Maryland Republican Judge Kills Himself Moments Before Arrest for Child Sex Abuse

Maryland Republican Judge Kills Himself Moments Before Arrest for Child Sex Abuse

According to at least one article, this pervert was a Republican. (Of course, there are also perverts among Democrats and other political parties.)

(Link): Maryland Judge Kills Himself Moments Before Arrest for Child Sex Abuse

A Maryland judge killed himself on Friday morning, just as the feds showed up at his Henderson home to arrest him in a child sex abuse case.

Caroline County Circuit Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, had been on a leave of absence since July after becoming ensnared in an investigation over allegations that he had a hidden camera that captured naked images of boys in his bathroom.

When FBI agents showed up at his door Friday morning to arrest him on a federal criminal complaint, they found him “suffering from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Friday. He was pronounced dead at 6:43 a.m.

…On Friday, Newell’s neighbor, Kimberly Keith, posted pictures to Facebook that appeared to show FBI agents stationed outside of the judge’s house demanding over a speaker for him to come out. She wrote that she heard sounds that she believed were gunshots, followed not long after by an ambulance.

The suicide came as Newell was set to be taken into custody on federal charges of sexual exploitation of a child, prosecutors said. He had been on leave from his work at the courts since police first raided his home July 24 and had extended that leave until later this month, the Baltimore Sun reported.

According to a copy of the criminal complaint unsealed Friday, Maryland State Police investigators in July had responded to a call about a minor who found a video camera in the bathroom of Newell’s cabin in Fishing Creek, Maryland.

Investigators interviewed two boys, both minors, who said that they had “spent the night,” with Newell on July 22, when they allegedly discovered a hidden camera.

One of the boys told investigators that after undressing in the bathroom he found a camera that was on and facing the shower inside a small black crate on a shelf in the corner of the bathroom.

….“At least two of the males [other boys from previous visits] stated they were naked when Newell checked them for ticks—one stated that he moved his own genitalia for Newell to look for ticks, and the other initially did not recall if Newell touched his genitalia, but later stated that Newell once or twice moved the minor’s genitalia to look for ticks,” the complaint said.

…During their search, authorities discovered a hard drive containing multiple videos of young men showering that appear to date back to September 2014, according to titles for some of the videos. Newell is also captured on some of the footage arranging the camera. According to the complaint, Newell can also be seen in one video touching the naked body of a young man and spreading his buttocks.

..The Sun noted that in one post from March 2020, Newell discussed an interaction with a 13-year-old neighbor during the pandemic and his belief that boys “especially need physical contact.”

…In 2016, Newell, a Republican, was appointed as a judge to Caroline County’s only circuit court by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.

(Link): Maryland judge commits suicide as feds moved in for child porn arrest

A Maryland judge fatally shot himself just as federal law enforcement showed up to his home to arrest him on child porn charges Friday morning, authorities said.

Caroline County Circuit Court Judge Jonathan Newell, 50, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound by FBI agents at around 6:43 a.m., according to the Maryland US Attorney’s Office.

The feds were at the judge’s Henderson home to arrest him on a complaint charging him with sexual exploitation of a child for allegedly filming teenage boys in the nude in his hunting cabin, The Baltimore Sun reported.

…Newell had been on leave since July, after one of several boys that the judge had brought on a hunting trip on Hoopers Island discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom and called his parents, according to court documents obtained by the Sun.

At least two of the boys told investigators that Newell checked them for ticks when they were naked.

…Agents raided Newell’s home, truck and law office, and said they found a hard drive in his den that contained numerous videos of naked young men showering. Newell was captured on the footage setting the camera up and in one clip, could be seen searching a naked young man for ticks, the Sun reported.

Newell denied setting up the camera — but investigators said they caught him trying to chew up and swallow a memory card when he was first confronted with the allegations.

“The investigator heard a loud, distinguishable, ‘crunch,’ sound from the area of Newell’s mouth,” the FBI wrote in charging documents.

“After another minute or two, the investigator heard the same ‘crunch’ again from Newell’s mouth, followed by Newell immediately reaching for and drinking from a cup located on his dresser.”


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