Intersectional, Left Wing Feminism Kills Off the Old “Men Can’t Talk About Pregnancy Because They Can’t Get Pregnant” Canard (Because, the Left Says, Men Can Supposedly Also Get Pregnant Now)

Intersectional, Left Wing Feminism Kills Off the Old “Men Can’t Talk About Pregnancy Because They Can’t Get Pregnant” Canard (Because, the Left Says, Men Can Supposedly Also Get Pregnant Now)

(Post Updated Below, June 2022)

Several days ago, a reporter was asking Biden (Democrat) Administration spokesperson Jen Psaki something or other in a press meeting about how can Joe Biden, President of the United States, support abortion when he also claims to be a Catholic, and the Catholic Church, as a group, opposes abortion.

This caused Psaki to get angry, and she spat something back at that reporter that since he has never been pregnant, or never will get pregnant, he should have no say in the topic – she believes abortion is an issue for a woman to talk over with her doctor only.

This is where the left eats itself, due to their Grievance Olympics, where the left divides everyone into groups to argue that some groups are more oppressed than others (i.e, “intersectionalism”).

I guess Jen Psaki missed that memo, because for the past year or two, the left has been insisting that men can get pregnant too.

Which of course is a bunch of horse manure, because no, biological men cannot become pregnant. What leftists are referring to are biological women who identify as men; these are “transmen.”  pregnantEmoji

(Things have become so absurd that the internet community may be getting a “pregnant man emoji,” or two, one of which is a profile drawing of a pregnant woman with a mustache.)

But now that the left is saying that men can be pregnant, there goes the old feminist talking point that men cannot, and should not, discuss abortion at all, since only women can become pregnant.

Congratulations, leftists and liberals, and you intersectionalists, for shooting down one of your own long time arguments for something you’ve supported for years!

(Link): White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Responds To Male Reporter Who Asked About Joe Biden’s Support For Abortion Rights: “You Have Never Faced Those Choices”

(Link): Jen Psaki is slammed as ‘bigoted and unprofessional’ for telling a reporter he could not ask about abortion because he is a MAN

She then turned personal, telling Jensen in a dismissive manner: ‘I know you have never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant but for women out there who have faced those choices, this is an incredibly difficult thing and the president believes that right should be respected.’

Several conservatives criticized Psaki’s comment, claiming it implied that men should have no say in the abortion debate, despite expectation that they be hands-on fathers to their children.

Fr. Frank Pavone, a Catholic Preist, wrote: ‘Jen Psaki is still using the tired old excuse for #abortion that men cannot get pregnant. Since when does that take away a man’s responsibility to defend a child from violence?’

Ed Condon, the editor of Substack page The Pillar, similarly wrote: ‘The fundamental premise of Jen Psaki’s comments is that fathers have no intrinsic stake in the life of their children. It’s also the fundamental premise of a society which views children as transferable commodities.’

….Some other conservatives claimed Psaki was using language that was not ‘gender-inclusive’ as she stated abortion was a ‘woman’s right’ and implied that those who identify as male cannot get pregnant.

In recent years, many on the left have attempted to usher in a more inclusive language to describe those who are pregnant. Recently, Democratic Rep. Cori Bush replaced ‘pregnant women’ with the term ‘birthing people’ to describe those who were expecting.

‘I was told men can get pregnant and that they can chest feed,’ pundit Katie Pavlich wrote beneath a clip of Psaki snapping at the male reporter.

(Link): Pro-life women blast Psaki’s abortion defense, “sexism” toward reporter

‘I’ve been pregnant … and it’s *still* not my right, or anyone else’s, to kill a baby’

by Sam Dorman
August 3, 2021

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is facing criticism after she seemed to target a male reporter’s gender while defending President Biden’s stance on abortion.

“By Jen Psaki’s arbitrary standard Joe Biden shouldn’t be commenting on abortion either as he’s never been pregnant,” Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins told Fox News.

“Her sexism aside, it’s Joe Biden who uses his Catholicism as a talking point and as a woman who has been pregnant and a proud Catholic I would like the President to address how he can actively undermine the church’s teachings on the value of preborn life.”

Penny Young-Nance, who leads Concerned Women for America, similarly said: “Jen Psaki excels at changing the subject anytime President Biden’s hypocrisy comes to light. Joe Biden’s pro-abortion conversion is complete and is in direct contradiction to his faith. He has taken the most radical position on abortion believing it should be legal  at anytime, for any reason, any number, all paid for by the taxpayer.”

EWTN’s Owen Jensen had asked Psaki who Biden thinks “should look out for the unborn child.”

Psaki replied by saying Biden “believes it’s up to a woman to make those decisions …. I know you’ve never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant. But for women out there who have faced those choices, this is an incredibly difficult thing.”

“I’ve been pregnant, @PressSec,” Live Action’s Lila Rose tweeted, “and it’s *still* not my right, or anyone else’s, to kill a baby. Being a woman or being pregnant does not give you license to kill. Women deserve better than abortion. The President’s position is illogical, unscientific, immoral & 40 years wrong.”

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson said Psaki’s answer was “such a silly response. It was all men who decided to legalize abortion across this country in 1973. They certainly respected a man’s decision then. The bottom line is that they simply don’t respect a man’s opinion who is prolife. But men should have a voice in whether or not their child is killed by abortion.”

Psaki’s comments follow a pattern of prominent women using gender to seemingly preclude men from discussion on abortion. For example, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., previously said she knew more about childbearing than the pope. She also told this male reporter, “I think I know more about this than you,” citing her status as a mother when asked about abortion.

Yet, Hawkins, Rose and Nance are just a few of the many women leading the anti-abortion movement in the U.S. While modern feminists see abortion as key to bodily autonomy, many women consider the practice to be anathema to authentic feminism.

The debate came amid an uproar over the Supreme Court’s decision to allow a restrictive Texas abortion law to remain in place. “Our liberty, our humanity, and our bodily autonomy are NOT up for debate,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., tweeted after the decision.

The issue has been touchy with the administration as Biden has supported taxpayer funding of most abortions in addition to codifying Roe v. Wade.

By contrast, the section of the Catechism discussing abortion says that the procedure and infanticide “are abominable crimes.”

Update June 2022

(Link): Feminist tweets out feminist talking point from 2017, learns savage lesson that her entire worldview has been obliterated by transgenderism

June 29, 2022
by Joel Abbott

Pour one out for this lefty who didn’t update her Newspeak Dictionary in time and was pummeled by the woke mob.

[Gina Darling tweeted, June 24, 2022]:
If men were able to get pregnant, this would’ve never been up for discussion lol f**k this backward a** sh*t

Oh wait. Pardon my wording, not sure what the proper wording is for this but I guess … people born with male reproductive organs? If that’s not correct pls educate me ❤️  Sorry if that came off as transphobic 😖

She deleted the tweet, but it was really spectacular to see. The mob shamed her for thinking only a woman can get pregnant, and she complied. She didn’t even know what terms to use.


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