Blaming Women for Election Results You Don’t Like – Both the Left and Right Lambast Women For How They Vote

Blaming Women for Election Results You Don’t Like – Both the Left and Right Lambast Women For How They Vote

There’s this guy named Jesse Kelly on Twitter (his account is located here), I take it he’s a conservative.

I happen to be a conservative, too.

In the past couple of months, I’ve sometimes seen conservative journalists or personalities on Twitter re-tweeting this Kelly guy’s comments. I’ve never heard of him before.

Here is how Kelly describes himself currently on his Twitter page:

Host of ‘I’m Right’ on The First. Host of the nationally syndicated Jesse Kelly Show. Anti-Communist. Community college credits.
— end —

Well, okay. I don’t support communism, either.

Kelly tweet quoted a headline by Politico. The Politico tweet read:

Our Women Rule newsletter explores how women shape Washington and the world. Don’t miss out. Subscribe today.
— end —

Here is what Kelly said above that Politico headline that he quoted:

57% of women in America voted for a half-functional dementia patient surrounded by communists because the last guy could be a jackass on twitter and now the world is descending into madness and we’re an international embarrassment. Shaping the world indeed.
— end —

Below that Tweet, he tweeted this:

The most disheartening conversations I have are the private ones with GOP congressmen and senators where we talk about the solution to a problem only to have them conclude it can’t even be proposed because they’ll “lose too much of the women vote to get elected.”
— end —

I left this guy a tweet (under the first comment of his) where I said,

I wish people would stop blaming women for election results they don’t like. The left blames white women all the time every time a Republican wins.
(Link): – The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters
— end —

I linked him to this previous post on my blog:

(Link):  The Creepy Crusade Against White Women By Liberals and Trump Haters

I am tired of people, both on the left and on the right, blaming women for how they vote, whether they vote Democrat, Republican, or third party.

I am a conservative woman – I get insulting, sexist lectures all the time from the liberal press or liberal personalities for being a conservative, indirectly through their snotty editorials.

I sometimes have gotten these types of comments directly from liberals I’ve chatted with online.

I also get blamed by “woke” persons online for being a (partially) white woman who doesn’t agree with leftist views.

Any white woman gets lectured or yelled at, by the woke, that they are wrong for being or voting conservative or Republican.

The left expects and demands that all women of any ethnicity or skin color always vote Democrat.

We all see black conservatives or black libertarians get heavily criticized and get bombarded with racial slurs by liberals, Democrats, and leftists for not voting Democrat.

The last thing I need is to see a conservative – like this Jesse Kelly person – joining in, but in the reverse, by shaming or criticizing women generally for not voting the way he thinks they ought.

I don’t like Joe Biden -Biden does obviously have some cognitive issues, and he’s incompetent. It’s beyond me why anyone, male or female of any skin color, would’ve voted for that clown.

But I’m not going to shame women en masse for having voted for Biden, if they did vote for him.

(I sat that election out, so nobody got my vote.)

I’m a life long conservative and would never vote Democrat, especially not now that the Democrats have veered so far left they are Marxists.

It sounds as though Kelly is bitter that American women have the right to vote, and as though he regrets it – which in turn sounds sexist.

I’ve heard Democrats sneer for years that Christians and Republicans are “like the Taliban” in Afghanistan, the Taliban that for decades wouldn’t allow girls to attend school.

I used to tell the liberals I ran into online in years past they had the wrong idea about conservatives and Republicans being sexist and wanting to control women.

However, if conservative men are sitting about on Twitter in this day and age acting as though they are angry or annoyed at women for how they voted, and for resenting that Republican politicians actually have to consider the needs and preferences of women voters to win their votes, I can see now where the left gets this “Republicans and conservatives are like the Taliban” perspective from.

Neither the left nor the right should be pitching fits about how women, as a group, choose to vote.

Not all women are the same. Kelly is lumping all women together as one, big group and then criticizing them – which is what woke, American Communists do, put every one into (identity) groups, and yet, he states repeatedly on his Twitter timeline that he’s opposed to communism.

I just wish both the left and the right would stop it with the sexist, condescending smears of women, stop it with the temper tantrums, when surveys show that a greater percentage of women voted for a candidate they didn’t like.

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