Wife Hospitalized with Covid Comes Home to Find Husband Dead from Virus

Wife Hospitalized with Covid Comes Home to Find Husband Dead from Virus

This poor lady. Condolences to her.

One reason I am posting this is to highlight that there are no guarantees in life – getting married is not some kind of magic spell that will make you immune to heartache or loneliness.

I’ve seen marriage-pushing conservatives, both secular and Christian, promote marriage by creating podcasts or blog posts trying to “scare” single adult into getting married by saying things like “If you don’t marry, you’ll die alone!”

After Covid became a thing, marriage-idolater Brad Wilcox, of the National Marriage Project and Institute for Family Studies, began publishing anti-singles hit pieces, saying how married people were doing better in the pandemic (no, they are not. See links at the end of this post).

You can get married but still end up alone – for one, if your spouse dies from Covid.

If the virus were a sentient being, it wouldn’t pause when it comes to you and think, “Well, I’m not going to get into this person’s respiratory system, because they’re married!”

You can be married all live long day and still end up dying – or your spouse could die before you do, leaving you single once more.

Time for Christians to stop marketing marriage as some kind of cure-all for everything that could ail a person.

(Link): Wife Hospitalized with Covid Comes Home to Find Husband Dead from Virus

by Jackie Salo
August 26, 2021

A Florida woman says she returned home from battling COVID-19 in the hospital to a “nightmare” scene with her husband dead after also contracting the virus.

Lisa Steadman, 58, said she was horrified to walk in Wednesday to discover her 55-year-old husband Ron’s body in the bedroom of their home in Winter Haven, Fox13 News reported.

“It was like walking into a horror film, and I wish I had never seen him like that because I can’t get that picture out of my head,” she told the news station.

Steadman said neither of them had been vaccinated before they both tested positive for the virus.

After she developed symptoms that caused her to pass out, she brought herself to the emergency room at Winter Haven Hospital.

….While in the hospital for eight days, Steadman struggled to stay in contact with her husband, who was having problems with his phone, she said.

….When she couldn’t reach him the following day, she assumed it was phone issues again.

But when she returned home Wednesday, she discovered the tragic scene.

“It’s just been a nightmare. Just a nightmare,” she told news station WFLA.

Steadman said doctors told her that he died of COVID-related complications.

“He was a humble, friendliest, willing-to-help-anyone, God-fearing family man,” she said.
—- end —

And there you have it – you can be married, and yet, your spouse can die before you do – which leaves you all alone.
And apparently, this guy in this news article DIED ALONE.
(I’m assuming. The article didn’t mention there being anyone else in the home with him when he died.)

I have more posts on my blogs, with links to more news articles, about married people who die alone (their spouse is not with them when they pass), and/or of news stories where one or both of a couple die on the way to their wedding, or they die within minutes or hours or days of (or after) their wedding.

There is nothing magical about marriage that will keep you from dying from a car crash or from acquiring a virus and dying.

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