Taliban Responds to Tony Blinkin and Woke Leftists: “Women Can’t be Ministers – They Should Give Birth”

Taliban Responds to Tony Blinkin and Woke Leftists: “Women Can’t be Ministers – They Should Give Birth”

With yet another example of how some Muslims don’t respect or care about American, leftist, woke, “Intersectionalism” and identity politics –
I present to you a news headline that sounds like something that could’ve also come out of an American, Christian Gender Complementarian podcast, blog post, or tweet by Doug Wilson, John Piper, Al Mohler, or whatever other complementarian:

(Link): Women can’t be ministers, they should give birth: Taliban spokesperson

(Link):  ‘A woman can’t be a minister – they should give birth’: Taliban dismiss the idea of female ministers as they ‘prepare to hold government inauguration on 9/11 to TROLL the US’

by David Averre
September 10, 2021

A Taliban spokesman declared on Thursday that women will never take up a ministerial position in government because it’s a burden that they ‘cannot carry’ and they should instead ‘give birth’.

In an interview with Afghan outlet TOLO News, spokesman Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi declared that the Taliban ‘do not consider women to be half of the society’ and that allowing a woman to become a government minister would be to ‘put something on her neck that she cannot carry.’

The video, which the MailOnline has not yet been able to verify, shows a conversation between Hashimi and TOLO News reporter in which Hashimi declares that the ‘women protesting in the streets – they are not the women of Afghanistan.

‘The women of Afghanistan are those who give birth to the people of Afghanistan, educates them on Islamic ethics.’

….The words of Hashimi do nothing to dispel the assumptions that the Taliban have not altered their hardline stance which saw them impose a brutally strict interpretation of Islamic law during their rule in Afghanistan in the 1990s.

The group has tried to distance itself from the policies of the old regime, but widespread reports of the Taliban beating protestors, administering medieval punishments on the streets and introducing a ban on all women playing sport has shown a disconnect between the group’s PR offensive and their true intentions.

‘A woman can’t be a minister, it is like you put something on her neck that she can’t carry,’ said Hashimi.

‘It is not necessary for women to be in the cabinet – they should give birth. Women protesters can’t represent all women in Afghanistan.

The interviewer interjected to declare: ‘Women are half of the society.’

But Hashimi dismissed the notion immediately: ‘But we do not consider them half. What kind of half?’

‘The women protesting in the streets, they do not represent the women of Afghanistan. The women of Afghanistan are those who give birth to the people of Afghanistan, educates them on Islamic ethics.’

….Taliban fighters faced female led protests on Wednesday September 8 after they announced an all-male interim government with a no representation for women and ethnic minority groups on Tuesday, and subsequently banned women from taking part in any sport.

Furious protesters took to the streets of the capital in response to the decision and pictures quickly emerged showing female demonstrators arguing with Taliban fighters as one woman stared down an M-16 rifle pointed at her face.

(Link): Taliban Responds to Tony Blinkin and Woke Leftists: “Women Can’t be Ministers – They Should Give Birth”

by Jim Hoft, September 2021

Earlier this week the Taliban announced the ministers for their new government.  Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken was shocked at the news.

The woke Biden officials stressed to the Taliban the need for an inclusive government that would include women ministers.

The Taliban thought otherwise and filled the positions with an elite team of Taliban terrorists.

Tony Blinken was shocked the list did not include any women or former government officials.

The Biden team lives in fantasy world.

On Friday the Taliban responded to Biden and Blinken on the need for inclusivity in their new government.

Taliban spokesman: “A woman can’t be a minister, it is like you put something on her neck that she can’t carry. It is not necessary for a woman to be in the cabinet, they should give birth.”

—- (end article)—-

In light of that news story above, will ex-Christians and progressive Christians…

(including but not limited to, Stephanie Drury, Stuff Christian Culture Likes Facebook Group members, Jerri Massi, Chrissy Stroop, ex-Christians who tweet under “Exvangelical” or “Empty the Pews”)

  • …who spend every waking moment on Facebook, Twitter, and on blogs,
  • bad-mouthing sexism by Christians and sex abuse cover-ups by evangelical or Baptist churches (“#ChurchToo” and #MeToo”),
  • or ranting against Trump’s “Grab ’em by the pussy” remark,
  • and demanding others abide by “Intersectionalism” (hello, “man-splainer” Nate Sparks)

…call out this sexism by the Islamic Taliban?

Probably not, no. Because they’re hypocrites!

And how oh how do idiot Christian gender complementarians not recognize that their gender role views are not counter-cultural when a terrorist group, the Taliban, hold some of the same exact views about women that they themselves do?

If you call yourself a Christian but find your views about women are in alignment with those of horribly sexist and repressive world religions and groups, such as Islam or the Taliban, that really should give you pause to think your interpretation of the Bible concerning women, marriage, etc, is woefully suspect.

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