Amid Population Crisis, China Will Now Allow Three Children Per Family

Amid Population Crisis, China Will Now Allow Three Children Per Family

(Link): Amid Population Crisis, China Will Now Allow Three Children Per Family

by Jazz Shaw
August 23, 2021

Beginning back in 1980, China imposed a “one-child policy” on families in an effort to control population growth and supposedly make more resources available for every citizen.

The results of that type of state control over human biology were catastrophic on a number of levels, not least of which was the millions of forced abortions that ensued.

But there were other issues as well.

The country has been facing what the government admits is a “demographic crisis” that threatens to undermine the economy and the nation’s stability.

As a result, they “generously” expanded the rules in 2015 to allow families to have two children. That didn’t come close to addressing the underlying issues, and now China has changed gears yet again, allowing families to have a third child. (Associated Press)

China will now allow couples to legally have a third child as it seeks to hold off a demographic crisis that could threaten its hopes of increased prosperity and global influence.

…Compounding the crisis was the tendency for families to select children based on gender, with most preferring to have sons. This led to untold abortions of baby girls and a population where males far outnumber females. None of this is good for the nation in the long run.

Now the Chinese are scrambling to make larger families more attractive. …

…The number of young women choosing to have no children and continue working has been steadily rising. Knowing the tendencies of the Chinese Communist Party, how long will it be before we see forced impregnations? Don’t laugh… they could and very well might do it.


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