California Dishing Out Condoms To Female Inmates After Democrat Newsom Forces Them To Live With Men By Gabe Kaminsky

California Dishing Out Condoms To Female Inmates After Democrat Newsom Forces Them To Live With Men By Gabe Kaminsky

Women Prisoners Allowed to be Raped by Self Identifying Transwomen To Protect the Feelings of Transwomen

And leftists, liberals friendly to the left, continue to disregard the safety of biological women all to favor the feelings of biological men who say they identify as women.

Don’t tell me you stand in opposition to sexism, are turned off by Trump’s “grab ’em” comment, when you or your views or “allyship” helped usher in situations like the following, which put natal women in danger.

(Link):  ‘We’re now prey for men’: California women inmates decry being housed with male prisoners

By Brandon Showalter

Female inmates in the California prison system say they’re now “prey for men” as correctional facilities prepare for an uptick in rapes and pregnancies following a policy change that allows men who identify as female to be transferred to women’s-only prisons.

At medical clinics inside the Central California Women’s Facility, newly available resources suggest that women housed there should anticipate a heightened risk of being raped.

As all sex inside the prison system is deemed non-consensual by default, the influx of men in women’s-only facilities only increases that risk, according to the radical feminist group Women’s Liberation Front.

Posters displayed in these medical clinics advertise a variety of options for “pregnant people” who might become pregnant while in prison. The methods available to female inmates to prevent pregnancies are condoms and the emergency contraception Plan B. Yet these measures were only deemed necessary after the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation started allowing men, who claim a gender identity other than their biological sex, to be housed with women earlier this year, Women’s Liberation Front’s sources reported.

…In light of the passage of SB 132 going into effect in January, approximately 300 requests were filed from male prisoners seeking to transfer to the women’s prison. Thus far, around 20 have been processed and no request has been denied.

….Writing in the Santa Monica Observer earlier this month, Amber Jackson, who is incarcerated, asserted in an op-ed that what supporters of the bill allowing men to be housed with women under the banner of “gender identity” thought would never happen did happen almost immediately after the policy was implemented.

“The one man I saw up close looked unhealthy and possibly diseased. I have little doubt these transwomen are positive for communicable diseases. Very little. This is a disgusting time to be in prison,” she said.

An update to Jackson’s July 10 op-ed claims that three out of the four trans-identifying men that she wrote about are HIV-positive, according to a CIW officer. The department’s push to distribute condoms to the prison population for the purposes of avoiding liability was too late.

“The condoms were not yet available when the sex began even though CDCR knew these three transwomen [biological men] had HIV, and it was possible to spread through sexual intercourse. Most of the population does not know this as it is protected by Federal HIPPA [sic] legislation,” the update read.

…Jackson wrote Tuesday, again in the (Link): Santa Monica Observerr, that female inmates have become “prey for men.”

“What kind of human being would intentionally cause harm by placing a number [of] HIV-infected, anatomically male prisoners among the female prisoners?” she asked, adding that the general public is not aware that this is happening.

(Link): Law meant to protect transgender inmates sees pushback from female correctional officers

(Link): New California Law Could Put Male Serial Rapists Into Women’s Prisons

A new California law that gives male inmates the right to be housed in female prisons provides no protection for women inmates or guards.

(Link): California Dishing Out Condoms To Female Inmates After Newsom Forces Them To Live With Men

August 12, 2021
by Gabe Kaminsky

Female prisoners in California are being dealt contraceptives, including condoms and Plan B according to reports from the non-profit Women’s Liberation Front. Pregnancies, abortions, and contraceptives are allegedly happening in women’s prisons after Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill last year mandating women live with transgender men.

Newsom approved the far-left initiative last September, signing SB 132 into law. The law says prison officers are required to probe into whether an inmate identifies as “transgender,” “intersex,” or “nonbinary,” and take steps to allow the inmate to request a transfer with inmates of the same sex they claim to be.

Following the passage of SB 132, there were approximately 300 inmates who requested a transfer, according to the Los Angeles Times. The outlet estimates that 1 percent of the state’s prison population, 1,129 people, do not identify with their original sex.

According to Women’s Liberation Front, a non-profit that advocates for traditional sex and opposes pro-transgender legislation, female inmates in California’s largest prison have described the new conditions as “a nightmare’s worst nightmare.”


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