus as a randy, sex positive dude who got his sex on with Peter, John, Matthew or whomever.

Then there are people in society who are asexual; they have no desire to have sex. These hyper-sex focused people overlook them, too.

One issue I see – beyond the rejection of objective truth, reality – is that a lot of these leftist groups, especially the ones centered around sexuality, badly need and want and demand everyone affirm, validate, and celebrate their sexual identities, sexual choices, etc. That is not sustainable – I may do a separate post on that eventually.

But the whole thread screams on some level that this guy badly wants or needs to justify his sexual identity or choices which run contrary to the Bible.

Perry, I suspect, really wants to believe that he can sexually live any old way he wants, and God is okay with it, and he wants every one else to be okay with it – and if you disagree, he’s likely going to pull a Robin DiAngelo Kafka Trap on you and say you are “homophobic.”

Here are links and maybe a screen cap or two to this Perry person’s gross tweets:

by Benjamin Perry (Tweet Link):

1. Queer communities offer a beautiful lens through which to view the relationship between Jesus and his disciples. The lines between affection, attraction, intimacy and sex are far blurrier than white evangelicals would like them to appear. Let’s talk about a bisexual Christ.

by Benjamin Perry (Tweet Link):

2. As Marcella Althus-Reid notes, “all theology is sexual.” Our broader culture has crafted Jesus “from [our] own assumed heterosexual contraints: we projected them into Jesus, and taught him them.” But what if we cast these assumptions aside?

by Benjamin Perry (Tweet Link):

3. The neat, clean lines between “heterosexuality” and “homosexuality” are modern convention. They try to enforce order and discipline on unruly appetites—love and lust. How different the “beloved disciple” appears if we free ourselves from that baggage.

by Benjamin Perry (Tweet Link):

4. The truth is: Jesus and his disciples’ ministry is no less holy if they occasionally had sex with one another. Or if he had relationships with the beloved disciple and Mary Magdalene. Or if the they expressed affection that fell somewhere between sex and platonic affection.

by Benjamin Perry (Tweet Link):

5. What if Jesus cuddled Peter on a cold, lonely night? What if John and Andrew’s relationship occasionally entered the erotic? What if Judas’ final kiss was one last reminder of others they had shared?

by Benjamin Perry (Tweet Link):

6. Are we supposed to believe these circumstances are impossible? Are they so far-fetched as to be beyond consideration in a religion that freely accepts divine impregnation?
— end tweet quotes —-

Yes, he’s erasing Celibates, and, his thread screams of some kind of insecurity borne of, “I need other people’s approval and permission to have gay sex, or lots of hetero fornication!”

I left him a few comments.

Response by Solo Loner (me) on Twitter – Link to Tweet:

The push to normalize all sexual behavior outside of hetero marriage results in persons like the following “erasing” Celibates and Celibacy. So sex-obsessed. He’s the progressive version of Mark Driscoll.

Response by Solo Loner (me) on Twitter – Link to Tweet:

Jesus was a celibate, dude. Stop erasing celibates to try to affirm your bisexual/ homosexual views or beliefs. Stop it with the “queering” and “queer theory.” Join us in reality, not postmodernism, where supposedly, all is subjective.
#Jesus #Queering #QueerTheory #Celibacy
—- end tweet quotes —-

I bet Stephanie Drury, Nate Sparks, and Chrissy (Christopher) Stroop are thrilled by Perry’s progressive intersectionalism, which makes Jesus into a pervert.

Screen caps of a few of Perry’s tweets, in case he blocks me or deletes the tweets:

Tweet by Benjamin Perry




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